Eternal Love Update Tuesday 2 February 2021

Eternal Love 2 February 2021: The Episode starts with Rohit seeing Mahesh going after Sonakshi. Some time before, Ravi gets arrested. Reporter says Rohit’s driver was the culprit. Sunita cries. Sonakshi looks on. She says Ravi can’t do this. Rohit says yes, I thought so, but he got caught, do your work, I m going home. She asks him to take Shankar along. He says I will manage, don’t go anywhere alone. Naren asks what, Ravi has done this, thank God he got caught, I m going in an emergency surgery, I will talk at night. He gets angry when the media surrounds him and questions. He pushes a reporter and shouts on the media. He says I m a doctor, my patient is critical. He goes. Reporter says no one has a right to do physical assault to the media. Sonakshi asks Sunita to go home. Sunita says Ravi is innocent.

Sonakshi says I know, I will try to get him free. Rohit hides and sees Sonakshi. Mahesh follows her. He sees Rohit in the mirror and stops. He sits there to do work. He thinks Rohit thinks he is clever and wants to snatch my Parvati. Rohit gets a call. He comes to meet commissioner. He says Sonakshi is in danger, I had to be there. Ravi comes. Rohit says sorry Ravi, I would have not slapped you if commissioner didn’t tell me. Commissioner says Ravi you aren’t the culprit, drivers said you were with them, we got ring with you, it means the culprit is there on the set, we want to catch him.

Rohit says sorry. Ravi says I can do this for Sonakshi, but Sunita… Rohit says I will inform Sunita, she has to be alert. A guy fixes a deal with sponsors. Suman greets Akhil. She introduces herself. She says Netra had recommended your name. He says we have spoken to big brands already. Suman smiles hearing him. He says we will meet tomorrow. Rohit finishes work and says ask Ravi to get the car. Tulsi says its okay, you would be habitual, I have booked the cab. Rohit sits in the cab. Sonakshi is in disguise of Sardar. Lag jaa gale…plays… Rohit sees her ring and smiles. She says its a beautiful song. He says its a boring song, my fiancee also likes such songs, I can’t help it. He jokes and says she doesn’t know So bo class, south bombay. She gets angry. He says she thinks she is a great catch, actually she is lucky that she is marrying me, I m so good looking, charming, successful, a dream boy of every girl, and she works on tv, the actors are real specimen. She asks what’s the name of your fiancee. He says Sonakshi Rastogi.

She says KPK madam. He asks did you watch her show.He says no, my wife watches it. He says good, its a rubbish show, there is no common sense, they drag the scene. He irritates her by saying crazy Parvati. She says seriously, did you know that he knew its me, he is mocking me, he thinks he is outsmarting me, I have steering in my hand. Tanushree asks her to have sweets. Raima thinks of Rohit. She says I m confused, I feel Sonakshi is insecure, the way Suman looks at me, I know she dislikes me, four years is a long time, did I make any mistake. Sonakshi starts praising Sumit. Rohit says Sumit has no manners, Sonakshi doesn’t like him. He says no, you don’t watch movies, we are both men after all, we know how women think, women dream of spoilt men, their love has passion, say anything to console yourself. She says Sumit has got it all that every man wants. Rohit says stop the car, I need to get down.

Raima says I don’t want to hear anything. Sulochana says I tell the truth, Sonakshi is smart and told Rohit that Raima will never get fine, she is an actress. Raima says I don’t think so. Sulochana says fine, you will see it on Sangeet, how Sonakshi keeps Rohit away from you. Rohit removes Sonakshi’s turban and asks what nonsense, I m boring, I m shy. She asks then what I m, I m lucky to marry you. He says fine, I will do it now and show you. She asks what will you do. He says kiss. She asks him to get away. She says no. He asks why, you will have to see the fire inside me. He holds her and says not today, I don’t feel like it. He smiles. She beats him. He kisses on her cheek and says sorry, that’s all for today, save the rest of the fire for post marriage, I m a good cultured boy, I m saving myself for my wife. They laugh.

Sonakshi saying we can change the venue. Suman asks why, its final. Mahesh comes to meet Rohit. Some time back, Tanushree asks Raima to come with her. Sulochana says no, she should see Sonakshi’s truth, did anyone explain Rohit to think about Raima, did Veena ask Raima what does she want, this Sippys just think of money, they snatched my son and made him Ghar jamai. Tanushree asks Raima does she want to come or stay back here. Raima says I won’t give up easily, I have to see, if I did any mistake by handing over Rohit to Sonakshi. Naren gets angry seeing the news. Media makes fun of him. Naren says it was impulsive, I was getting suffocated and lost it, it wasn’t my mistake. Veena says it happens, once they get married, everything will be fine.

