Family Secrets Update Friday 23 July 2021


Family Secrets 23 July 2021: The Episode starts with Adhiraj thinking of Anami’s words. Tanya asks him to come for dinner. She asks did Anami say anything. He says no, just work issues. He goes for dinner. Poonam says sorry, but you like Adhiraj. Anami says but its not necessary you love the person you like, its certain to like talking to someone, we get habituated to someone, but when it becomes difficult to live without someone, that must be called special love right. Poonam says people say many things about love, special love happens when the hero goes down on his knees, he holds the heroine’s hand and say I love you, when a song plays in heroine’s heart.

Anami says this didn’t happen with me, I asked him something, and he got angry, have you ever fall in love with someone. Poonam says no. Anami says fine, just explain me in few words, what is love, how does it happen. Poonam says love isn’t any fever or cough, it just happens, and some people don’t realize it. Anami says I m very confused, don’t confuse me more, I m scared, Adhiraj may end friendship with me. Poonam says he will never take any decision that hurts you.Satrupa asks Dadi did she call. Dadi says yes, come and sit, I have to show something. Satrupa checks the paper. She says scholarship in Vatsalya’s name. Dadi says I want underprivileged kids to get educated. Satrupa says its a noble thought. Dadi says he used to get happy in other’s happiness, so I thought this will be best. Satrupa says Vatsalya came in my dream, he asked me to get two cakes, for him and Anami. Dadi says yes, even if he isn’t here, we have his memories. Satrupa says Anami’s birthday celebrations will be grand.

Adhiraj thinks of Anami’s words. He gets her all. She asks are you annoyed. He says no. She says I need to talk. He says listening. She says I have to meet and talk, can you meet me, else its fine. He says lets meet tomorrow morning at the same cafe. She ends call. Sudha comes to Narottam. She finds him having high fever. She asks did you take medicines, why didn’t you tell me. She goes to kitchen and takes some ice. Satrupa looks on. She asks why did you enter Lal Mahal. Sudha says my son is ill, I don’t need permission to take care of him. They argue. Satrupa calls the doctor home. Sudha says I won’t say thanks, you did this to prove me wrong, not for my son, I m going to stay in Narottam’s room for couple of days, he needs his mum, I thought to tell you, else you will say I didn’t ask, else I can talk to Baldev. She goes. Adhiraj couldn’t sleep. He gets restless. Its morning, Laddoo and some kids play cricket. The ball hits the plant pot. He thinks what to do. He sees a sack. He puts the plant and mud inside the sack.

Even the phone falls in. He keeps the sack in dry grass and covers it. He says don’t tell this to anyone, this broken pot is inside this sack, this is just our secret.Adhiraj reaches the cafe. He waits for Anami. The girls see him and find him handsome. Anami comes. Maana ke hum yaad nahi…..plays….They get seated. They order the same, tea with jaggery. They try to talk….and say the same thing. They smile. She says no, I will say first, listen, I just want to say, whatever happened between us, I don’t want anything to change, it was so sudden, I m facing a dilemma, I don’t know what am I feeling, don’t get me wrong, I need some time, until then will you be my good friend like before. He laughs and says I will always be your friend, I don’t like quiet Anami. She laughs. He asks the man to get tea. Waiter serves the tea. Anami says my tea is better than yours, will you try.

He tastes it and says yes, its good. She says you may drink that. She takes his cup. The girl passes taunt. She says the guy is modern like pizza, the girl is desi like paratha, God knows what did he like in her. Anami gets quiet. Adhiraj asks what happened, since when did you start getting affected by other’s opinion, you are unique, don’t get affected. She asks really. He says yes maybe. She talks…. He looks at her. Anami comes home and sees herself in the mirror. She recalls Adhiraj’s words.
Dada ji asking Dadi to make Satrupa check the guest list. Dadi calls for Satrupa. Satrupa comes. Dadi gives her the guest list. Satrupa says we should ask Anami once, her opinion matters. Dada ji says she will be glad. Dadi says she has lost Madhu and Murari, we should ask her. Anami says sorry, but I have never celebrated my birthday, thanks for thinking for me. She goes. Dadi asks Satrupa to start preparations, she will convince Anami. Sudha looks on.

