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Gangaa 12 June 2020: inspector interrogating hotel manager. Madhvi cries. The lady constable questions her. Madhvi says Barkha was my Mama’s daughter, she was my sister, I don’t know what was she doing here.

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Niru asks them to question later. Niru says we saw Ganga was trying to wake up Barkha, you can ask her later. The lady constable says we have to ask, you are lawyer and know the procedure. He says I agree, talk to her politely, I will be with her. The inspector says sorry, we are not strict to kids. Niru says she is very innocent.

They lady constable questions Ganga. Ganga tells what she has seen. The inspector asks was there someone inside room, what did she see, where was the knife. Ganga says I did not see anyone, I don’t know anything really, let me go to Babu. They ask her to first answer them. The inspector says this girl’s statement is very necessary, take her. Ganga asks them to leave her. Ganga calls out Babu. Niru says Ganga…. And runs after them to stop. He asks inspector why is he taking kid to police station, he asked him to talk to Ganga here itself. The inspector says this girl was with dead body with weapon. Niru asks what nonsense, you mean she is murderer. The inspector says we have to take her statement, you come to police station, we will take care of her. Niru says you know its illegal to talk to minor without guardian. The inspector says you can come after us in your car. Niru says let me talk to her. Ganga says I don’t want to go. Niru says I m coming after you Ganga. Sagar comes there in auto. He sees Ganga being taken by police and gets shocked. He starts running after the police van. Niru sees Sagar and runs to stop Sagar. Niru stops Sagar. Sagar asks why did police take Ganga and cries. Niru asks why did you come here, you should be at Mama’s home and hugs him. Ganga cries.

Pulkil calls Ratan and tells him about Barkha’s death. He says I m going to hotel, mum and dad are there, you also come there, I m scared. Ratan says I can’t believe this, don’t worry, I m coming. Ratan says how did this happen and goes to tell Prabha. He asks her to shut music, he has to talk. There is bad news, stop music. Prabha asks can’t she take bath in peace. He says its about Barkha.

She asks what is he saying, wait for 5mins, I will come out and talk. He says Barkha is dead, are you listening. London Thumakda…. Music plays…. Ratan writes a note for Prabha and takes some money from cupboard. He says he is taking money from cupboard, he will need it and goes. Prabha comes and misses the note. She asks Yash about Ratan. He says don’t know. She says get ready, I will make breakfast.

Ganga is interrogated in police station. They take her finger prints. She asks why, I have to go to Babu, let me go home, else call Babu here. Niru comes there and asks for Ganga. Ganga sees him and says Babu…. The inspector goes to Niru. Niru asks her not to worry, he has come and will talk to inspector. Sagar comes there and sees Ganga.

He calls her out. Ganga goes to Sagar at the window. Sagar says he is very tensed, she has gone to unite his parents. She says yes, that’s why I went to talk to Barkha Maasi and Babu. She asks Sagar to take her from here. Sagar asks her not to worry, Papa will talk and they will go home. Niru says no, Ganga is little girl, you can’t keep her here. The inspector says she is first witness, our investigative officer is coming here, we can’t leave her, else anyone can pressurize her. Niru says Barkha was my wife’s cousin, its my duty to get her murderer punished. The inspector says sorry, but Ganga has to stay in remand home tonight. Niru says no. Inspector says its matter of one night, don’t worry, she will be fine.

The lady constable takes Ganga and asks Sagar to go. Sagar holds Ganga’s hand and she is taken away. Sagar asks Niru to call Ganga, she did not do anything, she wanted to unite you and mum, as Dadi scolded and blamed her, Ganga went to hotel to talk to you. Sagar cries. Niru says Ganga will come tomorrow. Sagar asks why, will she stay here in police station.

Niru says nothing will happen to her, no one will beat her, she did not do anything, don’t worry. Amma ji worries. Barkha’s parents come there and ask where is Barkha. Her dad says Barkha is not like that, Amma ji you are mistaken. Amma ji gets sad and thinks how to tell them that Barkha is dead. They call out Barkha and Madhvi, and asks Amma ji to say something. Amma ji asks Maharaj ji to make them sit, and goes.

