Family secrets update Friday 28 May 2021

Family secrets 28 May 2021: Satrupa slaps Narottam and asking are you saying this to me now. He says I m sorry, I was scared, you find out and don’t forgive anyone. He goes out and recalls how he got insulted. He says Avdhoot, you are gone, this Maa Durga will not leave you and your dad, happy journey to hell. He walks off.

Satrupa gets angry. Adhiraj thinks of Anami, while hearing hogaya hai tujhko bhi pyaar sajna….. He smiles. His sister sees him and pulls his leg. He says you didn’t get anyone, what’s in your wrist that you are holding it. He says I m massaging to get rid of sprain. She says so you are taking tips from DDLJ. He asks her to stop spying. She asks the girl’s name. He says I m thinking about senior Sinha. She asks is your love rose blooming in Lal mahal. He asks her not to eat his brain. She sings hogaya hai tujhko bhi pyaar bhaiya and teases. He goes.

Its morning, Satrupa says you will get one chance to speak, fine if you say truth, else that truck will come in full speed and hit your son’s car, then collect his body. Pujan gets shocked. Avdhoot is tied by ropes in the car and shouts for help. Pujan says Vatsalya was my son also. She says you have to accept sin, I promise I will leave Avdhoot, you did this for royal steels, when did you meet Vatsalya. He says I met him one night before, he was worried, so I consoled him, nothing else, if I knew he is leaving home, I would have stopped him, Adhiraj is breaking our family, you are getting cheated. She says it means you won’t say truth, see your son for the last time.

She signs the truck driver. Avdhoot cries. Pujan shouts Bhabhi, I beg you, stop the truck, Avdhoot will die. She says his death blame will come on you, you could have saved him. He says let him die, make me heirless too, but truth won’t change if Avdhoot dies, Vatsalya was my son, I didn’t let anything happen to him, I will not beg you now, I will mourn for my son, but I won’t be alive with such cheap blame, I will forgive you, go. Avdhoot struggles.

Pujan prays for Avdhoot. Truck goes towards Avdhoot. Satrupa signs the truck driver. Truck stops reaching close to the car. Satrupa lets Pujan go. Pujan runs to Avdhoot and falls in the water. Satrupa looks on. Pujan frees Avdhoot and hugs him. Avdhoot cries. Satrupa goes. Pujan gets angry.

Satrupa cares of Avdhoot’s hands and apologizes. Avdhoot says I have seen death very close today. She says when I was young, I liked flying kites, but my dad didn’t like it, he didn’t like that neem tree, I fell one day and my leg got stuck in that tree, I got saved, my head was going to strike stone. Avdhoot asks why are you saying this story to me. She says it has two reasons, I have seen death close, it means I have seen life closely, today you have seen it, other reason is my dad’s perception about neem tree changed, they got friendly. Pujan comes. She says whatever happened today, our misunderstandings got clear, our relation is clear now. She apologizes to Pujan. He says bad time passed, I moved on, you also move on, I don’t have any complains in heart. She goes. He gets angry.

Narottam gets scared. Satrupa stares at him and asks him to sit. She asks him what’s this. He says tea, cup. She throws the cup and says it was a cup, how much time does it take to become was from is, are you smart to understand. He says I didn’t do anything, someone is filling your ears. She scolds him.

She asks him not to call him Choti maa again. She goes. She asks Daamo to keep an eye on him. Anami recalls Poonam’s words and goes to Vatsalya’s room. She looks around and plays piano. Satrupa hears the sound and comes, asking who is here. She sees a curtain moving.

Satrupa moves curtains. She doesn’t see Anami. She plays piano and recalls playing piano with Vatsalya. She laughs and then cries seeing his belongings. Anami tries to silently leave. She falls down. Her anklet falls. Satrupa asks you here. Anami says I was finding Poonam. Satrupa says you can tell me if you need anything, you can come here anytime. Anami goes. Satrupa sees her anklet and picks it.

Avdhoot says you sacrificed me, what if Satrupa didn’t stop truck. Pujan hugs him and says you got scared, truck had to stop, if she had to kill us, she would have shot directly, not do this drama and dialogues. It was just to scare us, now do anything, her trust got me close to this family, whatever I do, none will point finger, metal doesn’t kill metal, its own rust kills it, I m the rust in Lal mahal which will kill it. They smile.

Adhiraj holds his hand and smiles recalling Anami. His sister teases him. He jokes on her. She asks who is that girl, tell me who made you a lover boy. He asks her to focus on studies. She jokes that he should get married to some homely long ghunghat girl. He imagines and says no, I won’t marry such girl. She says it means this hand pain is reaching your heart. He asks her to become love guru, he is going office. She gives his shades. He leaves.

Anami talks to Poonam and kids. She tells her Banaras story, how she caught the sadhu baba. Kids leave. Ila and Adhiraj reach Lal mahal. She says you are getting emotional about Anami. He says I think you are teaching me my duty. She says I think she is trying to play a game with us, she is with Satrupa. He says I just trust her as much as I should, once DNA reports once, all secrets will be revealed. Kids ask cop story. Anami says Adhiraj made hero entry, I was playing with kids, ball has hit his forehead, I made him red in Lal mahal. He hears her and signs Poonam. She says Adhiraj has got hand hurt in second meet, I made him fine, my hair are rope, I will throw him in Ganga ji. Poonam asks her to turn back and see. Anami says I have never looked behind in life. Adhiraj asks her to see delicate cop once. Anami sees him and laughs. She sends the kids and says I will see you later Poonam, go.

She asks what happened, do you have ache. He says no, I came to give you your fees. She asks are you saying true. He says yes, I don’t boast like you. She says I was telling true stories to kids, you got hurt twice, what if I m hero in stories. He says DNA test won’t take long now. Anami calls kids and says there is good news, its time for freedom. She plays with kids. Adhiraj smiles. Dadi looks on. A man sprays mosquito repellent in the garden. Dadi sees Vatsalya in Anami. Anami coughs. Dadi calls the man to move away, Vatsalya has allergy.

Dadi opens a small box and checks some baby socks. She recalls Vatsalya and Anami. She thinks of talking to Satrupa about her dream of two little kids, a girl and boy. Satrupa asks do you think it will be twins. Dadi says its in Lord’s hand. Dada says Satrupa couldn’t become our daughter, now she created Anami’s DNA test matter, what shall we answer media. He says I m talking to you, Gayatri, are you fine. She says yes, were you saying anything. He asks did you not listen. She says I went in old memory lane, it took time to recover. She says I made socks for two grandchildren. He says that was your dream, Baldev and Satrupa had one child, which Lord snatched. She says maybe Lord has sent Anami to fill Vatsalya’s absence. He asks her to end the topic.

Dadi adds ground nut in food. Servant says you added this by mistake, Vatsalya had allergy, so Satrupa asked us never to add. Dadi says Baldev likes it. She asks Poonam to serve poha to Anami. Dadi tells Pujan that she stopped servant from spraying mosquito repellent as Anami has allergy to it. Satrupa comes for breakfast. Pujan says you got late today, media is talking about DNA report, our family became breaking news. Servant says Dadi has sent breakfast for Anami. Satrupa asks why did you add ground nut in food. Cook says I have put it by mistake. Poonam comes and tells them about Anami’s allergy to groundnut like Vatsalya. They all look on.


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