Rohit and Sonakshi come home. He says everyone is on their own, they like their privacy. She asks him to change and come soon. He says I will come soon, you come upstairs with me. She says I will have live chat with my fans. He says your biggest fan wants to spend time with you, its unfair, you also come and take a hot water shower, I m scared to take the shower alone. She asks why. He jokes and insists her. He says if we take the shower together, water will be saved, there is one more reason, my hand isn’t able to reach back, I can’t apply the soap, trust me, just come. Sonakshi asks him why is he making so many reasons for the shower, don’t be so naughty, just go. Sukhmani hears them.

She asks Sonakshi to go with Rohit, else she will throw him in the shower. He says I didn’t know you were here. She says very cute conversation. Rohit says tell her that its our Sindhi tradition, I was joking. Sonakshi asks him to go. Sukhmani says Rohit is just like my husband, why are you shy, we were so wild and bold in our times. Sonakshi says you are still that. She goes to Veena and says careful, water is boiling. Veena says Naren’s mood isn’t good.

Sonakshi asks are you taking green tea for him, I have a grandma’s advise, husbands are like small kids, they can get happy by their fav thing, make his fav dish, try once, I m sure his mood will be good. Veena says he will be more annoyed if I don’t take his green tea, men are different, they think they are head of the family and everyone should think the same. Sonakshi says men are the head of the family, women are the neck of the family, neck decides in which direction the head faces. Veena says intelligent, I will make Naren’s fav food now. They laugh. Naren asks Yash about the papers. Yash says I had made the papers. Naren says Suman and Sonakshi will sign, I will talk to them about prenup. Yash says its not easy for Sonakshi to sign, prenup is made so that if she doesn’t stay back in the marriage, she shouldn’t claim our property.

Naren says I don’t care for Sonakshi, I want to protect my family. Yash says I always supported you, even before when…. for the sake of the past, don’t give these papers to Sonakshi. Naren asks how could you bring back the past for the sake of these papers. Yash says I m seeing Rohit happy after a long time, let this marriage happen, if we feel the same after marriage, then we will do whatever you say. Naren goes. Yash says what past was Yash talking about, why was Naren so upset.

Suman and everyone come. Rohit hugs Suman. He says I asked you to go to the hospital. Pulkit worries. Rohit says I m joking, come. Sonakshi comes and says Veena had made tasty food, I was having it, I was hungry. Pari sees Rohan and signs him. Sulochana hugs Raima and says you have to look more beautiful than Sonakshi. Raima asks do you know Yash and Naren’s deal, Yash asked Naren not to break Rohit and Sonakshi’s marriage. Sulochana says you just get ready. Raima goes. Sulochana says Naren doesn’t want this marriage to happen, its going to be fun. Pari hugs Rohan and compliments. Rohan says I want to tell you something, Tanya… Tanya comes and asks what are you doing here. Pari says I had come to greet Rohan, I was going to restroom. Tanya says you can use the washroom here, after all its your brother’s room. Tanya and Rohan go. Pari says why was he looking upset. Deepa says you missed a good announcement, Tanya is pregnant, congratulate them. Pari says congrats and hugs Tanya.

Everyone dines. Suman says I have booked the hotel Royal sea paradise for the marriage, its a good deal. Naren asks Veena about it. Veena says its a good venue, we thought hotel palace villa would be good. Suman says no need, the best part is we got this booking for free. Sonakshi says if you don’t like the venue, we can see other option. Suman asks why, sangeet is tomorrow, we can’t change it, that’s final now. Akash asks what’s the Sangeet theme. Everyone suggests. Raima says I have an idea, how about town versus suburbs, one group will perform on cheap item numbers and other group will perform on classy numbers, Malabar hills people will perform on item songs and Goregaon people will get a chance to dance on classy songs. Sonakshi says its unfair to joke on Goregaon. Raima says I didn’t mean that, Rohit cracks joke about Goregoan residents. Rohit says she didn’t mean that. Sonakshi says I feel its big weird. Raima says we will change the songs. Rohit says perfect. Vimmi says someone has come to meet Mahesh.

Rohit sees Mahesh and asks how is your wound now. Mahesh says I m fine, I was looking for a job, I don’t have a job, my son studies in English medium school, he is charged much fees, I need a job, I heard you need a driver, this is my card. Rohit asks what’s your name. Mahesh says Mahesh Yadav. Rohit says we don’t hire anyone like this, we hire just by agency. Sonakshi comes. Mahesh says I will work sincerely, if my accident didn’t happen that day, I would have not begged for work. Sonakshi says you should hire him, he may file a police complaint, Tanya is pregnant, ask the police to check his records and then hire him. Rohit says fine, we will take your driving test before this. Mahesh says fine. He stops Sonakshi and touches her feet to thank her. She says its okay. Rohit holds her hand. They go. Tumhe kaise mai bataun….plays… Mahesh stares at her.

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