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Twinkle mixes chili in food. She comes to family and says guests are sitting and you are talking here? go and bring food, Babee and Usha leaves. Twinkle says to guests that my mom makes good food. Usha and Babee brings food, Twinkle says i have to tell you to serve too? Usha serves food to everyone, Kunj looks on.

Manohar eats food and coughs, Manohar shouts on Usha that what kind of food is this? you used to do one thing nicely and you can even cook food now? Kunj recalls how Manohar used to torture Usha earlier, Manohar throws away food and leaves, Kunj cant see Usha crying and leaves too, Twinkle feels bad.

Twinkle holds Yuvi’s hand and says i am crossing all limits but Kunj is not reacting, i threatened Manohar today. Flashback shows Manohar saying to Twinkle that i wont shout on Usha, Twinkle holds knife and says you decide should i call NGO people? or will you shout on Usha? he says okay i will do as say, fb ends. Twinkle says i am so bad, why i am doing this, she cries, Yuvi wipes her tears and says you are not bad. Leela thinks that Twinkle is hurting everyone to bring Kunj’s truth out, i hope she gets what she wants.

Kunj calls Twinkle and says you are desperate to listen form me? fine come to my house at 10pm but without your bodyguard husband, he ends call. Twinkle tells Yuvi, Yuvi asys its not safe to go there alone, i dont trust him, Twinkle says nothing will happen, he cant do anything wrong with me, he is my Kunj, Yuvi says ofcourse he is your husband, your Kunj, love of your love, why will you listen to me? i am nothing to you, do what you want to do, go, he regrets saying all that, he controls his anger and softly looks at Twinkle.

Twinkle comes to Kunj’s room, Kunj says we have played games, now lets face truth, what you think i am Kunj? she says i am sure that you are Kunj, he caresses her face and says how you are sure that i am Kunj? is this because of touch? Twinkle hugs him, he hugs her back, Tumhe apna banane ka plays. Twinkle holds his hand, he twirls her around and dances with her, she lands in his arms, both are close, Twinkle is in tears and recalls how Kunj used to dance with her, Kunj asks when i take you in my arms, do you feel that i am Kunj?

Twinkle recalls how Kunj used to keep her close in his arms, Twinkle pushes him away and says why you dont accept that you are Kunj? he touches her hand and says you remember Kunj when i touch you? so enjoy touch, Twinkle says what kind of vulgar things are you doing? Kunj comes closer to her, she pushes him and says what are you trying to do? Kunj says what Kunj used to not touch you? Twinkle says what has happened to you? what are you trying to prove? he grabs Twinkle, Twinkle tries to push him away but they both fall on bed with Twinkle falling on Kunj, someone makes video of them, Kunj caresses her hair and says dont be scared.. my Sayappa Queen, Twinkle is shocked and distraught, she pulls out of this grips and runs from there, Kunj smirks and says now it will be fun.

Kunj gathers everyone in Sarna house. He shows video to family in which Twinkle is close to him and romancing him, all are shocked, Twinkle cant believe it. Kunj says i am sorry but i had to do it to bring her truth, Twinkle keeps calling me Kunj and even tried to come near me, she is obsessed with me, i had to make her video to show you people, she has gone to ahead that she didnt even remember that she is married to someone. Babee shows video to Leela and says see what your daughter is doing, what will you say now? Yuvi looks away from video, Leela says but it can not be whole truth, Yuvi says this is some misunderstanding, Babee says you just shut up, we threw you out of house then why you keep coming back here?

Twinkle comes to Kunj and slaps him hard, all are shocked, Twinkle says you cant be my Kunj, i never dreamt that you will stoop so low that you will make our beautiful relation look like this, enough of all this, this cant be Kunj, she says to family that i did everything to prove that he is Kunj but he cant be Kunj, i made plans, went crazy to prove that he is Kunj, i went to meet him so that he accepts that he is Kunj and this family gets his son back but he played with my dignity, my Kunj used to say that my dignity is his respect, he used to fight for my respect with world but you destroyed my honor, you locked your family in ice factory and Kunj used to love his family, i used to see God in my Kunj but i was wrong about you.

Its good that God killed our unborn baby before he came in world, she cries and says what i would have answered my baby when he would get to know that his father is like this, she grabs his collar, and cries, she sits on floor and cries, Kunj says my baby?

