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The next morning, Raminder and Leela comes to the house, he looks at his daughter and smiles. Just when he is about to enter the house, Twinkle stops him. She goes and brings Aarti plate, she does her father’s tilak and does aarti with her mother, she asks Raminder to come in and calls him father. He is emotional and hugs her. Twinkle hugs him back, he asks if she forgave him? Twinkle tells him to leave all this as she don’t want to see his tears and she have been craving for this happiness. Leela, Twinkle and Raminder have family hug.
Twinkle is at her home and is about to go out. Bebe asks her where is she going? Twinkle says she made dish for her father and she is going to give him. Bebe smile and says she is so happy that she got her father, family together has more happiness, and that she pray to God that whatever happiness she couldn’t get, now she get it all. She tells her to go, Twinkle smiles and leaves.

Leela tells her husband that she is happy that Twinkle accepted him but now they have to tell Twinkle the biggest secret. Twinkle comes to her mother’s house and says their is a big talk with him and that she don’t know why her father didn’t talk about it, she decides to talk to him and find out. Raminder meanwhile tells Leela that he also want to tell Twinkle everything but he don’t know how Twinkle will react. Twinkle comes there and asks what are they both talking about and on which thing will she react? Leela change the topic and says they were talking about her father’s identity and how she would react but Twinkle is not convince and did not insist about it. Raminder eats the dish made by Twinkle and says it’s really nice. Twinkle thinks that they are hiding something from her and wonders if it’s same thing which she want to know? Kunj comes there and informs them that police have come to arrest Twinkle’s father, he asks Raminder to stay in room while he handle them. The police comes in the lounge. Bebe scolds Anita for calling the police Anita tells Bebe that the police asked her about Raminder so she told them that he is here. Kunj tells the police that Raminder had accident so he can’t come down, he asks how much money Raminder has to pay to insurance company? He says 3crores ( 30 millions after estimate. Everyone are shocked. Kunj confidently say they will pay that amount. Leela agrees that they will pay and asks them to give them some time. The inspector says they have to arrest him. Anita says rules are rules, he did cheating so he should get arrested. Twinkle tells Anita that she have so much poison in her heart that she love to see people in problem and she should be ashamed. Anita says her father did fraud so he should be ashamed, and remind Twinkle not to forget that she is elder in her relation so talk to her with respect. Bebe asks Anita to stop it. Anita bluntly tells Bebe to ask Twinkle to behave. Leela asks Twinkle to let it be.

Raminder comes down. Kunj asks why did he come down, reminding him that he needs rest. Raminder says it’s about him so he have to solve it. Raminder’s lawyer Mr Sharma comes there and gives him cheque. Once again Anita’s plan fails as Raminder pays the cheque of 3 crores to the insurance company’s manager and they leave from there. Anita feels bad as Raminder settles his issue with the insurance company. Kunj asks his Twinkle’s father if he can become his father-in-law? Raminder smiles and says why not. Twinkle thinks her family is still not complete and that person is missing but she don’t know why her is not talking about it. Kunj suggests that they should complete both his parents in-law’s marriage ceremony which was put off half in the temple, he tells Twinkle not to say that he have stolen her idea as only he have copyright on good ideas. Twinkle smiles as Kunj has a brilliant idea to remarry both her mom and dad.
Anita is calling Yuvi but he is not picking up, she gets angry and breaks her phone, she angrily says she don’t know where he is and she is really missing him, she feel so weak without him, she feel so lost without him and he has to comeback for her. Raman meets Raminder and says when he listened first about his return then he was angry as his sister had to face everything alone but then Twinkle told him everything and he realized everything is good now, and that today is happy day. Pinni says they are happy but tensed too, when people will know about this marriage then they will gossip. Raman angrily asks her to stop it and says his sister is happy after so much time and she is thinking about 4 women gossiping like her? Kunj says once his mom and dad gets married then nobody will be able to point any finger and they can say whatever they want. Raman says that’s the spirit, all smile. At night, Twinkle says to herself that Kunj is so sweet and caring, he takes care of everyone and that because of him her father and mother are together, he handles her tantrums and drama well too. Kunj comes there and sees her sitting infront of the mirror, he asks her to come to reality as today is her mother’s marriage and he have arranged everything, he have called the priest and he will be the photographer, who gets chance to witness their mother and father-in-law’s marriage? Twinkle is about to say something and stop herself. He says yes wanting her to say what his in her mind. She says her mom and dad and again stop looking how Kunj is so happy with confidence. She asks why is he interrupting her and tells him to atleast let her talk? She runs and hugs Kunj tightly, he is surprised and hugs her back, Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Twinkle smiles while hugging him, she thank him and says because of him her mom and dad are together, she thank him again.

