Faltu Starlife update Saturday 10 February 2024

Faltu 10 February 2024: The Episode starts with Tanu saying you can give up and accept my conditions, then I may forgive you and help, I m worried for Ayaan, I have to go and meet him. Tanu and Kanika leave. Janardhan asks Sid to see the family getting ruined.

He scolds Sid for cheating the family. Sid argues. He says you have always made Ayaan my boss and never valued my efforts and talents, Kanika and Tanu gave me my rights, what’s wrong in it, you did wrong to mortgage the house, you should be thankful to me that we have a roof over head because of me. He goes.

Faltu says calm down, we have to find a good lawyer first. She thinks I have to do something. Everyone comes to the court. The family sees Ayaan and cries. Ayaan says I will prove my innocence, I will tell the truth here and in court also. The reporters question him. Faltu goes to him and cries. They hug.

Kanika asks Tanu to control. He asks how can this happen. She says it can happen, I have spoken to everyone inside, just trust me. He smiles and says none can break me and us. He kisses her hand. Tanu looks on. Inside the court, the hearing begins.

The lawyer tells the blames on Ayaan. Ayaan says I don’t have any lawyer, I would like to fight my case on own. Judge asks why didn’t you register yourself before. Ayaan says the lawyer suddenly backed out. He defends himself. The judge asks him about the blames. Ayaan says JM mart is Janardhan Mittal mart, I have worked hard, some people have cheated Janardhan and me, and snatched our shares, I want to fight for my dad and our reputation, give me some time to gather the evidence. The judge says you have 7 days time to gather the evidence, the court is adjourned till the next hearing. Faltu encourages Ayaan. Charan and everyone see the news. They worry for Ayaan.

Jamuna cries for Faltu. Charan says don’t worry, everything will be fine there. Lajwanti says I will ask Pratap to call Suhana and ask him. Faltu asks Janardhan to have food. She says you have to take medicines also. He says we can’t eat the food, when Ayaan is in jail, how will Ayaan find evidences. Faltu says I m there, he will win the case. He says you don’t know business tactics and paper work, you want to free Ayaan, but Kanika and Sid know business well, they are clever, they have handled this well. Savita says we can’t sit like that. Kumkum says yes, how can every lawyer refuse to take the call.

Janardhan says I tried the best, no lawyer wants to get against Kanika. Faltu says we shouldn’t let this happen, we will prove Ayaan innocent, I will find a way, where there is a will, there is a way. Suhana says its your dad’s call. Faltu says what will I tell them. She asks Suhana to make everyone have food. Janardhan says Faltu is encouraging us a lot, she isn’t like we thought. Savita says yes, she takes care of everyone, except herself, she didn’t eat anything since yesterday. Faltu tells everything to Charan. He asks who did this. She says Tanisha and Kanika did this to take revenge on me, she wants me to go away from her life. Jamuna asks did the family put the blame on you. Faltu says no, I m with them, I can go to any extent to keep the family united. Tanu hears the talks. Charan says promise me, you will call me if you need my help.

Faltu says I promise. Tanu comes and gives prasad to Faltu. She says I went to temple to pray for Ayaan, you don’t worry for him. Faltu jokes on her. She says you know cricket game, we think we are winning the game, the other team player makes a winning shot, game can change any time. She asks Tanu to be careful.


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