Delhi darlings Zee world: Contestants, story, episodes, start date, winner

If you’re a fan of the real housewives franchise then you will love Delhi Darlings, a reality show that starts soon on zee world showing the daily glamorous and enviable lives of Delhi socialite. Delhi Darlings is a big shift from the traditional lives we see on most zee world series. Here we get to watch how the ‘other side’ of India live – the rich, famous and extremely classy women.

Talking about the content of the show, it has created a good buzz with its promos. The show has an interesting and unique format, which showcases the lifestyle of the elite class ladies hailing from the upper rich classes of Delhi city. The shows would showcase their personal lives along with their families, husband, children and personal business.

It’s not easy being rich, and if that sounds elitist, that’s because the upper echelons of New Delhi society aim to be exactly that. Ten wealthy ladies who don’t shy away from the public eye will let the cameras into their mansions, chateaus and villas and prove that there’s so much more to their lives than just Balenciaga, Versace and Dior. Consequently, they will all contest for the crown of who is Delhi most loved darling.

Delhi darling contestants / participants

  • Shaloo Jindal: she detests repeating her outfits. Whether it is her traditional avatar at home or her contemporary sartorial choices – you’ll never find her wearing the same clothes twice. Her craze for high heels can be gauged by the fact that she’s got a glass staircase installed in her house just so that she can hear them go click-clack when she decides to descend.

Note: Shaloo Jindal eventually became the winner of Delhi Darlings season 1.

  • Guneet Virdi – she is a celebrated makeup artist who is so good at her work that girls adjust their wedding dates to fit her availability. A pout never leaves this Instagram queen’s face and she has a husky voice which she thinks makes her unique. While she gets brides ready with celebrity makeup, she prefers a natural and subtle look for herself and only mingles with her favourite people.

  • Manya Pathak is a woman who doesn’t give a care about what anyone thinks about her, she only care about entrepreneurship. Along with co-owning ‘the best party place in Delhi,’ she runs her own start-up. If you thought beauty with brains was a deadly combination, add to it some zest of narcissism and that’s Manya Pathak for you.

  • Deepshikha Lungani is a Hot mother to a 16- hear old. She is also a hot, lingerie model, who is going to get your jaws dropped. This multi-tasker is making life dance on her fingertips because she is a true rebel who likes to go against the wind.

  • Puja Dua loves everything white and gold, bargains like a pro, and has a doting husband known in the circuit as the “Bullet King.”

  • Pragati Nagpal, lovingly called ‘Pari’ whose kitty parties are so lit that people would give anything to be a part of them.

  • Rashmi Sachdeva is a crowned beauty queen who found her true identity after spending years as a family woman. And her beauty not only shows from her attire and personality but also her philanthropic initiatives for Thalassemia and breast cancer.

  • Sona Sharma is a grandmother, cancer-survivor & bonafide social butterfly.

  • Reena Mittal, lives her life queen size and is a perfectionist. A businesswoman who loves to dress up, Reena is a favourite among party goers and her favourite is her daughter.

  • Seema Gumber is a one-woman army who juggles work and family like a pro. She is self-made, confident, and doesn’t take no for an answer – even if it comes from life itself.

Sit back and Enjoy the gloss, glam, drama, insecurities, and controversies in the lives of these glamorous darlings of Delhi and you’ll find answers to your curiosities about their social, personal, and financial lives.

Delhi Darlings starts April 18 2020. It shows Saturday and Sunday by 5pm on Zee world. 


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