Gaanga Written Update for Saturday 9th February 2019


When a woman wont support a woman then nothing will change in the society. Ganga denies. This is my fight. I will have to handle it alone. Sudha is concerned for her. Ganga asks her to let her go. You trust me, right?

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The people here need you. They don’t know how to stand for themselves. Someone should stay here to help them. I am fine. they share a hug. The ladies feel bad. The guys also leave from there. Yash too has been watching it all. Bhabhi’s work is finished, now it is my turn!

Ganga is sitting at the ghaat. Pundit ji asks if she does not have to go home. Supriya notices her there. What are you doing here? Ganga says those who don’t have a home come here. Supriya says everyone at home thinks you are in ashram. Ganga shares that she cannot stay there. Surpiya requests her to come home with her. Ganga replies that she is new in the house. She does not know that Ganga never compromises with her self-respect. What’s the point of going to a place where all the old relations, friendship has changed with time? I have to speak up to make someone believe it! it comes from the heart and soul. Why should I use words to prove my innocence? Supriya understands that she is talking about Sagar. Ganga diverts the topic. There is nothing left for me in this town now. I will go from here. Supriya calls out after her but in vain.

Sagar has kept his head on Amma ji’s lap. She pats at his head. don’t be sad. This is how long she was going to stay here. We raised her with so much love yet she had to leave this way. Madhvi and Janvi see it from far. Amma ji advises Sagar to think about himself. You have to become a big man. Janvi affirms. I am also telling him the same thing. He should think about his future. She gives him their tickets to London. He looks at it sadly. Janvi asks him what happened. He says nothing and leaves. Amma ji is not happy to send him so far away from them. Madhvi says he had to go. We will all be pained to see him go but it is good. Amma ji nods. Janvi is happy to think she will separate Sagar from Ganga finally. Ganga is leaving the town and I am taking Sagar away with me.

Sagar is pacing worriedly in his room. Supriya comes there. Will you take me to bank tomorrow? I want to keep my locker in jewellery. He suggests her to give to his mother. All the jewellery is kept there. She wants a personal locker. I cannot trust anyone. what if tomorrow they say that they have no jewellery? He says it wont happen. People trust their loved ones. She refuses to believe him and his words. We trust people by heart and soul. He thinks of his brother’s and of Ganga’s words. She says I am new in this house. I don’t know people well but you have spent your childhood with Ganga.
You still did not trust her? He is confused. She explains that one does not ask for proof to trust someone.

Ganga thinks this was her how she was supposed to stay in this city. Now I will have to leave from here with the pain of broken relations with me. The bus honks. Ganga gets up to go when Yash blocks her way. His few friends are also with him. She asks him why he blocked her way. The bus honks again. Ganga tries to go but he stands in her way. The bus leaves. Yash says Dadi threw you out of the house and now you got thrown out of the ashram too. where will you go now? What will you do? Who will help a widow, who is already insulted in the town? No one will do it. Yash gives suggestions to everyone. I will give you a suggestion as well. I have an idea. Will you do what I say? His friends surround Ganga. One guy holds her arm. She asks him to leave her hand. Yash tells her to listen to him. We will make
you happy. It is only about a night after all! She slaps him. How dare you talk so cheaply to me? I will die but never do this! He is angry. I covered up for the first slap by making that MMS. You wont imagine what happens to you next! She asks him if he made that MMS. How can you do so? He nods. I made it. you will regret for life after what happens now. You will regret slapping me. She says I always knew you had bad intentions yet I did not expect you to fall so low. How did you do so? She tries to hit him but he holds her hand. That was a fake video. Now I will make a real video. He slaps her hard. She falls on the ground.

Yash asks his friends to keep Ganga in the car. We will teach her a lesson tonight. She calls out for help. A shopkeeper notices them but the guys ask him to leave. They put Ganga in the car. Sagar comes there just then. He beats the guys. He also gets hurt in the process though but he hits them badly. He stands before Ganga as her shield. Yash hits Sagar with a stick. He is hurt yet he continues beating everyone. Yash is badly hurt by the end and so is Sagar. People gather to see what’s happening. Yash flees from the spot with his friends.

