Geet starlife Update Sunday 22 March 2020

Its morning…and scene starts at KC…!! Manisha discussing about some file to Pandey ji..! MSK walks past them and Geet following MSK…but Manisha blocks her..!! Even Pinky comes..!! Manisha asks her to sit ..n takes the bag from her n pats her head…and Pinky offers her water..!! Manisha tells Pinky….’How silly….Its winter and ur offering water….Rather get a cup of tea..or coffee..after all…she is going to get married’ Geet says..’No need..i will order myself’

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Geet 22 March 2020: Manisha says…’No baby’ and Pandey ji says..’U forgot….we are all members of ur family..and to serve u is our foremost duty…!! Plus ur soon to get married how can we let u do these things..??’ and Geet asks.. ‘What?’ … Pinky explains..’He means that..ur going to get!!’ Geet remembers about a file and starts to get up…but Pinky holds her and makes her sit…and asks someone to bring the file to Geet…!! Geet takes the file and Manisha offers a pen….to Geet..!!

Everyone hovers around Geet..and Geet says…’U guys better go… if i need anything i shall call u..!!’

Adi comes and takes Pandey ji aside and Manisha too comes and joins them..!! Adi says..’Tell me one thing….if everyone is from Geets side…who will be from MSK’s side?? After all its his wedding as well…!! We need to take care of him also..!!’ Manisha says..’Oh so u both be from MSK’s side and i shall be from Geet’s side..!!’ Pandey ji says..’But who will dare to go before MSK??’ Manisha says…’Adi sir…’ and Adi says..’Not me..’ Pandeyji… also insists on Adi..n Adi is unwilling..but Manisha and Pandeyji push him in MSKs cabin…!! MSK is startled to see Adi and says…’Adi ..u here?’ Adi says..’Sorry sir….will u take something…La..La..Lassi?’ and MSK says..’Why are u asking me..? Aint there a peon?’ Adi says..’Yes ..Yes peon is there..but u forgot….

Anne made the entire office .. Geet’s family so..i…err me n Pandeyji…decided that we shall be from ur side..!!’ MSK says…’Ok Adi.. but i dun need anything right now..and if i do.. i shall tell u..definitely..!!’ Adi starts to leave and MSK says..’Did u tell Mr. Malhotra that we are meeting at Gurgaon office?’ and Adi says..’Yes’ and leaves..!! MSK rests his head back on the chair..n looks at his tiffin box…….and gets up from his chair and notices Geet ….from his cabin..!! Geet is lost in work…and saying something to the staff people while looking into her file..!! As she tries to get up.. Pinky stops ….Geet continues working..!! MSK comes out of his cabin and says…’Excuse me ..everyone…! Today i have brought something for all of u…!!’ and asks Joginder to get the parcel from his cabin… and says…’Today i brought breakfast for all of u……and that too continental..!!’

Geet is startled and MSK grins…….LOL Everyone is excited to hear…that its Continental food..!! MSK looks at Adi and Adi calls Joginder., the peon….and he comes with the tiffin box and MSK tells Adi to distribute it amongst all and especially to Geet since…she likes Continental Breakfast a lot..!! Geet is smug ..but nods forcibly..! Pandey ji ..screams seeing the dish and gives it to Pinky..!!

Adi gives the plate to Geet and Pinky asks Geet..why she aint eating and Geet says..’I have had my breakfast i m not hungry..!!’ Adi tells ‘Geet ..MSK has brought it with so much eat..!!’ MSK looks at Geet and all.. ‘What kind of brides family are u… ur girl isnt eating and u all aint worried..! Come ..let me feed with my own hands..!!’ and comes to Geet and takes a piece from the plate and tries to feed Geet and Geet says..’M

Maan please..’ and Manisha says..’MSK is feeding with his hand..and u aint eating..!!’ Geet says..’No sir..’ and MSK throws the piece back on the plate and goes.. !!’ Adi asks all to disperse after finishing the breakfast..!! MSK leaves from there and Geet feels pukish..!!

