Eternal Love Update Monday 8 March 2021


Eternal Love 8 March 2021: starts with inspector saying someone forged your sign, someone who pushed Naren to kill him has forged your sign to trap you. Sonakshi asks what. Some time back, inspector says just you can help us, we will get reports from the signature experts, I will come and inform you, you keep a watch on the family members, inform me if you doubt someone. She says okay. He goes. She says who is this. Pari and Viren are at the cafe. He boasts of his richness. She gets sad seeing Rohan and Tanya there. Viren says I wanted you something, are you a virgin. She throws water on his face and asks how dare you ask me about it, I didn’t ask you about your relationships, I m not a virgin. He asks will you talk to me like this. She feels nausea and runs away. Rohan doesn’t see her.

Sonakshi comes on the stage. Rohit drinks and looks on. He goes to Sonakshi. He says Parvati, a great woman, ideal bahu, fav daughter, you all love Parvati. The people say yes. Rohit says no, many mums would want their bahu and daughter to be like Parvati, caring and considerate, a perfect wife, I also wanted this, but what’s seen on tv isn’t for real. Netra and Sumit worry. Rohit says I have come to warn you, Parvati is a writer’s imagination, Sonakshi isn’t like Parvati, I married Sonakshi, I know how she ruined my life, there is no Parvati in real life, no perfect daughter or bahu, its all a drama. Sonakshi stands shocked.

He says cheers to Parvati and her Kahani, enjoy. The people start talking. Sonakshi laughs and says Rohit, you are really…. actually we were playing truth and dare, I challenged him to do something shocking, look at him, he warned me that he will shock me in the party, but this way, look at your faces, Rohit not bad, Netra write a cameo for him, TRP will get high, right Sumit, I didn’t think Rohit will complete my challenge this way, Rohit performed well, he deserves an applaud. Everyone claps. Rohit says very smart. She says its my workplace, its not right that you do a drama here, but I forgive you because I still love you a lot. Rohit claps and gets down the stage. Pari washes her face. She says no…. is it true what I m thinking. She worries. Sonakshi comes to her green room and cries. Inspector asks are you fine. She says yes, I m fine.

He says reports have come, someone has forged your sign, the one who had pushed Naren, has forged your sign to frame you in suicide case, we have to know who is a left handed person in your family. Nishi signs the cheque and gives to Vimmi. She says it has much power to sign cheques, I m waiting for the day when I will be signing all the cheques, Naren should die soon, everyone should kick out Naren, everyone hates her, Veena, especially Rohit. Sonakshi comes home. Vimmi says Rohit is drinking a lot. Sonakshi goes. Rohit says I will find a chance to teach you a lesson. Sonakshi says I need to talk. Pari checks and says no, I m pregnant, how can this big blunder happen, when I was genuinely trying to move on. Suman asks what are you doing in bathroom since long. Pari throws the strip out. Sonakshi asks Rohit to come to senses. She makes him stand under the shower. He opens eyes and sees her. Jo tere sang…..plays…. He hugs her. He says I m mad about your innocence, so I love you a lot. She says me too. He recalls Nishi’s words. He makes her away and starts scolding her.

She says I won’t hear your nonsense, there is a big conspiracy going on in your house, I will prove it. He says you will tell that you didn’t tell anything to Suman, my family is involved, right, you are badly caught, you are blaming others, don’t tell this nonsense to me, leave me alone. She says I will bring the real culprit out. Veena gets upset seeing Naren’s chair. Rohit scolds Ajit. Nishi asks why are you venting anger on him, whose duty is it at the hospital. Sonakshi comes and recalls inspector’s words. She sits for breakfast. Rohit gets up and goes. Akash taunts Sonakshi. Nishi asks him to have breakfast soon. Nishi goes to meet her assistant. Sonakshi observes everyone dining with right hand. Nishi comes back and asks Yash to eat something. She holds the fork in left hand. Sonakshi looks at her.

