Faltu Starlife update Friday 12 April 2024

Faltu 12 April 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu waking up and feeling peace. She goes out and speaks to the ladies. The ladies ask her is she okay. She nods. They ask her to help them in Shravan puja. She asks where can I take a bath.

They show the bathroom. She thanks them. Ayaan gets tea. He asks whose ashram is this. The man says it’s a big ashram of Mahadev, many people come here to find peace. Ayaan says I have come to find peace, I will see what I get here. Ayaan comes to the ashram. Faltu feels his presence and looks for him. Dil hai ke maanta nahi…plays… Tanu says Ayaan isn’t answering, maybe he is driving. Amar says Faltu’s dad has come to meet Janardhan.

Dadi worries. Sid comes and asks for Janardhan. Tanu says he is in his room, Charan has come. Sumitra asks didn’t Faltu tell her dad about her deeds. Charan asks what did she do. Ayaan asks a man about Guru ji. The man asks him to go straight to the temple. Ayaan sees Faltu’s presence.

Faltu asks is Ayaan here, how does he know I m here. Dadi asks Charan to sit. Charan gets angry and argues. He asks where is Ayaan, I have to talk to him. Sumitra says he has gone on a trip.

Dadi says we didn’t make Faltu leave, I asked them to talk and sort the issues. Charan says you all didn’t trust her and stained her character, how can she stay here, she has much esteem. Sid says she is leaving in Ruhaan’s house, so she left Ayaan. Charan says it’s a lie, you didn’t try to find about her. Sid says we know where is she. He asks Tanu to tell him about Faltu going to Ruhaan’s house.

Ayaan and Faltu miss to see each other. Janardhan meets Charan. He says you might have known about their issues, we elders have to show maturity.

Charan says everyone is calling Faltu wrong, she left with Ruhaan, it means you all doubted her so she left the house. Janardhan says no, I trust her, I called her, her phone is off, Ruhaan isn’t letting us meet her, we should meet Ruhaan. Tanu worries and thinks they will know the misunderstanding if they go there.

Faltu talks to the girl and leaves. Tanu asks Charan to sit. He says I m going to find my daughter. She says we met her in the hospital, Ayaan wanted to talk to her, he saw Faltu and Ruhaan together and didn’t talk to her, she left with him. Charan says you don’t tell anything about her. She says you go to Ruhaan’s house and see.

Guru ji asks Ayaan to stay here as much time as he wants, you may find peace here. Charan says Faltu left her husband for her esteem, how can she think of someone else, how can you believe this, I m sure that Ruhaan is trapping her. Dadi says I told you, Faltu can’t do this, we should find her. Janardhan says trust me, Ayaan left us to get a clarity. Charan says I m worried for both the children, don’t know where is Faltu, and if anything wrong happens with her. Faltu comes to the temple. She greets Guru ji. The men look at her. Guru ji asks her to pray. He asks her name. She says Faltu Singh. The people laugh. Faltu says my name is Faltu. Guru ji says there is nothing to laugh, what’s there in love.

She tells the story of her birth. She says I don’t feel bad, I have decided to become Anmol. He blesses her. Guru ji asks the men to go and give breakfast to Ayaan. Faltu says I will go and give the breakfast. She goes.

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