Dream girl update Saturday 19 March 2022


Dream girl 19 March 2022: The Episode starts with Manav telling Ayesha that he is thinking to inform police and find out the culprit. She gets tensed and asks him not to involve police, everyone will know the story and Karan is my brother, you fired him from Navrang, you can decide about him. He says that’s why I did not inform police till now. He gets distributors association chairman’s call and talks to him. He tells Ayesha that they want to meet me tomorrow, don’t know why.Its morning, Laxmi’s dad gets the newspaper and sits to read. He sees Laxmi and Karan’s pic and throws the paper.

Bua ji gives him tea. He drinks it hot and it falls. He asks what do they do, he got hurt. They hear someone banging the door. He goes to check and Laxmi looks on. The guard says the water timings, and asks about Laxmi. Her dad asks Laxmi to go inside, and sends the guard. The guard says he has come to see after such a big thing, and taunts him. He says he has everything in his phone, its good video.Samar comes and slaps the guard.Laxmi’s dad says he is watchman of the building, he is such a creep, they don’t have any work. Samar pacifies him and asks him to think about Laxmi.

Samar explains him that Laxmi should just face her family, not anyone else. He says he will take Laxmi out. Bua ji explains him that Samar is right, and asks Laxmi to get ready. Samar asks Laxmi why can’t she perform when she performed knowing her dad is in ICU, and now this is just fake news, and encourages her.Samar brings Laxmi with him and says he is with her. He holds her hand and brings her to Navrang. The servants see her and pass some taunts. Samar gets angry and stops Laxmi. He asks her not to care. They men pass dirty taunts. Samar gets angry and goes to beat them. She stops him. They get hit by stones and sit down. They get shocked seeing the ladies protesting against Laxmi.

Manav meets the investors and distributors. They refuse to take the project. Manav clears the matter. Ayesha looks on. They still refuse to launch Laxmi’s movie. Ayesha worries and asks Manav to calm own, they will find some way. Samar and Laxmi get hurt by the stones. Laxmi’s dad comes home and Bua ji gets shocked to see his face blackened. He cries and says people are disrespecting him and Laxmi. Samar and Laxmi get wounded and he hugs her. Laxmi’s dad telling Bua ji about the people’s anger. The man comes and she tells him that she paid the rent.

The man insults them and asks them to vacate the house in 2 days. He leaves. Laxmi’s dad and Bua cries. They see the news against Laxmi and get angry. Laxmi’s dad breaks the tv and is angry. Bua ji calms him and makes him sit. He says I have broken up. She makes him water water. He sits crying. She hugs him and cries. Manav tells Ayesha that he has decided what to do with this film. Ayesha says great, what is it. He says I decided that…The man comes and says come fast, the ladies protested and have hurt Laxmi. They rush to see Laxmi. The ladies protest continues and Samar covers Laxmi.

He scolds them and asks them to just shut up. Samar answers them, and asks who are they to decide, is this their social work, what does she know about this case and this girl. He makes Laxmi stand and says she is Laxmi Mathur, the dream girl. Ayesha and Manav come and look on.Samar confronts them and they get angry. Manav takes Samar from there. Samar asks the ladies to talk with respect with a woman, did they have these values, wearing sarees and bringing hatred along, see her values, Laxmi is wounded and she is silent, this is her value, go to them and deal other issues, where your protesting is needed.

The ladies say about Ayesha, she has worked hard and went ahead, and we did not come to say her anything, and this girl Laxmi did all this to get success in short time. Samar gets angry. Manav asks them to leave, and asks how can they come here, he will call police.She show a dummy of Laxmi and burn it up. The ladies ask Laxmi to apologize, else they willl kill her. They guards send the ladies away. Laxmi cries seeing this. Laxmi’s dad and Bua ji come there and look on. Samar does first aid of Laxmi. Ayesha does drama to show concern for Laxmi.

Manav says I m very sorry for this Laxmi. Laxmi says no, its not your mistake. Samar gets angry. Ayesha says this is news on all channels about these protests, what will happen of this film, distributors have refused for this movie. Samar asks what does this mean.Ayesha says we know Laxmi is innocent, how will we explain the world, they are saying if we replace Laxm, then they will support us, we won’t do this, how will we release the movie. Manav says I decided, I will not change Laxmi, I will release this movie myself, when the film gets hit, they will come to us.

Ayesha says how will we arrange money. Manav says I don’t know, but I will not remove Laxmi from this movie. Ayesha looks at Laxmi. Manav says I will not come in pressure, I will sell my house to get funds. Ayesha says its about Laxmi’s security too, I don’t want anything to happen to her.Manav says its our responsibility to protect her, but Laxmi will do my film. Laxmi’s dad comes and says no, she won’t do any movie. Laxmi’s dad tells them that Laxmi will not act, and shares his pain of people humiliating them in the market. He cries and says he is taking Laxmi back to his hometown. Samar consoles him. Laxmi’s dad is firm and tells Manav to forgive Laxmi, he is leaving Mumbai along with Laxmi.

Laxmi says Papa… He says we won’t stay here now. Ayesha smiles.



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