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Satish gives envelope to Naren and asks him to give to Supriya. Naren asks Naina to keep the envelope and asks Anuj to leave his anger, and says now your two sisters are in my house. Anuj says two sisters. Naren says Mama ji will tell you. Pooja hugs Satish. He blesses her. They leave.

In the car, Pooja keeps her hand on Naren’s hand. He brushes off her hand. Naina smiles and talks to Naren. Pooja gets tears in her eyes and thinks she won’t let her come inbetween them.

Deception 9 April 2020: Naina sings and Pooja comes and says your tune is good, but not good this time, Naina looks angrily. Pooja asks her not to show her attitude. Naina asks why did you come? Pooja says I came to warn you and says you have tried to snatch my rights, but whatever you wants can’t happen. Naina says she don’t need to do anything until Naren is with her.

Naina telling Pooja that Naren took her to Satish’s house and also gifted the saree which she is wearing. Pooja says half happiness gives big happiness to others. She says actually this saree was rejected by me and I thought to give it to someone. She says we can share clothes and jewellery, but don’t think about sharing Naren.

She says if she thinks like that then she will make him leave the city and country. Naina gets upset. Pooja comes to room. She asks what is going on between Naina and you. Naren asks are you jealous and tells that it is a secret like she is hiding some secret from her. Naina song plays….Supriya and Naina are making the arrangements. Neelima says now Pooja’s illegitimate sister is also doing.

Harish calls Supriya and tells that Swami Maharaj identifies the fake people with his siddhis and asks Naina not to come infront of him. He tells that even Harsha shall not come infront of him. Neelima calls Rahul and Surbhi and asks them not to come today as Swami identifies fake people. Rahul takes an U turn and goes back to Dada ji.

Pooja hides the yellow dhoti and locks it. She keeps white dhoti instead. Swami Maharaj comes. Everyone welcomes him. Naren comes wearing white dhoti. Pooja says white color suits you. Harish thanks him for coming. Pooja and Naren do his aarti and touch his feet. Swami Maharaj kicks Naren on his chest making him fall. He asks who is he? I felt impurity in him, asks them to make him leave from there. Naren gets up shockingly.

Harish says Naren is our son and asks him not to say it. Pooja says you might have felt it because of me. Naren and Pooja are about to touch his feet. Pooja keeps her hand before Naren could touch her feet. Swami Maharaj nods. Harish says my son and daughter in law will sit in havan. Supriya goes angrily.

Harish comes to her and asks her to make havan arrangements. Supriya says swami ji kicked my son and you are asking me to see the arrangements. Pooja comes there and asks Supriya to come. Supriya asks her why did she keep her hand before Naren’s hand. She says there is a defect in you and not in my son. She asks her to sit with Naren as his wife, but don’t try to rule him. Pooja thinks she has to come in between to hide the truth. She fears if Guru ji came to know Naren doesn’t belong to this family.

Supirya ties Naren and Pooja’s ghat bandhan. Naina thinks she will break it. Satish says you can’t break it. Swami Maharaj begins the puja. Naina thinks she will come there and spoil her happiness. She is about to go, but Harsha pulls her hand and says you shall not go there. She says lets go to room and talk. Naren is upset with Pooja and takes the ghee bowl and pours in havan fire. Swami maharaj’s chunari catches fire and he gets up shockingly. Everyone panics. Naren and Harish try to set off the fire. Pooja thinks if Naren touches Guru ji again then matters can get worsened. She throws blanket on him. Naren tries to set off fire.

Pooja thinking if Naren touches Guru ji again then matters can get worse. Naren covers blanket on Guru ji to save him from fire. Supriya apologizes to Guru ji. Guru ji says whatever happened was horrible, but I will always be thankful to your son and daughter in law. He asks them to tie thread to Naren and Pooja’s hands together and asks them not to take it out till tomorrow evening. Naren looks at Pooja. Pooja smiles. They come to room. Pooja tells Naren if Maa Papa and others see the room divided then what do they think. Naren says the lines will never be wipe off and asks why did you keep your hand before my hand while touching Guru ji’s feet. Pooja is having tears in her eyes. Naren says it seems you don’t want to answer and says good night.

Naina is jealous and thinks about Naren and Pooja’s hand tied by the holy thread. When Pooja falls asleep, Naren opens the thread from his hand and goes out. Pooja wakes up and thinks where is he going? She follows him and hears Naina laughing. She peeps inside Naina’s room and sees Naren feeding her food. She gets shocked. Naren is doing this to make Pooja jealous and asks Naina to have more food. Naina says don’t care for me so that someone else get upset with you. Naren says who cares. Naina says now I will feed you. She feeds food in his mouth. Once Pooja goes, Naren throws the spoon. Pooja cries and sits down shattered. She recalls Guru ji blessing their Jodi and calls Satish. She cuts the call thinking he is sleeping.

Satish sees her missed call and calls her. He asks if everything is fine. Pooja says she was not getting sleep and that’s why called him. She asks him to tell some story. Satish asks which story she wants to her. Kusum gets irked and says Pooja in day and night. Pooja asks him to tell about raj kumar story. Satish tells about the story. Naren scolds Naina. Naina blackmails him that she will complain to police that Pooja has killed Mr. Kapoor in full senses and asks him to dance on her tune. She asks him to have wine with her. Naren says only he can punish her and hurt her. Naina says so much deewangi in hatred. Naren drinks it and says his hatred for her is at its place, but he will always protect her. He comes to room and sees her crying. He breaks the glass bottle. Pooja gets up.

Dada ji asks for water while in sleep. Rahul wakes up and asks Surbhi to give him water. Surbhi says she is pregnant and asks him to give. Rahul gets up to give water. Dada ji says you are not illegitimate. Rahul gets shocked. Pooja tries to stop Naren, but he don’t agree and pushes her. Pooja slaps him. Naren laughs and says you got jealous. I fed naina today. Pooja says she slapped him for playing with his life and not because he drank wine. She says she has trust on her husband and asks him to go wherever he wants and says if he drinks again then she will take his life. Naren drinks again and collapses. Pooja calls everyone there. Harish, supriya and others come there. Harish says he is coughing blood and asks Mayank to take him to hospital. Supriya scolds Pooja for ruining Naren’s health.

They take him to hospital. Pooja cries. Harish asks Supriya not to worry and says Naren will be fine. Doctor says we got the reports, we have to transplant his bone marrow in 24 hours, as his liver is damaged fully due to excessive drinking. Harish asks him to match their bone marrows. Doctor says there is a good chance that parents’ bone marrow match usually and says he has less time. Pooja thinks what to do, as she can’t stop them from doing test. Harish and Supriya go for test. Naren is taken to ICU. Pooja promises that she will find the right match for his bone marrow transplant. Rahul thinks this secret must be related to wealth and thinks if he is illegitimate. He then thinks he is Vyas. Supriya scolds Doctor and says her blood will match with Naren. Harish asks Neelima to call Rahul. Pooja calls Dada ji, but his number is off.

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