Kunj says you are lying, he says Twinkle tell me where is my baby, all are stunned to listen this, Usha says Kunj, Babee says he is Kunj? Kunj says Twinkle what happened to my baby? he makes her get up and says where is my baby? Twinkle says it means you accept that you are Kunj? he says yes i accept that i am Kunj but just tell me where is my baby? tell me please, Twinkle says after you went, i was living with your memories then i got to know that i am pregnant, i got hope to live,

everyone thought that i wont be able to raise baby alone, all thought that i will break down so everyone asked me to marry Yuvi, without any condition Yuvi agreed to marry me, he was ready to give his name to our baby, Yuvi is the one because of whom your Twinkle is alive, Kunj says Yuvi wanted to live my life thats why he killed me and got you and my family.

Twinkle says you are thinking, he went to Goa to save you, after your death, he took Anita’s crime blame on his name, then Anita aunty came out and accepted her crime, flashback shows how Yuvi got her arrested, Twinkle says Yuvi killed his identity for us, for our family, Twinkle says to family that i want to tell truth now, Yuvi and my marriage was just a compromise for the happiness of family, there is no relation like husband and wife between, we are just good friends, i always took fast of Kunj’s name on Karvachauth and you know who supported me?

Yuvi supported me, he forgot his identity for us and you people threw him out of house, Kunj says i saw you both getting married, you moved on so soon, i was broken to see you cheating, my family was getting my wife married to my enemy, Twinkle says you saw me getting married to Yuvi but you didnt say anything, you didnt stop me and ask me what was i doing and why? was our love so weak?

Kunj says i thought you moved on, it was misunderstanding, after my accident i thought my family forgot me, nobody came to me and when i returned, i saw you getting married so i lost it, Twinkle says how can you forget your family? you didnt even think about us? you didnt miss us? even after coming back, you kept taking revenge s Rocky, you didnt ask us anything, didnt take any answers from us why? Kunj says i am so sorry, i tortured everyone in my anger, he folds his hands and says please forgive me, he asks family to forgive him.

Yuvi wipes his tears, Kunj says i am sorry yuvi, Usha says you have come? now everything will be fine, you didnt do anything wrong, she hugs him, Manohar says only we know how we lived without you in these years, he hugs him too, Babee, Anand coms to him too, Babee hugs him, he says forgive me, Babee says we got our son back, she comes to Twinkle and says i dont want to see you crying now, see you won, Kunj has comeback. She makes Twinkle hold Kunj’s hand and says she is yours and now you both will start new life, everything is fine.

Leela sadly looks at Yuvi, Yuvi looks away. Babee comes to Yuvi and says i dont have words to say sorry, she folds her hand, Yuvi holds her hands and says you are my family, we have heart relation, i am your son.. i mean i am like your son, you cant ask forgiveness from me, i am happy that Twinkle got Kunj back, my happiness lies in Twinkle’s happiness, its most important to me, Babee says long live. all are talking to Kunj. Twinkle comes to Leela and says i told you Kunj will comeback, wife’s hope has won, i have given son back to this family, all are so happy.

Leela says you are right, i am happy that this family has got son back but you are avoiding relations, Leela says to Twinkle that this family has got its son back but Yuvi is still your husband and you have to understand that thing, its been 5years of this relation, you both have followed this relation nicely but you are not understanding how much difficult you are making all this, Yuvi is standing at a distance seeing everyone happy, he leaves.

Yuvi is sitting in house and recalls how family got happy seeing Kunj and said that they got their son back, he recalls how Babee gave Twinkle’s hand in Kunj’s hand, he starts crying and gets tensed.
Twinkle looks at her and Kunj’s picture in her room and hugs it, she recalls how family was happy to see Kunj back, she is tensed and recalls Leela’s words, she looks at her and Yuvi’s marriage photo and sees herself not wearing mangalsutra.

Leela comes to Yuvi and says i dont have words to ease your pain, world can say anything but you are Twinkle’s husband for me, you both were so happy and i was happy for you both, maybe i fell evil cast on you both, Yuvi says dont feel bad for me, you should be happy that Twinkle got Kunj back, she will be happy with him.

Twinkle sees her mangalsutra and recalls how she got married to Yuvi.
Yuvi says hero enters in story and gets heroine, villain never gets heroine in any story, Leela says you cant be villain, the one who changed life of my daughter, you made her live life again, you made her laugh and smile again, you changed yourself for her, you cant be villain, you are hero, i wish Twinkle realize how much you love her, she hugs, Yuvi cries.Twinkle is sad in her room.

