Glow TV: Thursday Update On True Love 7th March 2019


Thursday Update On True Love 7th March

Mr. Rothod saying to tapasya that he doesn’t know when and how a kid became his desire but he wants kids whatever happens.. (u know na director loves to shock us initially before making the actor say right dialoguesWink)

and after that he says its ok if he doesn’t have kids but he wants tapasya to be with him always. He cant imagine his life without Tapasya.

Tapasya’s parents and nani are very happy with his decision.

Ichcha is very happy and looking very pretty in red colour suit.

Mai and another lady (the one widow i dont know her name) looking after the arrangements for the Ghodh Bharai.

Ichcha to mai

I asked you to arrange Ghodh bharai very simple.

for that Mai replied yes I m doing in very simple way as your wish otherwise I would have made it very grand.

Mai offered fruits to ichcha and Damini has come to ichcha’s house. She (Dhamini) looked very happy and offered greatings to mai and the other lady. Damini spoke to Kanna

Mai offered nashta to Damini which dhamini said she just had at her house before leaving for that mai said today is very special pls u have to have it. U r going to become grand mother after few days (something like that)

Dhamini is very happy that everyone is taking care of ichcha very well in that house. She said the same to ichcha. Ichcha remembers something like mai saying about servent etc.. to the other lady and the lady also agreeing the same (sorry guys I could not follow the flashback sence properly) and started crying. Dhamini wipes the tears and tells ichcha that it’s a happy day and u should not cry.

Nani comparing both ichcha and tapasya’s situations and crusing ichcha for having Ghodh bharai.

Divya says she is not cared about what is happening with ichcha but she is very sad for tapasya’s situation.

But nani was saying here we got to know the truth that tapasya can never have kids and there ichcha celebrating her Godh Bharai. nani said How come a servant’s daughter has everything but not tapasya.

Jogi comes there and asks divya if she is not coming to ichacha’s GB, for that divya said she cant go for ichcha’s GB when she is still in sorrow for tapasya’s issue. Jogi says if we go there we can forget the tapasya’s problem for sometime. And he says ichcha is also our daugher for that Divya says ichcha is like our daugher but not our daugher. She says she cant go to the DB and asked Jogi also not to go.

Nani says she will go with Jogi for the GB and she too wants to give blessing to ichcha. Divya is very shocked at the decision.

After Jogi left nani says to divya that, u & your daughter don’t know how to behave. She again says at this time she (divya) should not make jogi angry and we (Divya and nani) should not leave jogi alone with the mother & daughter (Ichcha & Damini). She again says I don’t know what magic they (I&D) did on jogi, he is very fond of them. Nani says she herself will go and give blessings to Ichcha.

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