Amma ji cries in her room. Prabha is with her friends and does not know hen’s party. She says she will come and thinks toi find whats hen’s party. Ginni says we will share the expenses. Prabha is asked to contribute and she agrees. She asks Ginni to give them some money for party, which she has given Ginni. Ginni says sure, Prabha come with me. Prabha says she will see Ratan when he comes back. She lies about Ratan’s business. Ginni tells Prabha that this is bad habit, she does not want their friendship to break. Prabha says you are my best friend, bank, I mean sister, don’t leave me Ginni. She hugs Ginni.

Ganga is brought to remand home. The people there see the widow girl and Ganga talks to them. Amma ji says she does not know what to tell Barkha’s parents. Barkha’s parents ask Amma ji about Barkha, Madhvi and Niranjan. Maharaj ji says they are not at home. Barkha’s mum says we will ask everything to Barkha, whats the matter, maybe its Niranjan’s mistake that’s why Amma ji is silent. Amma ji cries and leaves.

They follow her and ask Amma ji what is she hiding. Maharaj ji says something bad happened. They ask what, is Barkha fine, tell us, don’t be quiet. Amma ji says I have no courage to tell how it happened, your Barkha…… The police brings Barkha’s dead body there. Niru, Madhvi and Sagar come along. Her parents get shocked and cry. Madhvi consoles them. They ask Niru what did he do with Barkha and scold him.

Madhvi says when we went there, Ganga was there. Amma ji asks what and recalls Ganga’s words. Amma ji says did she do this in anger. Niru asks what will she do this. Amma ji says why did I not stop her, I told you that girl’s eyes have fire. Sagar asks why is Dadi saying this, does she think Ganga killed Barkha, no she can never kill anyone. Sagar thinks did police take Ganga by doubting her. Ganga is made to sit at a corner and scolded. Sagar tells Maharaj ji that he will not have food. Maharaj ji asks him to have food. Sagar says you take care of me, but Ganga will be hungry there. Ganga sits alone in dark room.

Ganga is sleeping in the remand room. The other girls there wake up Ganga and taunt her. They say they will welcome her and hold her hair. Ganga pushes them. The girl asks what did she do. Ganga argues.

The girl asks why did she come here. Ganga says I did not do anything. They all call her liar and make her fall. Ganga kicks the girl. The girl beats Ganga, and they all hold Ganga. The warden comes and stops the girls. The girls put the blame on Ganga. Ganga says they are lying, I did not do anything. The lady takes her to a different room and makes her stay in the dark room alone. Ganga sleeps.

Sagar worries for Ganga and says maybe she did not eat food till now, and sleeping in ground. He says he will sleep on ground. Maharaj ji blesses their selfless love and goes. Sagar thinks about Ganga and cries. Ganga recalls Sagar and gets sad. Niru is worried. Raghav asks Niru does he really think Raj is involved in this. Niru recalls Barkha and Raj. Niru sees everyone crying and says yes, I think Maa said right, I m responsible, why did I take Barkha to meet Raj. Raghav says you wanted good for Barkha, but don’t blame yourself, why did you not tell her parents about Raj.

Niru cries and says I have to tell them truth about Barkha’s secret marriage, I know they will be hurt. He asks Raghav to get all details about Raj, Raj was Barkha’s senior in her medical college, I don’t have his number, get his details from Barkha’s college tonight, it will be good to have details about Raj before meeting investigative officer. Raghav says fine and goes.

Its morning, the warden wakes up Ganga. Ganga thinks Niru has come and goes to see. The investigative officer Shreya Mathur comes there. Ganga sees her. She asks Ganga to come. Ganga asks her to call by her name and argues with her. Shreya smiles. The warden says Shreya is big police officer. Ganga laughs and asks where is her uniform, thieves roam without uniform. Shreya asks Ganga to keep quiet.

She makes Ganga stand on the table and talks to her. Ganga says you can’t be thief, as you have your name badge. Shreya says you are smart, I m special investigative officer, I help police and solve case.

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