Evil Affairs starlife Tuesday 11 June 2024

The Episode starts with Bhavani Singh telling Nikki that she has to go from there alone, and says when you reach Daak Taal, you will get Daakini there. Prateik says I hate you Nikki, then also I want you to return for Piyush. Bhavani Singh asks her to take care. Nikki thanks Prateik., They leave in the jeep.

Nikki waits for Piyush and thinks she will die being scared. Piyush is trapped by Daayan in her room. Nikki waits for Piyush and thinks time is less. She recalls Daayan’s words and thinks she can’t wait anymore. She thinks to go alone, and thinks Piyush might be stuck somewhere. She says when she comes here, then will search me. She comes there and touches the green wall. She gets pulled inside and sees her connection cut with the world. She tries to go back, but couldn’t go. She thinks why I couldn’t go out, and thinks she is trapped inside. She checks for Daayan’s mercury and starts walking.

Prateik comes to Vikram and says Maa said that Piyush is not here. Vikram says first he forced me to make Satya Darpan and then brought Daayan’s tears, and don’t know where he went. Sumitra comes there and asks him not to tell as Daayan hears. She asks Prateik if he knows about Piyush. Prateik says no. Vikram says he might have gone to Daak taal to help his wife. He asks Prateik to go. Daayan asks if someone is missing? Vikram says no. Daayan tells that she heard Piyush is missing. She says if he went to Daak Taal then forget him, he will never come back. Sumitra says no, this can’t happen. Prateik says she means to say Piyush will not go to Daak Taal. Daayan asks them to bring Piyush to her.

Nikki is walking in the jungle and hears scary sound. Daayan comes to her room and sings song looking at Piyush who is tied there. She asks where you was going secretly. She asks him to say truth and asks if you was following Nikki to help her. Piyush says yes and pushes Daayan with his chest. Daayan asks what is in your mind? She says if you want to go against me, or want to defeat Malik. She says whatever is in your mind, I will open your brain and will find out. She asks him to ask his heart, if he is not scared of her. She says she wrenches the men and drinks their blood. He turns his face. Daayan says your pride can’t withstand infront of me and you will save my respect. She opens his shirt and throws it. Piyush asks what you are doing? She says she will beat her hunger with his body and will end her thirst with his blood.

Piyush says don’t do this. Saudamini is going from there opens the door hearing Daayan singing. She sees Piyush tied there. Nikki gets shocked to see the fire chasing her and runs. She sees the message on the fire that return else nobody will find her dead body. Nikki thinks if I move back then I will risk Piyush’s life and if I go to the front then I will risk myself. She thinks what to do to cover this sea fire. She thinks how and see something.

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