MSK in his cabin and his cell rings…!! MSK thinks its Anne and he says answering the call..’ I dun have time ..!!’ and its Dadi….!! Dadi says..’U fought with Geet again??’ MSK says…’Why do u think that i only keep fighting.. Cant even begin to tell u how Geet is behaving..!!’ Dadi says..’But ur saying na..’ and MSK says..’Dun joke with me..!! U know ..that i cooked breakfast for Geet… But first she din have it..and now she is lying saying that she loved it..!! If she din like it… she culd have told me..! On top of it all…looking to the golgappas..she is saying..she wants to eat something spicy..!!’ Dadi says..’She isnt doing it willingly….but coz of pregnancy..!! Cravings for tangy…and spicy food is normal….!! wants to eat..something..and sometimes something else..!! Many times when u get the food of ur choice..u dun even feel like eating it..!!’ MSK says..’Really?’ Dadi says..’Yes.. ur unnecessarily..fighting with her..!!’ MSK says..’Ok..Dadi’ and keeps the phone down..!!

Geet in her cabin…cribs while keeping the phone down..saying.’What kind of a city.. if one orders pizza…or sandwich it will come immediately..!! But if u order…regular food..then it wont come before an hour…..!! Well if not food..atleast send the pickle first..!!’ Geet looks into the menu cards….!! Right then…MSK comes and Geet hides all the menu cards..!! MSK tells Geet..that ‘Dadi has sent lunch for u..!! Plus i thot u must have digested ur breakfast already.. So have ur lunch!!’ Geet exclaims excitedly..’Dadi has sent from home..then..’ and MSK says..’Of my choice ….continental

..’ Geets face falls..!! MSK says..’My ur choice.. so now have ur food. u shouldnt remain hungry for this condition..!!’ Geet says..’Yes…i will eat..u better go ahead… plus..u have a meeting..!!’ MSK says..’I have postponed ..the meeting by half n come sit..and well i thot that today ..we will sit together and have our food.. My lunch is also coming..!!’ Geet self thot..’Whats happening…today.. i got stuck in the breakfast..n now again..!!’ MSK tells Geet..’Sit..’ and Geet sits..!!

MSK tells Geet..’Eat..’ and Geet says..’Let ur food come first..then we will eat together..!!’ Geet self thot..’ do i get rid of this..’ and MSK exclaims..angrily..’i think…u dun wanna eat with me…’ and Geet says..’Nothing like that..’ and MSK says..’Well that is the matter coz..everytime i offer u food. .u shoo me away..i think..u dun wanna sit with me… so better i go..!!’ MSK gets up and starts to leave..and Geet self thot..’What kind of fix is this… if i dun eat..he will feel bad and i cant even stand this food.. ‘ and feels pukish..!! Geet gets up and stops MSK and says..’Well i meant that..let ur food come we can eat together..!!U sit down and.. i will have my food..!!’ MSK offers the plate to Geet and Geet unwillingly starts opening it and is amazed to see that it contains.. ‘Raw mangoes with salt and chilly powder’ and Geet exclaims..’So u knew from before..’ and MSK says..’No i dint… but now i know.. that during pregnancy……one craves for these things..! Geet smiles and says…. ‘Thanks..and i wanna eat this..rightaway…!!’ MSK says..’Go ahead…its all urs..’

Geet says…’But i dun want that someone sits before me…with a glum face coz i ate up everything all alone..!!’ MSK looks away… and Geet says…’Now i m eating..’ and starts eating..n has a cute expression on her face n MSK grins seeing it..!! Suddenly… Geet feels a bit uncomfy..n has her hand on her tummy….and MSK goes ballistic and says… ‘Why u holding ur tummy… do u have alergy from Mangoes.. i should have given u mangoes after asking Doc….Are u feeling dizzy… come come..!!’ Geet says..’I m perfectly fine…Maan!!’ MSK says..’No ..we are going to the Doc rightaway..!!’ Geet says..’E

Even Doc will say the same thing….I m perfectly fine..!!’ MSK says..’I told u…we are going to the Doc rightaway..and if u delay even a second..i will carry u in my the Doc.!!’ Geet says..’Dare u..’ and MSK says..’Ok’ and picks her up in his arms and takes her..!! Geet says..’What u doing.. everyone is staring..’ MSK reaches hospital and is screaming..’Doctor.. Nurse..’ and Geet says..’Why are u creating a scene?’ MSK says..’Keep quiet…why do u always think that nothing has happened…’ and a nurse comes and asks ..Whats the matter?? MSK says….’Call the Doc..n fast..its very urgent..’ and Nurse says…’Wheres the patient??’ and Geet smiles at her..n MSK says…’Cant u see…’ and Nurse and Ward boys exclaim..’She is the patient??’ and MSK says..’Yes…n i want her to get a check up…hurry’ and Nurse leads MSK in….