Ganga tells Sagar that YAsh made the video. He tells her to be quiet. I know everything. You don’t have to say anything. I don’t need any explanation from you. It was my mistake. I did not ask my heart. How will I trust myself if I wont trust you? I trust you more than myself. This time I am not saying it all just for the sake of it. Please forgive me. I have hurt you a lot. I am dumb. I always understand things late. I have now understood that you trust people from heart. It cannot be forced. I trust you! Please forgive me. I am sorry. She is touched to hear his words. They hug. They both wipe their tears as they break the hug. He asks her to come with him. She denies. He reminds her of her words. There is a right where there is truth. You cannot stop me. I have a right on you! I will take you home with me come what may! He holds her hand as they walk. She follows him quietly, touched by his words. She makes him sit and tears her saree to wipe the blood off his face. She is in tears to see him in pain. She puts a bandage on his head using her saree. They board a rickshaw.

Supriya gives water to Amma ji. Prabha comes just then. She has heard that Sagar is leaving for London soon. She gives laddoos to Janvi. You wont find it in London. Bring something for me in return from there. Janvi nods. She notices Madhvi sitting all lost. I know you are upset thinking about Sagar leaving. Think that Ganga will never leave him if he stays here. His future will be ruined that ways. It will be good for him to go. Amma ji thinks he had to witness so much drama. Prabha is glad that they got rid of Ganga finally.

Sagar and Ganga reach outside Chaturvedi Bhavan. Ganga notices people looking at her. Sagar extends his hand towards her. I am with you. You don’t need to look at anyone else or think anything. She keeps her hand in his. He takes her inside holding her hand.

Prabha says so much drama happened. The good news is we got rid of Ganga. She did such a thing that! Sagar intervenes. Not Ganga but your son has done that act! Everyone is shocked to see him bruised and holding Ganga’s hand. They all rush to his side. What happened to you? They also notice Sagar holding Ganga’s hand firmly. SUpriya is happy to see her home. Amma ji questions Sagar about Ganga. why did she come here with you? Ganga tries to free her hand but Sagar does not let her. She tells him to let her go but he denies. let me tell the truth to everyone. You all were wrong to doubt on Ganga’s character. It is almost like questioning God when we questioned Ganga’s character! I reached Bus stand while searching for Ganga. I saw Yash there. He was misbehaving with her. Everyone is stunned.

Sagar telling everything to his family members. Everyone is stunned to hear the truth about the MMS. Janvi is tensed. Sagar will not take time in finding my truth too. What will happen now? Prabha refuses to believe any of it. Ganga is surely responsible. She must have put the blame on him to save herself. She asks Ganga what wrong she has done to her. She speaks about Yash’s innocence before Amma ji and Madhvi. I cannot believe it he can fall so low. Madhvi asks Sagar if he knows what he is saying. He nods. this isn’t the first time when Yash did something like this the first time. He tried to misbehave with Ganga on Bhaiya’s wedding day. I reached there on time. I kept quiet so no one gets embarrassed before anyone. Prabha refuses to believe any of it. You will not trust me.

You only trust this girl. She asks Amma ji and Madhvi to say something. Ganga has certainly done black magic on Sagar. Tell him not to drag my son in all this! Amma ji and Madhvi are all quiet. You all think I am wrong? No one respects poor relatives. I was mad to come here on every occasion. I thought you are my own people but I will never come here again. I will never let my son come here too. This is my promise. She turns to warn Ganga next. I wont spare you. She leaves from there. Madhvi calls out after her but she does not stop.

