Family Secrets Update Wednesday 9 June 2021

Family Secrets 9 June 2021: The Episode starts with Avdhoot flirting with Tania. She smiles. He goes. She looks around. He shows Anami’s pic to his friends, and says its her first day and should become last one. The man asks him not to worry, entertainment will happen. Anami comes to college. Everyone stares at her. Dadi asks Dada ji what happened. He says Dheeru gave this files. She asks did Dheeru come back. He says yes, this file can work good for us. She says Dheeru has come to save our company, he didn’t forget his duty. He says trust is like raw glass, and it has to break, Dheeru came to blackmail me. She says no, you are mistaken.

He says I wish, just Dheeru can save Royal steels, but he has a condition, 50% partnership. She asks what will you do. He says don’t know.Avdhoot’s friends taunt Anami and laugh on her. They make fun of her. Someone records video. Anami goes. Baldev says Dheeru is a cheat, you don’t do this mistake to get him in royal steels again. Dada ji says just he can save us. Baldev says its about your ethics. Dada ji says we have to save company. Baldev argues.He accepts his mistake. Dada ji says your mistake was a crime, and Dheeru was punished by court. Baldev says tell me which court will punish me, just command me, what shall I do. Satrupa says the matter is about royal steels now, not family. The guys follow Anami and make fun of her. Anami gets angry and turns.

She recalls Dadi’s words and stays calm. They joke on her hair and catch her hair calling it a buffalo’s tail. Tania comes and looks on. Anami hits the girl, who flies in air and falls. Anami holds her hand and saves her from getting hurt. Everyone gets shocked. The guy gets scared seeing her. Anami looks at them.Dada ji scolds Baldev and Satrupa and compares then with Dheeru, who got a solution, he was there to start this company, he will not let this company die, if Oberoi gets company, he will sell it. Pujan says sorry to talk, but you can’t take big decision alone, you have to take approval of board of directors, Dheeru can’t be made partner. Anami says if lion is silent, it doesn’t mean lion forgot to roar, maintain distance, else your bones will be gone, I also joke, you also joke. She jokes on them and warns. The girl says sorry.

Anami says if you read Shastra, you would know, this is Bhole baba’s blessing, not buffalo’s tail. She scolds them. Tania smiles. Anami asks them not to come behind now, and goes. Tania gives her coffee. She introduces herself. Anami says my dad says good people can see goodness in other, thanks. Tania praises her. Anami says I like to hear my praise with ginger tea. They go to canteen.

Anami gets tea. They have a talk. Tania gets Adhiraj’s call and says I made a new friend, my day was good. He says I will come and pick you. She says no, I will come. She ends call and says it was my brother’s call. The gang comes there and looks at Anami. Ila comes to Adhiraj and says I got something you were waiting for, Anami’s DNA test result, you had sent her hair samples. He checks. She asks what’s written, I m sure its negative. He gets shocked. Tania says they came back. Anami says I have to treat them again

Satrupa talking on call. She says Papa will manage media, but Dheeru’s news should have not come back. Anami comes and asks Daamo to continue the talk. Satrupa asks how was college’s first day. Anami jokes and says don’t worry, I care for my identify than your name. She goes. Daamo asks Satrupa not to worry. Satrupa says how to explain her, I do this for her, she will get her loss some day. Ila says I m sure Anami is planted in Lal mahal. Adhiraj says she is real heir. She says what, she doesn’t look Baldev and Satrupa’s daughter. He asks her not to talk like locality women, CBI follows proofs, none should know about this second test, I don’t want to hurt Anami, she is a honest girl.

They see news of Dheeru, who was right hand of Vikram Aditya, Dheeru has kept big conditions and situation is tense. Ila says this royal steels matter… Adhiraj goes. Poonam talks to Anami. Anami recalls Dadi’s words. She says I did mistake. Poonam says you are perfect. Anami says I promised Madhu, I will not raise hand on anyone, but today, I could have managed by talk. Poonam says you can’t beat anyone without a reason. Anami tells how Madhu used to say Mahabharat, Ramayan and puraan and asks questions also. She tells how Madhu showers questions, she asked what happened in Mahabharat, what did anyone earn and lose by violence. She tells what she answered to Madhu. Poonam says Madhu would have got emotional hearing this. Anami says no, she asked me, what should we not do, this was trick question for me, I said we shouldn’t be greedy, she slapped me, real answer was we should not lose peace, I got angry in college.

Poonam says I got confused, what does Madhu say, fight or not fight. Anami says its tough to understand her, she prepares a land, she always says, don’t bend if you are right and don’t fight if you are wrong. Poonam says I will also meet Madhu. Anami asks shall I apologize to those guys. Poonam asks her to think if she was right or wrong. Anami says I was not wrong. Poonam says then don’t bend. Anami asks for food. Poonam gives her. Sudha asks maid Naina what is she doing. Naina says I m making nest fine. Sudha says let me do good work. She gets nest and says how do birds make good nests. She drops it and says we couldn’t save this, nests are made to breakfast.

Dheeru calls Tania and jokes. She says you won’t get more tea now, you had three cups tea. He does drama. She goes. Adhiraj comes home. He asks what’s happening. Dheeru says I m grating coconut. Adhiraj says don’t act smart, you know what I mean. Dheeru says I m not Antaryami, I can try to guess. Dheeru goes to get kheer. Adhiraj says a CBI officer is questioning today. Dheeru asks is making sweets a crime, taste and say if sugar is fine. Adhiraj tastes and says kheer is sweet, but you made it bitter by your touch. Dheeru looks at him.

Sudha tells Naina about the difference between bird and hawk, bird gets scared seeing clouds and makes nest, but hawk flies with wide wings victoriously, poor bird stays in nest and gives eggs, bird has cowardly children, pack bags, its time to break nests, we have to go Lal Mahal. Dheeru and Adhiraj argue. Dheeru says this word crime has deep meaning. He eats kheer and says sugar is less. He adds sugar. He says justice follows crime. Adhiraj says justice word doesn’t suit you, I gave you Royal steels kundli and you cheated me, which father can do this. Dheeru says I just used the chance, not you. Adhiraj says I gave you this chance.

Dheeru asks what do you want, I was a coward father and now when I m fighting my war, you are hurt, sit, get clear what type of father you want, then come to me, I will answer you.Dada ji says I decided, voting will happen tomorrow, one who has majority, royal steels will go in his control, everyone knows my wish, now its your turn, every vote is imp, think above ego issues and personal likes, dislikes, its your turn now, you are free to choose anyone, be ready to bear result, I want to see the sensibility and partnership in Lal Mahal.

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