Every Girl’s Dream update Wednesday 15 February 2023


Every Girl’s Dream 15 February 2023: The valentine’s party starts, Devraj-Krisha enter the party together. Devraj tells Krisha that it must be Daksh’s plan. All family members enter the party. A huge gift box arrives there, Krisha opens it and Daksh comes out of it. All smile. Daksh starts dancing with Krisha. Raghav thanks Krisha for taking care of Rati and his baby. Krisha says it’s good that you have realized your mistake. Devraj tells him that you are back but don’t do anything wrong. Raghav says I am repenting my mistake so forgive me. Raghav starts dancing with Rati. Ugra glares at them and Krisha is responsible for all this so I will take my revenge. All are enjoying the party.

Jaya changes the music to a romantic song. Krisha dances with Devraj and smiles. Daksh is angry seeing them together. Raghav is romantically dancing with Rati also. Devraj covers Krisha’s eyes and gifts her a diamond necklace. She smiles at him.Naina comes to Ugra and says Raghav has flipped on us. Ugra says we have to make a plan, I just need an ace card to work with.Devraj decorates a table and thinks I wish she would like it. He is waiting for Krisha. Krisha is looking around for Devraj and thinks he must have decorated all this. Devraj is practicing to confess his love for her. Krisha arrives there and smiles. She says it was your surprise? Devraj says it’s just part of it, I want to tell you something.

He takes a deep breath and says Krisha.. Daksh arrives there and says come with me Maya. Krisha says wait.. Daksh drags her from there and smirks.Daksh brings Krisha to the hall and says there will be something special happening now. He brings a big box there. Minakshi says what is this? Daksh tells Krisha that this is your biggest surprise. He opens the box and they all find a picture of Daksh proposing to Krisha. Daksh sits on his knees and says marry me Maya. Krisha is stunned. Daksh says Dev never wants you, you both have signed the divorce papers and we already decided that we will marry each other. Krisha says but.. Daksh says we already planned all this, we are perfect for each other. I was heartbroken when you married Dev but you both are not together.

Dev says it’s not like that. Daksh says I was sad and lonely before Maya but now I have her, I am proposing her because I know Maya likes me too. Krisha says no.. he tries to make her wear the ring but Krisha it away. Daksh gets angry and says I will marry her right now. He starts dragging her but Devraj stops him, holding Krisha’s hand. He says enough. Daksh says you can’t stop us, we will get married. Maya and I like each other. He starts taking her away but Devraj shouts that she is not Maya. All are shocked. Daksh says you are lying. Devraj says she is not Maya, she is Krisha and she is my wife. Daksh says don’t lie, she is my Maya. Devraj says she looks like Maya but she is Krisha, leave her hand. Daksh says I won’t. Devraj says she doesn’t have a tattoo on her hand.

He shows her hand to him but there is a tattoo on it. Devraj is shocked. Daksh thinks I knew if she has a tattoo then he won’t have any proof that she is Krisha.Dev tries to prove that she is Krisha and says she doesn’t have a tattoo, he shows her hand but she has a tattoo. Dev is stunned and says please trust me Daksh, she is not Maya. She is my wife Krisha. Krisha says please listen to us. Daksh takes out a gun and says you all are lying. You were fooling me? He tells Dev to stop fooling him, you like Maya now because I like her? He tells Jaya that you never care for my happiness. He says if I don’t get my Maya then I will kill myself. He holds a gun over his head. Dev grabs him and tries to take the gun away. Daksh faints, all look on.


Dev comes to his room. Krisha asks if this all happened because of me? Dev says your intentions were not wrong. We will talk to him when he wakes up. We should not let him be delusional. Krisha says I don’t want to act like Maya anymore. Dev says I don’t want you to, I can’t let you pretend to be Maya just for my brother. I know he is upset but I know you will solve everything when you are with me. Krisha smiles. Dev leaves from there. Krisha looks at the gift that Dev got her. Krisha says I know he wanted to confess his love to me today. I just want Daksh to be fine so Dev can be happy with me.Daksh is sitting in his den with Roma, he says a good job. Daksh says I will take Krisha away from Dev. Roma says how? Daksh says I have planned something.They hear Dev coming there. Daksh lies in his bed. Dev enters there and sadly looks at him. HE thanks Roma for taking care of him.

Scene 2
In the morning, Krisha is getting ready. She asks how is Daksh? Dev says he is sleeping, don’t worry. Krisha says why wouldn’t I? I could have kept an eye on you if I were your wife. You don’t have to sleep in your study, you can sleep here. Dev smiles and makes her wear mangalsutra. They both stare at each other through the mirror. Dev caresses her face. Krisha says when Daksh knows about us then we should start sharing a room now. Dev says you don’t have to hide that you are Krisha. Once Daksh is fine then I will shift back here. Krisha smiles. Dev goes to check on him.

Daksh comes to Jaya and says I am leaving. Dev comes there and asks where? Daksh says I will go away from you people. He starts leaving.Rati comes to Aarav and says I know you like a girl Aditi. He asks how do you know? Rati says I heard you talk to her. Aarav says it’s not going anywhere, he leaves from there. Ugra hides and hears all that. She whispers that I will make Rghav go away from her.Daksh is packing his bag. Dev says how can you leave me? Daksh says I want to go away but I will take memories with me. I can’t stay here anymore.

Jaya says where will you go? Daksh says I will go to the farm house for some days. Dev says I brought Krisha here for you to become fine. Daksh says you have moved on your life but I want to, I want space in my life. Dev says you don’t have to go away for that. Daksh says you want to tell me that Maya is dead? I don’t understand anything so I want to go away for some days. Jaya says if he wants to go then I will go with him. Daksh says I have asked Roma to come with me for some days. Roma says I agreed. Dev looks on. Daksh says I have already decided so don’t try to stop me. Dev sadly looks on. Roma smirks.

Dev is sad, Krisha comes to him and says don’t worry about Daksh, we will find a way to bring him back to you. Rati comes there and says someone is here asking about Maya. Dev asks Krisha to stay back, he will go and check.

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