Sonakshi getting some pieces of paper from the junk. She joins the paper and reads Nishi’s name. She says it means Nishi has pushed Naren. Some time back, Sonakshi sees Nishi eating the food with right hand. She says thank God, its not Nishi, then who is it, who tried to kill dad and laid a big trap against me, why. Suman asks Pari why did she misbehave with Viren, why is she ruining her life because of Rohan. Pari says I really want to move on, I can’t marry Viren, who asked me if I m a virgin. Suman asks did he ask this. Pari says yes, I don’t want to marry such a bad MCP. She goes and cries. She says I will make Rohan cry and beg to me, I will make sure that this baby brings him close to me.


Sonakshi talks to inspector and says no one is left handed in our house. She sees Vimmi chopping the vegetables with left hand. She asks Vimmi where were you when this incident happened with Naren. Vimmi asks are you doubting me, I worship you like Lord, I swear on you and my parents that I was in servant quarter when this happened. Sonakshi cries and says sorry, I m in trouble, Rohit isn’t talking to me, that culprit is left handed person. Vimmisays its not easy to forge anyone’s sign, it needs much hard work. Sonakshi says correct, whoever is doing this would have practiced it a lot, maybe he has thrown the papers, tell me, where does the dry garbage go. Vimmi says van comes to pick the garbage weekly, its still there in the backyard. Nishi gets ready. She says I m going to the hospital, pass me the pen. Yash throws the pen. She catches the pen with her left hand. He says wow, you use right hand and left hand so efficiently. She says like Boman in 3 idiots. He jokes. He says I know everyone is so worried, Naren will be fine soon. She says let’s hope so. She leaves.

Tulsi brings black coffee for Rohit. He says I needed this. Tulsi says she is so caring, you are lucky, Sonakshi calls me every morning and night to take update about Naren, she asks me to take care of family members and you, she asked me to give you black coffee. He throws the coffee. Dimpy asks him to come fast, Preeti is admitted, its emergency. Rohit worries. Sonakshi and Vimmi check the garbage. Rohit checks Preeti and talks to her mum. He says its just fever, she will be fine. Preeti says you are my 2nd best friend, Sonakshi is 1st, I want to meet her, call her here. He says she is busy in shooting. She says you love her, right, she will come on your call, call her. Sonakshi says there is nothing here. Vimmi says there are two more bags of Nishi and YK’s room. Sonakshi checks. She gets her sign on some piece. She asks her to find the small papers. Vimmi says its from Nishi’s room bag. Rohit says Sonakshi will come soon, you get 2D echo done. Preeti refuses and asks for Sonakshi. Her mum asks him to call Sonakshi.

Sonakshi joins the papers. She says my signature is practised so many times. She sees Nishi’s name on the paper. She gets shocked and says it means, Nishi has pushed Naren, she wants to trap me. Rohit sees Sonakshi’s pic and recalls her words. Tulsi asks did you talk to him. He calls Sonakshi. Sonakshi hides and sees Nishi leaving. She goes to the room and says I will let this letterpad or the pen with which she practised my signatures. Rohit calls again.Nishi says I forgot my phone, I will get it. Yash says I have to go to the washroom. Sonakshi checks well. She gets the letter pad. Yash gets Ajit’s call. Sonakshi hears the ringtone. Sonakshi gets the pen as well. She checks the ink and says its same pen. Sonakshi turns and sees Nishi at the door. She hides and prays to get saved. Yash and Nishi go. Sonakshi opens the door and sees Yash.

He says you here, did you want something. Sonakshi says my room wifi was not coming, I wanted the technical guy’s number. He says I will forward it. She thanks him and goes. She goes to inspector and says I got this from her room, its her letterpad but… Inspector checks and says it means Nishi could be the one who forged your signatures. Sonakshi says Nishi is Naren’s sister, she loves him. He asks about her husband. She says YK is very simple, he can’t think of doing this big conspiracy. He asks who is left handed among them. She says don’t know. He says either of them will be left handed. Its morning, Sonakshi comes home. She recalls Naren. She says who has pushed Naren down, I have to find the truth. Nishi and Yash come to the room. Nishi sees her pen on the table. She says how did this come here. She asks did anyone come in our room. He says Sonakshi had come. She gets shocked.

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