Arjun is at the mansion and discussing plans with his staff…!! Anne sees Arjun discussing …and turns to Dadi and says..’I got a brilliant plan …for Maneets wedding…’ Dadi says..’What?’ and Anne says..’I will come back n tell..i have to make a small arrangement..’ and gets up and comes to Arjun….and says..’Excuse me’.. and Arjun turns and both stare at each other.. Anne says..’I need a camera..’ and Arjun says..’Why?? We are calling a videographer right?’ Anne says..’Just do what ur asked to….’ and Arjun grins..and says..’Sure mam’ ..n both share a stare..

Doc is checking Geet and Geet whispers to MSK…that ‘I m fine Maan’ and MSK says..’Keep quiet’ and Doc tells MSK ‘ Everything is normal Mr. Khurana…Dun pregnancy usually such dizzyness happens..!!’ Geet says…’See i told u…’ MSK says..’Well i want that both mother and child are safe…so please take all the tests..!!’ and Geet says..’No let us go home.’ and tries to get up..and MSK blocks and says..’U rest..’ Geet says..’U dun listen to me..atleast listen to the Doc… unnecessarily..u brought me to the hospital forcibly…!!’ and MSK says..’If i din force u.. u wont have come to the hospital… if any complication happens then? Doc please take all tests…?’ and Geet says..’But Doc said na..’ and MSK says…’Atleast take Sonography …for my satisfaction..!!’ and G

Geet says..’Sonography?? U r wasting both our and Doc’s time by doing this…and why are u so hyper??’ and the Sonography starts and Geet is holding MSK’s hand and both look at the screen and see the foetus…!! Geet holds her tummy…and with smile on her face turns to look at MSK who turns and looks at Geet and holds her hand..!! Maneet share a sweet eyelock…and smile..!! Geet stares at MSK as he is lost in the image and a tear trickles down his eyes…and Geet has tears in her eyes ..and says..’Maan… I LOVE U’ Embarrassed MSK turns around…startled and smiles as Geet holds his hand more firmly..!! Maneet lost in eyelocks and both turn to look at the image..!!

Part 3

Anne and Dadi sitting on the sofa and discussing..! Right then Tasha and Romeo come ..and wish Dadi ma and Anne..!! Both reciprocate..!! Tasha asks..’U called us u have any work?’ and Anne says..’Yes ..i had some important work….Well i am recording everyones interview for Maneets sangeet..! So i thot that…i record the interviews of everyone working at office too..!! So tell me ur views also…’ Romeo says..’Anne mam..what an excellent idea..’ and Anne starts explaining the full idea.!! Tasha gets lost on seeing Arjun and says..’Who is this prince charming?? I have been waiting for him since ages..!!’ and walks towards Arjun..!! Tasha is about to walk and Romeo holds her and says..’Tasha’ Tasha hits Romeo and walks to Arjun and introes herself and Arjun introes himself and Tasha says..’I have never seen u before at the Khuranas!!’

Arjun says..’ Well thats coz i m here for the first time..i m planning Maneets wedding..!!’ Tasha says…sultrily. .’Oh so ur the wedding planner..’ Anne stares at Arjun and Arjun stares at Anne..!! Arjun sees the camera in Anne’s hand and takes it from her and tells Tasha..’Lets check the light’ Anne stares..!! As Arjun starts to focus on Tasha he looks at Anne..who seems perturbed..!! Arjun comes to Tasha and sets her lock and says..’If its set…u will look more beautiful’ Anne is getting jealous..!! Arjun says..’Lets go’ and starts to record Tasha and comes to Anne and says..’Can u go on the side..ur blocking Tasha’s light…!! Please ..if u can go a bit on the side..’ Anne is glaring..!!


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