Usha comes to Kunj’s room and sees Twinkle hugging him. Kunj sees her and pushes Twinkle away. He asks her what she is doing. Twinkle doesn’t see Usha there and asks why is he pushing her away. She then asks if her hug gave him an electric shock. She informs him that she does not like hugging him but she was feeling emotional that is why she hugged him. She says that she won’t make this mistake again. Usha, who is standing there silently scolds Twinkle and asks her if this is the way to speak to one’s husband and that she try to not scold her but she always do something like this. She tells Twinkle that they have to go to her mom’s house so come down and leaves. Twinkle stares at Kunj in anger and Kunj starts looking away as Twinkle stares him angrily.
Twinkle meets her mom and tells her that she will do all the preparations for her mom and dad’s wedding. Leela smiles hearing this. Kunj tells Raminder it’s time to get ready for the wedding. He gives him a sherwani and Raminder goes to change. Twinkle helps her mom to dress up as a bride. She gives her bangles and jewelry to wear. Raminder comes back dressed as a groom and asks Kunj how he looks. Kunj compliments him that the groom is fully ready. Raminder thanks him for all the help. Kunj says he can do anything for his mom ( Leela) and Twinkle’s happiness. Twinkle is complimenting her mom’s beauty that she is looking more beautiful than her. Leela tells her that she is more pretty. They hug each other. Twinkle is thinking that she has so many questions in her mind and wonders if she should ask her mom about that person now seeing that it’s such a happy occasion or wait. Leela is also thinking. She thinks that they should tell the secret to Twinkle after the wedding before she gets to find out from someone else.

Twinkle brings her mom down in the hall. Raman says that today is his sister’s wedding and he will dance and drink lassi to his heart’s content. Pinni praises Leela’s beauty that she is so beautiful that miss world will fail infront of her. Chinki proudly says she is her aunt afterall. Pinni says Leela take all the credit. Kunj brings Raminder there. Leela sees Raminder and smiles. She gets shy. Bebe informs that it’s time to start the rituals. The rituals begins and Twinkle stands next to Kunj and she looks at him. The priest asks the groom and bride to exchange garlands. Leela and Raminder exchange garlands while everyone claps. Kunj tells Twinkle she is very lucky as she got to witness her parents wedding. Twinkle thinks that all this is happening only because of Kunj as her mom got her dad and she got her father because of him. She silently thanks him. Raminder puts on a mangalsutra ( wedding chain) for Leela. Twinkle brings the sindoor box ( vermilion) and says she had stopped her dad last time form applying it to her mom but she says today she wants him to fill mom’s forehead with vermilion and marry her mom again. He does so by filling Leela’s forehead with vermilion and and the wedding gets completed declare by the priest. They are congratulated by all present there. Cherry comes there and apologizes to Raminder to forgive him that he did mistake and he didn’t know about him. Raminder forgives him. Cherry thinks that this is just a pretense. Anita comes there and congratulates them. Kunj says it’s time for pictures and takes them out to have same clicked. Raminder’s phone falls out of his pockets, he doesn’t see it and leaves from there. Anita finds it. It is ringing and she answers the call seeing that someone is calling him.

