Faltu Starlife update Sunday 14 April 2024

Faltu 14 April 2024: The Episode starts with Dadi asking Ayaan to come back home. Ayaan says sorry, I don’t believe this, I don’t trust Ruhaan. Sumitra says I understand, you take your time, think and understand, send divorce papers to Faltu.

Dadi scolds her. Sumitra says I m thinking of his happiness. Ayaan says stop fighting, give me some time, stay in touch with police, tell me if you get any info about Faltu, I will not leave Ruhaan if he is lying. Govind says it’s a big problem. Janardhan checks the divorce papers and says Ayesha wants to divorce Kinshuk. Everyone worries.

Ayaan asks Guru ji is everything fine. Guru ji says police came here to find some girl, don’t worry. He says we have arranged Shiv Parvati play, come if you want to see. Ayaan gives the donation for ashram. He says you shelter so many people,

I will be glad to help, I want to gift you donation every month. Guru ji gets glad. He asks Shashank about the play. Shashank says the new girl is ready to play Parvati. Ayaan says I will go. Guru ji asks him to see the play preparations.

Ayaan says okay. He goes to see. He says I will keep phone on charging and come. He misses to see Faltu. Ruhaan gets angry and scolds the person on call. He says find Faltu, tell me where was she last seen. He says Janardhan, how dare you go against me, I had started this game to ruin you, you got after me, I know how to handle this. Faltu says the lines. Shashank says it was good, get more emotions. Ayaan comes to his room and sees the food plate. He says why do I feel Faltu here. He sits eating good. The man gets hurt. Shashank says I got Parvati by difficulty, how will we get another Shiv. Faltu goes to Guru ji. The man says we found something, its posted on social media. Ruhaan asks who are these people, why are they taking Faltu, what’s this place. He scolds the man.

He says if she has gone towards Nasik, then you should have found out, you have two hours, find her out, else don’t show me your face again. He says Janardhan, I will reach Faltu and not let Ayaan unite with her, Mittal family won’t get peace. Guru ji asks Faltu to tell her address. He says I can see you worried, your family would be worried too, you have to inform them, tell me if there is a big problem, police has come, maybe it has come for someone else, but we have to find out things, maybe police can drop you home. She says trust me, I didn’t do anything wrong, I can’t look back, I have to pick a new way for me, I have my family, my husband. She cries. She says I had my husband, my life was going on well with everyone, my husband accused me falsely, no self-esteemed woman can tolerate it, so I had to leave my house, I don’t want anything now, I have to keep my promise to my dad. Guru ji says you are a very nice girl, I bless you, your dream will get fulfilled one day. They hear someone shouting and rush outside to see. Ayaan also goes. Janardhan gets worried for Kinshuk and Ayesha. Dadi asks him to talk to Ayesha and ask her why she did this.

Sumitra says Govind never fulfilled my expectations. Govind says one can’t be selfish in a family, we needed Ayesha but Kinshuk couldn’t go to live in his Sasural. Tanu asks Kinshuk to go and live with Ayesha for some days and then everything will be fine. She says maybe she changes her mind. Police says these men are big thieves, we got them here, we will go now. Faltu thinks to talk to Charan. Ayaan asks Guru ji about the matter. Guru ji says two thieves got caught by police. Ayaan turns and doesn’t see Faltu. A lady comes to Faltu and says sorry, I heard your talks with Guru ji, I won’t tell this to anyone, I left my house when my Sasural troubled me a lot, I live in this ashram now.

Faltu thanks her for clearing her doubt. Tanu says we should talk to Ayesha’s family and explain them. They all discuss. Dadi asks Kinshuk to take her to Ayesha. He shouts enough, we don’t need to go, I stood by my family, I m hurt, I m not able to meet my son, she didn’t understand me, I don’t need her, I will sign the papers. Dadi asks him to shut up. He says I will never forgive her, I will snatch my child from her. He goes.

Ayaan comes to see the play arrangements. Shashank prays that someone plays Shiv’s role. Ayaan sees the trishul falling over a lady. He runs and saves her. He holds the trishul. Shashank looks at him.

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