Supriya nods appreciatively at Sagar. He asks Ganga to come but Amma ji stands in his way asking him to stop. This girl cannot stay here. She did such a big drama and you still think its possible? He repeats that it was a fake MMS made by Yash. She points out that this girl got insulted in the entire town. You still want her to stay here? No, I wont let it happen! She asks Ganga what happened to her self-respect now that she came back here. She talks badly to Ganga.

I told you that you wont keep your foot in this house yet you came? Ganga requests Sagar to let her go. He refuses. You wont go anywhere. If it is a sin for Ganga to stay here then it is a sin for me to stay here too. Everyone is stunned. If Ganga goes from here today then I will also leave the house. Amma ji says you are doing wrong by supporting Ganga. He does not mind supporting Ganga even if she finds it wrong. I will still do this crime! I wont leave Ganga alone. I will leave with her. Janvi is in tears. Amma ji tries to talk him out of it. Do you even know what you are saying? He says I know what I am saying and doing. I should have done it long back. I got late. Janvi reminds him about their London trip. He tells her to stop. I know nothing about that. If Dadi cannot allow Ganga to stay here after her insult then I will come here only when the stain is removed from Ganga’s name. She tells him clearly that she will change her decision. Ganga asks Sagar not to do this because of her. He denies. Dadi is not ready to understand it even after knowing the truth then I wont stay. I cannot support what’s wrong.

Janvi asks Madhvi to do something to stop Sagar. Madhvi stands there like a statue. Janvi follows Sagar outside. She requests Ganga to stop Sagar. Make him understand that its about his future. What kind of a friend you are? You are quiet to see him ruining his life? Madhvi calls out for Sagar but Amma ji stops her. Janvi tells Sagar she will make Dadi ji and aunty understand. Neither you nor Ganga has to go anywhere. Amma ji stays firm on her decision. Sagar notices her stopping his mother. It isn’t important who is at fault. Dadi said that Ganga has been really insulted. I will come back only after clearing her name. Amma ji keeps stopping Madhvi. Sagar and Ganga leave. Janvi thinks she wont let it happen. Ganga cannot take Sagar with her. She looks at Madhvi who heads inside.

Janvi fills Amma ji and Madhvi’s ears against Ganga. Everyone is anyways taunting Ganga at this point of time. What will people think if they will see Sagar with Ganga at this hour? Amma ji did not think of this. Supriya thinks to call Pulkit. He will make Sagar understand and bring him back. Janvi continues speaking against Ganga. Ganga finally did what she wanted. She took your son and grandson away from you. Madhvi nods. Sagar cannot do it. He cannot stay outside alone with Ganga. I will call him and make him swear on my love. Amma ji does not want Ganga to come. Sagar will not stay outside alone. Madhvi does not mind it. Let her stay here. Amma ji does not say anything. Janvi does not want it. Ganga should not come back.

Sagar tries to find a place to stay at night. The hotel offers no place for bachelors. He gets Madhvi’s call but disconnects it. Madhvi tries his number again but he does the same. Madhvi panics all the more. Janvi wonders where Ganga might have taken Sagar to. She calls Sagar. He is talking to the receptionist of another hotel. He disconnects Janvi’s call too. She is tensed. What will people say? Amma ji says people wont say anything to him. He is a girl. That girl did wrong by creating a rift between my grandson and me. I will never forgive her.

Sagar wants to try another place. She tells him to go home but he refuses to leave her side. She is sure this hotel will also refuse to let them stay here. He gives her a shawl to cover herself up. He touches his bandage. Sagar asks the receptionist for a room for him and his wife. Ganga is left speechless. The receptionist asks the name in which the room is to be booked. Sagar says Mr. & Mrs. Chaturvedi. He hands over his ID to her to copy. They get a room.

In the room, Sagar tells Ganga he knows he lied. Atleast we got a place to stay. I will just be back. Ganga looks at herself in the mirror. She thinks of Sagar’s words. She looks at the vermilion hidden between her hairs. It might be lie for you but this is the biggest truth of my life.


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