Evil Affairs starlife update Wednesday 19 June 2024

The Episode starts with Malik telling Daayan that Nikki has to give her blood to him for this rasam. Daayan says Nikki will give it surely and says she will start the rasam. She reads something. Nikki is standing on the circle of Malik’s stamp. Daayan asks Nikki to cut her hand and give bhog to Malik. Nikki cuts her hand with the knife and the blood falls on the heart.

Daayan looks at the heart. Malik asks Daayan to hurry up else the sun will come and it will be morning. Daayan asks Nikki to present the heart to Malik. Nikki presents the heart to Malik. Malik put it inside his chest. He becomes giant and horns come out of his head. Daayan and Nikki fall down due to the wind coming from him.

Sumitra asks Suguna to say something. Suguna says my head is shaking and tells that his heart beat is not there, but his breath is heavy. Sumitra says my son is alive. Vikram asks her to say if his son is alive. Suguna says I don’t know. Sumitra cries. Daayan gets up and sees Nikki’s blood effect on Malik, and says unbelievable. Malik sits and says first rasam is completed. He says you have proved that you can give your life for me. He tells that after all the rasams complete, I will come infront of her so that she don’t get scared. He asks Daayan to take care of Nikki and says if anything happens to her, then he will destroy everything. He goes. Daayan licks Nikki’s hand and tastes her blood, so this is Nikki’s blood magic which made my brother mad. She tells unconscious Nikki that her brother made her as her guard, and says you have become weapon from toy, and old game will be won using her.

Sumitra says everyone is lying, my son is alive. Vikram says Sumitra…and asks her to handle herself. He says our son is dead. Sumitra asks him not to call his alive son as dead. She asks Piyush to open his eyes and blames Nikki, says I have lost my son because of you….Nikki. She curses the day when she had come here, and says she didn’t care for her maang, but shouldn’t have respected my womb.

She says Nikki had promised me that she will not let anything happen to Piyush. Daayan comes there and laughs. Sumitra says Chaaya ji. They see unconscious Nikki lying in air. Daayan asks unconscious Nikki if she is seeing, that they are mourning and cursing her, your family and says we are more near than them. Sumitra says she is alive. Daayan says we are very happy as Nikki has stolen the heart from Daakin and completed Amavasya’s first rasam. She appreciates her. Everyone gets hopeful. Daayan says I didn’t expect this from her, but she did it and you people are just making noise one generation after another. She says your bahu is alive, and asks them to take care of her.

Sumitra calls Daayan and reminds her of her condition, and asks her to give life to Piyush. Daayan says I will give you this charity to ward off bad sight from Nikki, and grants life to Piyush. Piyush opens his eyes and asks where is Nikki? He sees Nikki there and asks her to wake up. He says you have did it, stolen Daakin’s heart and asks her to come, as they have to do Malik’s rasam. Aarohi says Nikki has completed the rasam. Piyush says alone. He takes her to room.

Daayan is standing on the mountain and thinks the dead heart started beating with Nikki’s blood. She says even I had effect of her blood on me, but I didn’t think then. She says Malik is mad for Nikki’s blood. She says Nikki is special as her blood is special. She says why I didn’t think this before, I was keeping the key to my destiny near and didn’t think. She thinks she will use Nikki and will sit on Malik’s singhasan and will make him as her Dog.

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