Destined by fate starlife Friday 9 February 2024

Destined by fate 9 February 2024: Nakul recalls his friend’s positive attitude even after facing so many difficulties and hopes even he develops such a positive attitude. Rashmi walks to him and requests to listen to her once. Nakul says he doesn’t want to and warns her to come near him or Sayuri. Rashmi says Sayuri herself permitted her to stay around. Nakul says she is lying and warns her not to take Sayuri’s name. Rashmi says she is helping Sayuri in getting back their house. Nakul says he doesn’t trust her a bit. Rashmi leaves saying he will trust her one day.

Chaman Bahar panics seeing Kanha and Sayuri disguised as housemaids and asks if they fed poison in food or mixed chemical in floor cleaning liquor. Sayuri eats food and says there is no poison in it. Kanha touches water and says there is no chemical in it. They both request to let them work as maids for her and help even in her business. Chaman refuses. They try their best to convince her. Chaman falls for Kanha’s charm and thinks she can’t hire only him and make him work like a servant. Sayuri asks her to reply. Chaman uses chit and agrees to let Chauudhry’s return to their home and work for her as maids. Rashmi enters hiding.

Chaman continues her drama and traps them in a net. Sayuri asks what is she doing. Chaman says she is testing them nad asks them to dance and prove their competency. Sayuri and Kanha dance for her on Laal Ghaghra.. song. Chaman claps and welcomes them as maids. Rashmi thinks she needs to hide and not let Chaman know that she is out of jail and family know that Chaman is acting on her orders. Chaman orders them to start household chores. Tingu asks Chaman if she is mad to bring back enemies to their house. Chaman says she can’t handle business, so she hired them and knows what she is doing. Tingu warns her again that she is doing a mistake and leaves. Chaman fantasizes Kanha.

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