On the phone, the caller is saying that she is about to make a big decision in her life and needs her father’s advise. Anita wonders if Raminder has an illegitimate child as the caller refers to him as dad. Anita says she unable to see Leela experiencing all this happiness and should give her a surprise. She puts the phone on speaker for everyone to listen and the caller says that she is Mahi and calls Raminder dad. Anita hangs up the call and questions Raminder who is this girl calling him dad and further asks about whether he has an Illegitimate child which he left for Leela and Twinkle. She tells him that he has two families and he is smart. Anita continues accusing Raminder, Kunj says that his father-in-law should speak as there must be some misunderstanding. Anita says that Ramimder is a cheater. Leela tells Anita that this is enough. Leela asks her if she wants to know about the girl. Shr looks at her daughter. Twinkle comes to her mom and asks her to tell who is this Mahi. Leela says that Mahi is Raminder and her daughter and Twinkle’s younger sister, They thought she had died along with Raminder but she was also saved along with him, their Mahi didn’t die, she is alive, her Mahi is alive. Leela hugs a shocked Twinkle and cries. Twinkle is still shocked as she finds out that she has a younger sister named Mahi, she moves back, looks at her dad and takes her dad hand and leaves from there. Bebe tells Kunj he should be with Twinkle now as she would need him now. Kunj agrees and leaves to follow Twinkle and her father.
Twinkle brings her dad in the room. She says that this question has been on her mind and she was worried when he said he got saved and was wondering about her sister. She says she got so happy to hear her sister’s voice. She asks him why he kept this from her. Leela comes there and says they were waiting on the right time to tell her. She says that like her ( Twinkle) even Mahi does not know about them. She adds that they didn’t know how to break this news to Twinkle as they were in confusion how to tell her.

Twinkle scolds her dad and says he should not have hidden the truth from her. She says that her mom used to cry so much for Mahi so she never mentioned it. She shows him baby items and says it belongs to her sister and her mom used to keep looking at them and cry daily. Raminder hugs her and apologizes that he know he is her culprit but he was helpless and he keep Mahi away from them for same reason even though she was saved. Twinkle happily says that Mahi has grown up and would not know who they are. Kunj asks how would Mahi accept this information. Twinkle says she would talk to her once, but Leela tells her that Mahi doesn’t even know who she is. Twinkle wants to hear Mahi’s voice once more and begs her dad to call her up. He tries but the phone is unreachable as it’s switched off. Raminder says she is coming to India so that’s why her phone is unreachable. Twinkle is overjoyed and says that her sister is coming.

it is night time and Kunj and Twinkle are talking in their room. Twinkle tells him that she used to make excuses just to stay at home with Mahi when she was a baby, as she was very cute. Kunj says its a good thing that Mahi got saved else she would have had to put up with her. Twinkle proudly says she is sweet and everyone agrees with her. Kunj tells her to stop joking. She tells him that it is he who is the joker. She gets serious and says she missed her sister and missed sharing things with her. She says she misses discussing boys with her sister. Kunj says even now its not too late as she and her sister can still gossip about him since she ( Twinkle )is still childish. He teases her and says her younger sister will act like her elder sister. Twinkle tells him not to call her a child and not to call her that in front of her sister. Kunj says she is a child. She gets angry at him.

Kunj is looking at old photos with Leela, Raminder and Twinkle. He sees Twinkle pictures and smiles. Leela says that Twinkle was like this from since childhood as she likes to pose for pictures. Kunj says that Twinkle was preparing for the Miss Amritsar pageant since she was a kid. Twinkle asks him to shut up and asks her dad to tell her about Mahi. She says that Mahi must be very western in her dressing since she never came to Indian. Raminder says that Mahi is very much Indian and follows all the customs and tradition. He says that Mahi and Twinkle are opposites, she is calm and used to spend time alone. Meanwhile, Mahi arrives at the airport dressed in the colours of the flag of India. People make fun of her that its not republic day. Raminder says that Mahi is more like Leela as she is caring but gets tensed easily. Mahi is waiting for a taxi at the airport. People ask her to move aside and she gets tensed.Mahi bangs into some man at the airport, she gets scared, she stammers and says she is sorry.