Anami plays guitar. Satrupa comes and talks to Vatsalya’s pic. She says its your birthday in two days, I will miss you a lot. She says you know Anami, Vatsalya came in my dream, he asked me to cut two cakes, for you and him, he always thought for others first, if he had seen you here with all of us, he would have been very happy, its impossible to let go his memories, but we can remember him happily by celebrating his birthday. Anami says sorry, but I don’t want anyone to celebrate my birthday, a bitter memory is associated with my birth, you are responsible for that, you abandoned me after my birth, when I needed a mum’s care, you left me, why did that happen. Satrupa says I had this fear that you will ask me some day, but I have no answer, try to understand my helplessness, Guru ji had a prediction, that if both my children stay together, both of them will be in danger, I gave away one child, see the fate, I lost Vatsalya, I have lost both ways, I think we should forget the past for our present, maybe this is the only way to make a new start. She goes.

Adhiraj says I shouldn’t call Anami again and again, don’t know what will she think. Tanya comes and jokes. He asks the problem. He says I met Anami, she just wants to be a friend, she needs more time to understand her feelings, are you laughing, I m worried. She says come, sit, you are trying wrong thing, these feelings are such, she will need time to realize it, girls are different in these things, its a imp decision in her life, she won’t take a decision in haste, she will always be your friend, long distance between friendship and love can’t be covered soon. He says I didn’t know you are so mature. She asks him to read books. She says I gave good advice, get an icecream for me. He gets a call.

He calls Anami and asks her to come out of Lal Mahal, its Madhu’s call. He asks Madhu to talk to Anami. Anami asks how are you, and Murari. Madhu says I heard your voice after a long time, your birthday is coming. Adhiraj hears them. Madhu says I will feed you kheer like every year. Anami says no, this can’t happen this year, if anyone knows then… Madhu says I don’t care. Anami says I feel guilty these days, something would go wrong.

Madhu says even Arjun was in dilemma, Lord Krishna had advised me, self knowledge can end the doubt, just do your duty, if your intention is right, don’t worry. Anami says I feel like everything got fine, Satrupa wants to celebrate my birthday. Madhu says I can understand her, she has lost her son, she will surely celebrate your birthday in a grand way, she will miss Vatsalya too, I understand your dilemma, I want to feed you kheer by my hands, else your birthday won’t get completed, I will cry if you refuse. She ends call. Adhiraj says Anami’s birthday. He looks for something. Tanya asks what’s this mess, what are you looking for. He says its Anami’s birthday, I had bought a gift for her, I m finding it. She asks did you buy it before, buy something for her tomorrow, you are making a lot of noise. He asks her to go. She says even a normal person gets crazy in love. She goes.

Its morning, Vatsalya sings happy birthday to you… dear Anami. Anami says happy birthday to you too. He gets cupcakes. She smiles seeing him. They say the same line, don’t wish and don’t expect to hear the wish. They blow the candles and smile. Anami doesn’t see him or the cake. Anami gets sad. She comes to Dadi. Dadi shows her some baby clothes and jewelry. Anami asks what’s all this. Dadi says these are for you, before Vatsalya was born, I felt Satrupa will have twins, so I got these clothes and jewelry made, but… I have always wanted a granddaughter, when we got to know we have a granddaughter, I want to give this to you. Anami gets emotional. Dada ji says I also wanted a granddaughter, I have always thought of children as my friends, Vatsalya considered me a best friend, you gave me a new reason to live, we have accepted you, you also accept us, we want to celebrate your birthday grandly, so that I can share this happiness with entire city, rest is up to you, we will wait for your decision.

Satrupa talks to servant. She says I will make the kheer like always. Sudha says great, preparations are going on well, you will invite me right, I have to be present, entire Lal Mahal will be decorated, it will look bright, best of the delicacies will be prepared, sweets, many gifts, one of the gifts will be from my side, it will be for you, not Anami, I have that recording, your daughter will hear that on her birthday, then real fun would begin. She tells Satrupa’s words and goes. Satrupa worries.

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