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Deception 30 May 2020: Angraj gets up and aims gun at naren and pooja. He ask Pooja to shoot Naren. Pooja cries and asks Angraj to leave Naren, and says I am ready to do anything. Naren asks her to let him shoot him and says no Angraj can separate us. Angraj shoots at Naren’s chest and he fall down.

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Pooja shouts Naren. Dr. Kiran is shocked as well. Angraj smiles. Naren looks at Pooja and gives his hand. Angraj holds Pooja while she tries to run to Naren. Naren recalls their moments and closes his eyes. Pooja is shocked. Angraj asks Rahul to take Pooja home and says he will do Naren’s last rites and come. Pooja is in shock. Surbhi and Rahul take her from there.

Dada ji does Ramayan Paath and says shri Ram ji Jai. Supriya holds the lamp and asks God to protect her son from all troubles. Surbhi offers water to Pooja. Pooja refuses and gets down from the car. She walks in trance. Rahul saves her from getting hit by the car. Pooja asks why did he leave her when he has enmity with Naren. She says if legitimate relations are like this, then thankfully Naren like you people. She says you didn’t give last rites to Naren, with whom you have spent your childhood. She asks them to remember that Angraj will betray them and then they will miss Naren. Harish gets restless and thinks what is happening to me.

He talks to Naren’s childhood pic and says I loved you equal to your mum’s love. Pooja is walking on the road in shock. Sad song plays….Bhaye More Naina…..She throws away her necklace and bangles etc on the road. She recalls Angraj shooting Naren and shouts Naren, and cries.

Satish tells Rachel that they have to give gift to Pooja’s inlaws. Kusum asks them to give everything. Kusum says I have a condition if you want me to come. Angraj puts Naren in the coffin and asks Dr. Kiran to take Naren’s finger prints. Dr. Kiran takes his finger prints and says it will be ready in 48 hours. Angraj says then you will be buried too and asks her to shed the tears. Dr. kiran is shocked. Rahul tells Neelima that Angraj has killed Naren and must have buried him by now. Neelima says it seems bad for us.

Surbhi says we have to be careful and says if we upset him then he will….Rahul says if he is a tiger then I am less than a Cheetah and shows the file in which they have proofs to prove that Angraj got plastic surgery done. Pooja thinks of Naren and thinks who will hold me up now. Angraj opens the coffin and says I will miss you so much, but Pooja will miss you so so much. He puts sand on the coffin. Pooja takes Naren’s shirt and says I couldn’t save you Naren, and lost from Angraj. I couldn’t say bye to you and has become lonely. She thinks Angraj is Naren for everyone now and thinks I have no proofs now. Angraj buries Naren completely and says lets celebrate. Pooja cries

Angraj thinking he will end the game and keep Pooja happy. Surbhi asks Rahul where is Angraj and tells him to stop this game else don’t know how many lives will be gone. Angraj wakes up in the morning near Naren’s grave hearing cat sound. Rahul calls him. Angraj asks him to make his clothes ready. Naren’s soul comes to Pooja and asks her never to lose trust. Pooja says I have killed you. Naren says whatever happened was destiny and good. Pooja asks can’t we change destiny and asks him not to leave her. Naren’s soul says I am with you always. Pooja cries.

She sees him gone and thinks I won’t let your death go waste. She says I will wear bridal clothes and go to mandap with Angraj, but will not become his bride. She looks at the poison bottle. Kusum tells Satish that she will come if he agrees to her condition. Satish refuses. Rachel says I am happy here with you both. Kusum asks him to promise that he will never talk about Rachel’s marriage again. Satish says you are making me do a sin and agrees. Harish asks Rahul where is Naren? Rahul says he got a call from office and went.

Angraj comes and shoots in air. He says I have come. Supriya hugs him and says she is feeling like her old Naren is back. He also hugs her. Neelima and Supriya say original Naren is dead. Dada ji hugs him. Angraj asks Rachel to bring Pooja. He tells Rahul that he is Pooja’s Naren. Pooja comes to the mandap and thinks you can’t touch me Angraj. This poison will send me to my Naren before this marriage happens. Angraj says I want to talk to my bride alone. They go to side. Pooja tells him that she will go to her Naren. He is real Naren and says your Naren is with you. He touches her face. She feels his touch. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo plays….

Naren asks if she trust him. Pooja says she trust him. Rahul says bhabhi ji might be taking out anger on him. Pooja asks where is Angraj. Naren recalls hitting on Angraj’s head with Satish’s help and tells that Danish will keep eye on him. Angraj gains conscious and sees pearl necklace on his neck. He shouts and asks who is here? Naren and Pooja sit for marriage. Naren asks Pandit ji to get their marriage done fast. Pooja asks how did this happen? Naren says someone else was with me in this fight. He tells Pooja and a fb is shown. Satish sees Naren changing place with Angraj. Naren tells Satish about Angraj. He tells that Satish and Danish helped him. Danish tapped his phone and knew Angraj’s plan. He says they have taken him out from the grave. Angraj is on his way and thinks to reach Vyas Mansion.

Pandit ji ask Naren and Pooja to take the rounds. Naren and Pooja take the rounds while everyone shower flower petals on them. Rahul says Angraj got bhabhi, and hopes his madness lessens. They exchange garlands. Naren fills sindoor on Pooja’s maang. Dada ji says Naren and Pooja are tied for births now. Mora Piya plays….Angraj is on the way and calls Rahul, but the call is not connected. Suddenly Songs are played in his car. He gets shocked and thinks what is happening. Danish is following Angraj and playing the songs. Naren tells Rahul that Pooja has changed her husband, but she is still your bhabhi and asks him to touch her feet. Rahul hugs Naren. Pooja says if you are done, then let’s move on.

Angraj comes to the house and knocks on the door. He comes inside the house, but everyone is already left. Satish asks Danish to come to his house and says Angraj can attack you again. Danish says I can’t leave Naren and have to do as he said. Angraj comes to Pooja and Naren’s room. Pooja asks where did you go on our first night? Angraj is shocked. Pooja says we got married 2 hours back. Angraj is shocked. He lifts her ghunghat and is shocked. Rahul and Surbhi are happy and thinks Pooja got thrice. Neelima says how did she marry without any drama and is looking happy. Rahul says you don’t know face reading and tells that she is in shock. Surbhi says yes. Angraj is shocked to see hairs on Pooja’s face as she stands like a ghost. Naren is hiding and tells that he has possessed Pooja and will reside in her body permanently. He says neither you can separate us, nor save yourself from me. Pooja and Naren scare him and he faints.

Satish comes to free Dr. Kiran from Angraj’s captivity. She calls him Malik. Satish tells her that Naren is safe and is with Pooja. Naren and Pooja check Angraj and say he has fainted. They take him out of their room. Rahul is there, but didn’t see. Naren and Pooja hide seeing Surbhi there. She sees Angraj and tries to wake him up, but he doesn’t gain consciousness. Surbhi thinks he has taken drugs and leave. Naren tells Pooja that he wants to give return gift to Angraj for burying him. They take him to room. Danish asks Naren and Pooja to take rest and says he will keep an eye on him. In the room, Naren and Pooja get romantic. Sapnon me shringar…aaja piya plays……He takes her to bed. Angraj gains consciousness and finds himself in the room. Pooja and Naren get up from bed and romance.

Angraj thinks this is Vyas mansion house and thinks if Naren and Pooja playing game with me. He goes to the burial ground and digs the grave.

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