Deception update Wednesday 22 April 2020

Deception 22 April 2020: Naina asks pooja if she will not apply mehendi on her hands and says may be someone else will get your husband’s mehendi written. She shows her hand. Pooja wipes Naren written on her hand and says your love for Mayank was fake and today you have showed how serious you are for Rahul. She says she can be upset with Naren, but can’t let anyone get him.

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Naren tells Pooja that he took promise on his Maa because of the happenings. He swears on Supriya that he didn’t get search orders for her Maa. Naina smiles. Pooja thinks if it is Naina’s work and thinks to go to Police station. Naren says I will also come.

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They go to police station and see goons unconscious. Pooja thinks this was last evidence against Naina. Constable recalls giving blade to them and making them hear Naina on phone. Naina asks them to commit suicide, if not then she will kill their families. The goons commit suicide. Someone tells that one goon is alive. Goon looks at Pooja and throws something. Pooja picks a chit.

Rahul is angry with Naren for spoiling his function. Naina tells Rahul that Naren didn’t do right by slapping bharat like brother. She gives him poetry and asks for autograph. He says he will sign on her heart. Pooja reads the chit and thinks she shall go there. She drops the chit when Naren comes there and asks where is she going? She says she is going somewhere. Naren says I will also come with you. Pooja asks him to say and says she has to prove her mother’s innocence before wedding. Naren says I don’t need any evidence. Pooja says she has to get proofs. He gets Supriya’s call and tells that he is with Pooja.

Supriya thinks you can’t go far from me. Naina makes Rahul drunk. Rahul says you haven’t seen my capacity. Naina asks him to sign on the papers and kisses on his face. Rahul signs on the papers. She keeps property papers and gets his signs. She thinks now I can snatch your everything.
Supriya puts hot water on her feet intentionally and shouts Naren.

Naren asks Pooja to take him with her. Pooja says it is my war. Naren gets Danish’s call. He tells Pooja that hot water fell on Supriya’s feet and asks Pooja how to leave her alone here. Pooja asks him to go and be with Supriya. Ghungroo falls down. Naren asks her to tie on his hand for Maa’s sake. Piya albela plays…

Naina plans to kill Rahul to put blame on Pooja. She gets Constable’s call and he informs her that Pooja went to darya gunj. Naina is shocked. Naren comes to Supriya. Supriya acts and tells him that whenever he leaves her, something happens to her. Pooja comes to darya gunj and thinks whom to ask.

Pooja searches for Naina’s secret and thinks she has time till morning. Supriya is happy that Naren came back to her. Pooja thinks where is Gala no. 19. Naina talks to her goon and asks if Pooja came there. Goon says Pooja haven’t reached here. Naina says she will reach there surely and asks goon to kill her brutally.

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