Guddan update Saturday 19 March 2022

Guddan 19 March 2022: AJ gets ready. Guddan looks at him. AJ holds her and says what happened? He says you were doing it all for my attention. I loved you shoving your hair. He comes close to her. AJ says you trying to go away from me is not real. You want to me be close to me. Remember what ma said? About your wish. Guddan says I first want to change Revati’s heart. He says Guddan your love would change Revati. Guddan says if Revati said she has changed, I should trust her. Alisha says nothing has changed in 6 years. Saru says welcome Alisha. Alisha says you are using me for your selfish motives. So don’t try to act smartly with me. Stay out of this circle. You are not loyal to anyone.

Saru says you will trust me in some time. Alisha says where are we going? She says to your house Jindal Bhawan. She says so where my destruction started from. I will destroy them. AJ says you shouldn’t trust Revati. Guddan says don’t worry. Everything would be fine. God and you are with me.Guddan gives parsad to everyone. A little girl says ma.. Guddan stops. Her mom says sorry we are wearing the same saree. So she got confused. Dadi says I hope Guddan and AJ are blessed with a baby soon. Revati says in the heart a young surprise is coming to you but would ruin your life. Laxmi says dadi we have to talk to Guddan. Dadi says no after pooja. The pooja starts. AJ and Guddan do the pooja. Pandit ji asks all family to do the arti together.

They come forward but lights go off. Disco lights start. Alisha comes in with covered face and dances on oh gujariay. Everyone is in shock. Guddan says stop it. AJ says who are you? Guddan says can’t you see there is a pooja going on here. Get out. AJ says get out. Alisha takes off her veil and says keep your finger down or I will cut it. Guddan says how dare you to threaten me in my house? Get out. Saru comes in and says don’t dare to touch her. She is part of this family. AJ says what are you doing here and who is she? She says I got you the lost relative of this house. AJ says who is she? She says I am Alisha Antra Jindal. AJ and Antra’s only daughter. Everyone is shocked. She says my mummy’s name is there because she didn’t leave me in childhood like you. And Jinal.. She gave me this stupid surname. AJ says we had no daughter. Who are you? If this is a new drama of Saru, you are doing a mistake. And Saru you can’t come here and harm this family. Saru says I was very happy there. But Antra asked me to take care of Alisha if anything happened to her. So I kept my promise and got her here. She is a mess but yours.

Dadi says this can’t be true. Antra died in an accident and she.. Saru says she wasn’t pregnant. Saru says and she gave birth to her later. She gave me these birth certificates and reports. Keep them with you and read them. AJ is in shock. Saru says Antra gave me these birth certificates and reports. Proofs are right. Aj says this can’t be true. I don’t have a daughter with ANtra. Aj says I would be worst if this is a new game Saru. Alisha says no one is worse than you. If you don’t trust anyone or papers. You will trust God, I mean doctor. A doctor comes in. Alisha says tell them who am I? Doctor says your DNA matches with Alisha. Alisha says so it is proved. She says give me an injection. Alisha injects in AJ’s wrist and takes his blood. AJ says what are you doing. She says go do another test. Alisha says you left mummy so you are scared that she had a daughter.

You left us and got a Guddan for yourself. I didn’t have a father and my mummy didn’t have money. I hit a drunk guy who misbehaved with mummy. And this house, it ruined mom’s life. So I would ruined it. Durga says AJ what is it? Alisha says you all have made my mom cry. I am here to return the tears. Dadi says you are my blood? Aisha says yes how many times should I repeat? Can’t you listen? Dadi says you’re an angry girl like AJ. If you are his daughter we won’t reject you. Don’t be mad at us. You are my blood. If we knew, won’t we come to pick you? Your mom lied to you. Let this poison out. Alisha says so you are his mom? You all fooled my mom the same way. I will decide if my mom was right or not. Durga says you can’t talk to dadi like this. Alisha says who are you? Durga? And Laxmi? I don’t take lectures from anyone. There is bad news for you.

There is destruction in your lives. Where is your second mistake? Guddan. I will take blessings from my step mom. Call her. And who is this girl? Maid. She looks my age.AJ says she is my Guddan. Talk to her with respect. Alisha says what? Is this your wife and my mom? I thought I would be shocked to meet her. But I feel like laughing. Such a tragedy, you have a stepdaughter of your age. You should be dating at this age and you became an aunty. Did he pay you well to marry him?? I was angry I would hit my stepmom but I feel pity for you. Dadi says what are you saying. Alisha says she has a daughter of her age now. AJ says listen. Alisha says it’s my anger of 20 years. Give me some time.Alisha says now I know why you left my aging mom. Saru get me a room with AC.AJ recalls what Alisha said. AJ says why did you do this Antra. I have a daughter. She hates me. You lied to both of us for years. Why did you keep me in dark. Why. What would Guddan be going through.

Guddan recalls what happened. Guddan says my life has become a joke. Is this a dream. What has everything become. Why? Revati says let it happen. Guddan says why? Revati says I got you pakors. Guddan says that won’t heal my stress. Guddan says they are very spicy. Revati says like my surprose? Guddan says what surprise? Revati says Alisha. How would you be a mom now?

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