Usha says to family that i will make Kunj’s favorite dishes, Babee says i will make sweet dish for him. Kunj says i am sorry, i was blind in anger, i didnt see your love and concern, i went against my family only, i am sorry, Usha says forget everything, you have got new life, its enough that you are with us, i will make you eat food with my hands, Manohar says we missed you so much, we are happy that you are with us. Babee says lets go to market and bring his favorite dishes, they leave, Usha says i will call Twinkle, we will make food for you, she calls Twinkle down and leaves.

Twinkle comes downstairs, Kunj looks at her, she looks down. Yuvi comes home and says seems like something good is cooking. Twinkle is about to slip from stairs, Yuvi tries to move forward to save her but Kunj catches her in time and holds her in his arms, Yuvi looks away, Twinkle and Kunj shares eyelock. Twinkle gets up, Kunj’s watch gets stuck in Twinkle’s mangalsutra, he frees it and leaves, Twinkle looks on confused, Yuvi sees all this, Twinkle thinks that Kunj might have got offended seeing Yuvi’s mangalsutra in my neck, she sees Yuvi and says Yuvi? he says hi.
Twinkle is working in kitchen.

Yuvi comes from behind and starts taking off her mangalsutra, she says what are you doing? he says i am freeing you, now Kunj has come so we have to end this useless relation so you can start new life with Kunj, she says stop it, you can do it, Yuvi says relations are made from heart and your heart was never attached with mine, it was always with Kunj so let me do this, he tries to take mangalsutra off but she says no, she is confused and runs from there.

Usha comes to Kunj and says why you are not in your old room? you seems tensed? Kunj says i feel i am late, my Twinkle is of someone else, she and Yuvi.. Usha says nothing like that, now you have come so everything will be fine, eat this sweetdish, Kunj is not able to stop thinking, Usha sees him worried.

Pallavi looks at her and Revant’s pictures, she sobs and looks at Kunj/Rocky’s poster. she takes notepad, she writes that i am happy for you Kunj, you got your family back, i think i should go back now, i hope you understand. She thinks that i wont give up easily, i want my Revant, i will comeback.
Twinkle is going when she sees Kunj coming her way, they stop looking at each other and sees their old bedroom, ya rabba plays.

yuvi is on terrace and thinking about his and Twinkle’s happy moments, his marriage with her, he is sad. Twinkle says good night to Kunj, he says good night, they start going to their rooms, Twinkle turns to look at him and starts going back to her, just then Kunj turns to look at her and sees her going to her room, he turns away. Twinkle comes to her room and sits on couch thinking. Kunj comes to his room and sits on his bed thinking too.

Twinkle sees her and Kunj’s picture and says what to do God? give me some hint. Yuvi is sitting sadly alone too. Twinkle is switching lights on and off. Kunj is punching his punching bag, three of them are sad and hurt, Rabba plays.

Its morning, Usha says to Yuvi that i have called you here so that i can talk to you infront of all, you have done alot for us in trouble times, i asked you marry Twinkle and you respected my words but now Kunj has comeback and we know truth of your marriage with Twinkle so i think that Twinkle and Kunj start their relation again so i want you and Twinkle to sign divorce papers and end this fake marriage, Yuvi is hurt and tries to compose himself, Usha asks Twinkle to sign it, we all know you love Kunj alot thats why you tried everything to bring his truth out, sign it and start your new life with my son, Twinkle doesnt say anything.

Yuvi says you are right Maa, mine and Twinkle’s marriage was compromise and we should not separate two lovers, i am ready, just tell me where to sign, Twinkle is emotional seeing him doing all this for her, she looks at Kunj who is not saying anything. Yuvi sits down and starts signing divorce papers, Twinkle looks on surprised, he signs it, Usha asks Twinkle to sign now, Twinkle takes pen, she looks at Kunj, she sits down to sign it, Kunj is looking at her intently, Twinkle’s hand shakes, Leela comes there and says what is happening here?

she asks Twinkle what are these papers for? she checks them and sees its divorce papers, she says Yuvi and Twinkle’s divorce papers? have you all gone mad? you think marriage is joke? you can make her marry with anyone then ask her to divorce him, what are you making her do? Leela asks Twinkle what is this? Twinkle cant take it anymore, she cries and leaves from there. Usha says to Kunj that dont worry, Twinkle will comeback.

Usha says to Leela after many years this house is getting happiness, Kunj has comeback, Twinkle’s husband has comeback after years, dont you think they should be reunited? Leela says forgive me but Twinkle’s husband is Yuvraj.

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