Dream girl update Monday 21 February 2022

Dream girl 21 February 2022: The Episode starts with Laxmi’s dad and Karthik telling her that Ayesha met them well and they are glad to send her to Navrang. She is stunned and goes to thank director. The police gets Meera and Dhruv home. Everyone is relieved seeing her. Sona does not make Ayesha talk to her. The inspector says they were found on highway, he can file case against the guy. Meera says no. Manav asks police to leave. He asks Meera does she know they were worried, she could have told someone. Meera says everyone is busy here, I told Ayesha that I m going Lonavla with my friends.

Nandini says I knew it, Ayesha hired this guy, she has hired him, all the messages were sent to her by Ayesha to make her get into the affair. Ayesha is tensed and everyone is shocked. Nandini asks does he not trust her, and asks him to check all records in her phone. Ayesha says yes, I have sent her all the messages, but not to trap her, but make her confident and make her realize she is not less than anyone, I have no idea about this guy. Nandini says her lie is caught now. Ayesha asks why did she not tell anyone knowing she messages Meera.Ayesha says you have planted this guy, its possible. Nandini asks her not to say this nonsense. Sona asks them not to argue.

Manav says both of you quiet, and shut up Meera. Manav scolds that imposter and says I thought you are her friend, so I did not complain police, say truth, else I will call police. The guy says he is not Dhruv, his name is Ajay, he did not do this, he was hired to become Dhruv, he thought he will get money. Nandini asks who hired him.Ajay walks to Ayesha and says Ayesha Sareen did not give me money, Nandini has hired me to become Dhruv. Everyone is shocked. Laxmi asks Samar how did he do this. Samar says he has talent, I deliver samosas to Sareens for their little daughter, so I spoke to Ayesha. She smiles and thanks him. She says this lie will end forever. He asks her to leave soon.

They turn and see Karthik hearing them.Karthik scolds Laxmi for lying to them. Samar tries to speak. Karthik asks him not to talk between. He calls Laxmi a liar, and she cries. Laxmi says everyone come here with dreams and many dreams break, I did not have courage to say. Karthik says dad also bears problems, he is going to retire, his hope from me ended and he has wasted money on me and his dream broke, his wish was you to make our failure turn into victory, you have made us lose, how can you be selfish.Karthik asks what will dad tell everyone, that you fooled him and lied. Samar gets in between and Karthik scolds him.

Samar says I know I should not talk in between, but no need to call her selfish, she said she will help her brother in business and dad’s dream, she did all this for you all, she wanted to make you all see world. He says she wanted to fulfill his needs and she is selfish, no she can be anything, but not selfish, is it easy to become heroine in six months, she is working hard I navrang studios, she just lied on my saying, people hide their pains and show they are happy, so what if she lied for their happiness, and he is sure this lie will turn true, she will become dream girl.

He says sorry, I don’t have right to say. He says I understood this about Laxmi, which they did not understand in all these years, sorry Karthik. Bua ji says Laxmi’s try is true. Karthik tells Laxmi that dad should not know about this, and come after winning the dream girl contest or tell everything to dad. Laxmi promises him and hugs him crying. Bua ji says she will take care. Karthik asks Raj to change clothes and come, else their train will be missed. Samar smiles.Dhruv asks Nandini to keep her money. Nandini asks why is he lying, did Ayesha tell him to lie. She asks Manav not to believe him, does she feel she can do this with Meera. She asks Meera to say does she think her mum can do this, Ayesha is her step mum. Meera says just shut up, you are not my mum.

She asks Sona to believe her. Manav says we were listening you, but remember don’t come in this house and don’t meet my kids, else I will call police, just leave. Nandini asks him to listen and everyone leave. Nandini cries.Bua ji brings Laxmi and Samar home, after Laxmi’s dad and Karthik went back to Jodhpur. Samar gives hope to Laxmi and asks her not to lose hope. She says yes, she will turn her lie in truth. They smile.Samar and Laxmi having pillow fight. Zara zara ye faasle……….plays……………. He gets close to her and holds her hand. She says Raj and moves back. Bua ji asks Laxmi to help in kitchen. Laxmi leaves.

Samar thinks whats happening to me, Laxmi and me, no. They find Samar doing weird things, and think he is in tension. He ees Laxmi smiling at him and sees her everywhere. Laxmi says he is strange. Samar gets up and sits seeing her. Bua ji and Laxmi think what happened to him. Bua ji asks Raj to say how many rotis will he have. Samar says no, I m going to have air.Manav sits worried for Meera. Ayesha comes to him and massages his head. She asks is he worried. He says no, I m fine. She pacifies him. He says he has forgotten to teach relations at home, and got busy with films. She says this happens in this age, I can protect Meera in any way, but Nandini should have not done this.

Manav says he is feeling low. She asks him to talk to Samar, he will feel good. She calls Samar.Manav talks to Samar and says he was missing him and old days. Samar sounds strange. Manav asks is he fine. Samar says he is seeing him everywhere, he is missing him. Manav says I will come to meet you, but will my brother meet me or Raj. Samar answers him well. Manav ends call. Its morning, Karan talks to Ayesha. She says speed is necessary in life, she has habit and addiction to win, she can’t let anyone take over, I made Nandini leave the home, and no one should compete with me in Dream Girl contest.

Manav meets Samar in park and finds him lost in thoughts. They have a funny talk. Manav asks how is he. Samar says I m fine. Laxmi talks to herself and smiles seeing her beauty. Karan comes to her. She asks you. He asks how is she. She says fine, how did you come here. He gives the rules papers and recorder. He asks does she stay alone. She says Bua ji lives with me. He says he came to give, as Ayesha would have seen her. He says he met Ayesha in morning, I have seen passion in her eyes, as she won over all heroines, she will not spare you, the real test begins now, winning is her passion.Manav asks Samar what is the matter. Samar says he learnt to stay in less money. Samar stumbles.

Manav asks why is he confused, and understands its some heart matter. He says lets go home, no need to study here. Manav says no, if I go, then what about La… Manav smiles and asks who is this La…. Samar gets tensed.He says there is no one. Manav says he knows it, as its on his face, does she stay here, lets meet her. Samar says no, it maybe infatuation. Manav says he has a simple test to know its love or infatuation, put four buckets of cold water, if he feels cold, then its infatuation, else its true love if coldness does not affect him. He says it works and goes. Karan asks Laxmi to touch hearts and gives her tips. He says Ayesha is Dream Girl because of ordinary people, she also has this thing, he has seen Ayesha’s journey.

Samar walks to home and does not see Samar. He goes to washroom and puts water on himself. Karan asks whats this sound.


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