Twinkle tells her dad that she will be with her and she will make her Punjabi patakha. Mahi gets call from someone, she thank God that the person called her and that she was so worried, she smiles. Twinkle wants to know how Mahi looks and asks her dad to show her a photograph. Raminder has a picture on his phone and is about to show her when Kunj grabs the phone and says he is the brother-in-law and she is his sister-in-law so he has to see it first. Twinkle tries to see telling Kunj she is her sister so he should give to her, she runs behind him. Kunj complain to his mother-in-law to see how Twinkle is making her husband run. Twinkle threatened to lock him in the washroom, they run behind each other. Leela tells her husband that it’s good, Twinkle accepted Mahi easily and she hope everything will become fine. Twinkle runs behind Kunj and asks him to give her the phone, he tells her to see her cheeks that its swallow like balloon and asks if he should pull them. She asks him to not joke, he insists not to give her the phone. She runs behind him and they both fall on the sofa. She is on top of him, Sajna Ve song plays as they share eyelock. Twinkle tries to take the phone and the phone falls down from Kunj’hand. She is miffed with Kunj that he broke her father’s phone and asking how will she see her picture now? Kunj promise to get is repaired, Twinkle angrily says she don’t need his help and she will see her sister when she come here. Kunj says he will face her face to face too. She says it’s a bad joke. He taunt her that her taste is not good. She ignore him and says she is really excited that her sister is coming and she is going to find a punjabi groom for her, she then inform Kunj that she is going to get gifts for her, she leaves.

Twinkle is stuck in traffic. Mahi is in traffic jam too. One women is pleading to everyone to break the traffic jam as her son is in ambulance, she says he is serious and begs to let her go but nobody listens to her. Twinkle feels bad for her. Mahi comes out of the car and asks one man to take his car back but he scolds her that they are stuck here too, she tries to give space to the ambulance but nobody listens to her. Twinkle says it’s enough as nobody is helping the lady and she have to do something. Twinkle comes out of the car and passes by Mahi, she comes to the lady and consoles her, she starts guiding the cars and clears the traffic jam. Mahi sees her and thinks that this girl is great as she is controlling the whole traffic. Twinkle comes to Mahi and asks why she is standing in the middle of the road? She scolds Mahi that now will she have to clear the road from people too? Mahi apologize to Twinkle without knowing she is her elder sister. Twinkle tells Mahi that she is a weird girl and asks her to leave from there. Twinkle goes and sit in her car without knowing she is her younger sister she dying to meet. Mahi sits in her car and keep looking at Twinkle, she leaves from there. Meanwhile, Mahi arrives at Sarna Mansion, she looks at the address and is greeted by Cherry as he comes out of Sarna house. She shows him the address and asks him to help her.

Cherry eyes her with bad intention and thinks who is this hot girl? Cherry says he didn’t see her here before and she seem new here, he looks at address and says this house? He asks whom she want to meet? Twinkle comes there and Cherry gets tensed and think she will ruin his plan. Twinkle tells Mahi that she is same girl who was standing in the middle of the road and asks if there is some problem? Twinkle looks at the address and says this is her house’s address, what work did she have and whom she want to meet? Mahi gets tensed. Raminder comes there and calls Mahi’s name. Mahi smiles seeing him, she called him dad, runs to him and hugs him. Raminder says what a surprise that she was coming tomorrow and she came today only. Mahi says she thought to surprise him so she came here. Raminder says it’s good. Leela gets emotional seeing her second daughter after so many years and calls Mahi her daughter. Raminder tells Mahi this is her mother and Mahi is stunned. He points at Twinkle and says she is her elder sister. Twinkle smiles at her, Mahi is more shocked.

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