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Deception 5 February 2020: Supriya asks what do you want to prove. Guru says I want to prove you wrong, and asks her to bend her head infront of him. Supriya bends down infront of Guru ji. He is about to put his magical hand on her head. Just then Pooja’s call comes. Supriya says you have come and says she will come out.

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She tells Guru ji that she acted to bent down infront of her so that he couldn’t stop Naren and Pooja. She says Pooja has brought Naren and that too with the answers. Hardik asks Harish to sign on the papers. Naren says Papa ji will not sign on any papers.

Naren meets Supriya. Hardik tells that because of Harish’s carelessness, they have suffered losses. Rahul says he has to resigned. Naren says your turn haven’t come. Rakesh asks Hardik not to let Harish resign. Rahul says there is a news that incompetent MD is ruling the company. Hardik says do you know many companies, we have. Naren says he don’t know as need never come to know. Neelima says who will guarantee that he will not repeat the mistake again. Naren says he will guarantee being his son. Everyone looks on surprised.

Naren guarantee for Harish and says if the company suffered loss then he can make 2 times profit. He says there is no better MD than my Papa and tears the legal papers. Harish looks on emotional. Naren says I know that our thinking don’t match, but I know one thing that you can’t fail, you have made this empire on your own. He says nobody can snatch your credit. He says he has invested my time also in business and says I know contract took place between us, but that doesn’t mean that anyone will take advantage. He says nobody shall think that his Papa is alone and says he is just a step away from him. He expresses his love for Harish.

Harish gets emotional and cries. Supriya says everyone saw his chair and power, but never saw his hardwork. She says even Hardik doubted him. She says I have seen how our family ditched us. Harish says it is good that I have seen this day and says I am not alone now, I got double strength as my son is with me. He says he will take Vyas empire to great heights and thanks Naren for the best gift on father’s day.

Guru ji, Neelima and Rahul are shocked. Guru ji goes out. Pooja asks him why he is not waiting for answer and says it seems you have accepted defeat. Guru ji asks where is the God? Pooja says nobody can find God till now, but can feel God in parents’ love. Naren meets his parents and hugs them. Yeh Toh Sach Hai song plays… Pooja asks him to come inside and says time has come for your defeat.

Guru ji goes inside. Naren tells him that he searched for God everywhere, but couldn’t find him. He says today there is a silence in his heart and says Pooja said right that if I want to feel God then feel him in my parents. He says if you don’t agree then also it will not bother me as because of your challenge, my differences with my papa resolved. Guru ji falls on Supriya’s feet and apologizes to her. He tells Harish that when he met him for the first time, he thought to bridge the gap between Naren and him. He says I have challenge Naren so that his search ends on his parents. He says you said right that God can be felt in his parents’ feet. He tells Pooja that you are a devi who didn’t let Naren divert from his way.

Pooja thanks him and says when you have sent him on that way, I had to go with him. Guru ji talks to Dada ji’s pic and says now I will go, my work is complete. He asks Harish to remember always that he is their well wisher and one call away from them. Pooja thinks it is good that he is leaving. Neelima and Rahul ask Guru ji, how can he run after taking money from them. Guru ji says let Naren fly high and says he is going to do Tap to catch him in Math. He gets Bandu’s call and tells that he is going for some days.

Rakesh says everyone shall tell her feelings and make up. Naren says he will start first and apologizes to Neelima and Hardik. Mayank says sorry and hugs Rahul. He then apologizes to Naren. Harish’s phone rings. Rakesh takes his phone. Harish says I will share everything with everyone about the office matters, and asks Rahul to investigate the unnamed accounts to which funds transfer is done.

Rahul says if you have doubt on me already then I can’t do anything. Pooja gives him sweets and asks him to eat it. Rahul thanks her. Pooja smiles looking at Naren. Rakesh asks Harsha to agree. Naren goes to her and says everyone made you cry Bua. He says I say sorry on everyone’s behalf and asks her to have sweets. Harsha have sweets. Naren says they will have cards party tomorrow and asks Pooja to make arrangements tomorrow. Pooja talks to servants and asks them to make everyone’s favorite dishes. Supriya asks Harsha if she is still doubtful about Pooja. Harsha thinks mistakes do happen with young people. Servant gives Naren’s kurta to Pooja. Pooja imagines Naren and gives his kurta to paper wala and goes to his room and gives papers to Naren. Naran asks what to do with this.

Yash/Bhola Babu calls at Harish’s office number and tells that he has reached Delhi airport with his daughter, and asks the guy picking the call to inform Harish. He says ok and disconnects the call. Bhola Babu is surprised. The guy makes Harish’s name plate falls. Guru ji tells that Harish’s house will be burn now and laughs while talking on phone. Pooja imagines Naren and is in imagination. Naren comes and asks why she is behaving like Mayank, asks if she also in love. Pooja says love…and looks on. Jogiya song plays…..she looks on as the flower petals flies in air.

Everyone gather for the party. Rakesh tells Hardik that he is winning since 3 rounds. Rahul says he will play. Mayank says you can’t defeat Naren till now in game. Supriya tells that Naren wants to do all arrangements today. Harsha says that’s why nobody could hold anger for long. Naren comes and asks Pooja to make everyone dance. Pooja sings Maayin Maayi Muder Pe Teri…and looks at Naren. Everyone dances while she sings. Harish and Supriya dances with Naren happily. Bhola Babu and his daughter Surbhi comes there. Harish is shocked and asks you came here suddenly. Bhola Babu says it seems like jashn is happening here. Supriya asks if she is Surbhi and blesses her. Surbhi says hi to Naren. Naren holds her hand and calls her moti, asks what happened to her. Surbhi says he is troubling me. Neelima says if anyone troubles my daughter then I will not spare them and laughs. Rahul tells Surbhi that she is looking Indian and not foreigner. Surbhi says she is an Indian.

Bhola Babu tells that his wife sent them gifts. Harish asks what was the need and gets tensed. Harish tells Supriya that he is scared of naren’s reaction and fear to lose everything.. Neelima hears them and thinks they are hiding something. Pooja asks Mayank about Surbhi. Mayank says they were neighbors, but later they shifted to New york. Bhola Babu asks Naren what he is doing? Before Naren could reply, Harish asks Supriya to show house to surbhi. Bhola Baba asks Naren to show house to Surbhi. Naren calls her moti and asks her to come. Pooja thinks Naren is free with Surbhi.

Yash tells Harish that Surbhi and Naren are mingling well. Rakesh hears them. Harish says you did right to bring Surbhi. Pooja follows Naren and thinks he talk less, but today he is not tired to speak. Bhola Babu tells Harish that he wants Surbhi and Naren to marry soon and says he will talk to Naren. Harish asks what is the need to talk to him. Harish tells that Pandit ji told that marriage talk shall not be initiated until Naren’s birthday and tells that Supriya believes on such things. Yash agrees to talk to him after his birthday and says they will celebrate Singhania’s son in law birthday grandly.

Surbhi asks Naren what he will do if she changes everything. Naren pats book on her head and says he won’t let her change anything. Surbhi smiles. Pooja tells Supriya that she will take the tray for them, and asks about Harsh and Surbhi. Supriya says they are like family and asks if she like Surbhi. Pooja says nobody introduced me to her and asks if they like her..

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