Fire and ice zee world season finale highlights, spoilers



The happy ending

Fire and ice is steadily building to its season finale which actually ends on a happy note  after a little kidnap case.

Twinkle and Kunj’s wedding preparations will be going on in full swing, during which there would be a power cut and the bride, Twinkle would be kidnapped. As usual, the blame would be on Anita and Yuvi. But Simple comes to their rescue, as she realizes that the guy who has kidnapped Twinkle is none other than the same guy to whom she was supposed to get married to.

Simple would request Kunj and Yuvi to trace the guy, as he has kidnapped Twinkle assuming to be her. Later, the trio reach the location, where they find Twinkle. It is then revealed that Twinkle is safe and has bashed up the guy and tied him up. They return home joyfully. Simple’s family would get to know that Yuvi and Simple’s marriage was fake.

Also In the last episode, Pallavi’s murder mystery will be solved and Yuvi thanks Simple for supporting him. Later, Kunj and Yuvi decide to start afresh and end their war. Not only this, even Leela and Anita finally end their animosity! Anita feels that Simple is a perfect match for Yuvi.

Casts of Fire and Ice (credit: film beat)

However, both Simple and Yuvi are not ready for the marriage. Meanwhile, Simple’s family arrives at Yuvi’s doorstep as they presume that he is their son-in-law. The families try to convince Simple and Yuvi to get married to each other. One one hand, Leela and Kunj tries to convince Simple. On the other hand, Twinkle talks to Yuvi, who admits that he likes Simple, but is not sure about marrying her!

But eventually, Yuvi and Simple would confess their feelings for each other and agree to get married. The show will end with Twinkle-Kunj and Yuvi-Simple’s grand marriage.

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