Deception update Friday 24 April 2020

Deception 24 April 2020: Supriya announces Naren will give his name to Mayank’s baby and will marry her. Satish, Anuj and Pooja are shocked.Supriya tells Harsha that Naren will marry Naina. Naren and Pooja are shocked. Naren asks how can you say this, Pooja is my wife, how can I marry someone else.

Supriya says she is your namesake wife and it is better to end the marriage, and free her. you shall move on in life. Satish says you are insulting my niece. Supriya says she is trying to make Naren and Naina’s life better. Harsha asks Naren to give name to Mayank’s baby for her sake. She emotionally blackmails her.

Naren looks at Pooja, recalls marrying Pooja, their happy moments and tells Harsha that he is ready to gives his name to Mayank’s baby and marry Naina. Everyone is shocked. Naina smiles. Harsha hugs him and says you gave life to Mayank today. Harish says I just hope your decision is right. Pooja is in shock and looks at Naren. Supriya asks Pooja to come near her and says I know this is not easy for you, but now I am asking you to free my son. She asks her not to return in his life again. Pooja says but…Supriya asks her not to spoil the beautiful moments while going. She asks Pooja to return ancestral bangles which she gave to her.

Pooja goes to Surbhi’s room and asks her to tell about Naina’s truth. She says only your statement can save Naren and my life. Surbhi says I can’t give any statement without proofs and asks her to go. Pooja is shocked and goes. Surbhi recalls Naina coming to her room and threatening to kill her baby, before pooja came there. She cries and thinks I don’t have strength like you. Chandrika comes to Pooja and says she got sweets distributed in Krishnapuri as she is getting freed from this hell. She asks her not to cry for these selfish people and says whatever you do, but will be bahu always. Pooja goes to pack her bags. Rahul tells Neelima that today incident made them get rid of Pooja. Pooja packs her bags.

Naren comes there and asks her to listen to him first. Pooja asks if anything is left. Naren asks her to let him clarify. Pooja says she don’t want any clarification. Naren asks her to punish him if not forgive him. Pooja says how many times and for what? She asks him to go and make arrangements for second marriage. Naren says I want to make you understand. Pooja asks if there is my mistake even now. Naren makes her sit and says you have right to get angry on me. He says I have taken this decision to marry Naina for you. Pooja is shocked. Naren says so that you don’t have to prove your truth infront of my family and to save your mum. Pooja asks why he has changed of opinion. Naren says I am sure that you can’t be wrong. Pooja asks then why this marriage. Naren says it is a game plan to reach Naina’s game plan and he wants to fight this war with his wife, and asks her to trust him. Mora Piya Song plays….

Chandrika is waiting for Pooja. Pooja walks down the stairs holding her suitcase. Naina comes to her and asks why did you make me wear ancestral bangles and says now you will have tears, and says cleverness is not good. Pooja says evil will end one day. Naina says who will make me lose, you? Lets see. Chandrika asks did you pack your stuff and asks her to think that she has nothing to do with this house. Satish says we have seen their heart and now they will yearn for bahu like Pooja. He is about to curse them. Pooja stops him and says it was her family. Satish asks her not to leave anything behind. Pooja turns and looks at Naren. Naren signs her towards mobile and messages her. Pooja checks her phone. Naren messages her that he will wait for her after half an hour after making all arrangements. Pooja replies him that she will come 10 mins late as he troubled her a lot. Naren smiles. Pooja wipes her tears.

Naina congratulates Mayank’s picture for her fake pregnancy. She asks Govardhan to pack his bags. Naren comes there and tells that he has hired best gynaec and says she will be to take care of Naina. Naina says Chacha and Chachi will take care of her. Naren asks what is in his hand. She takes it and says it is beetroot juice. Naren looks on.

Rahul tells Surbhi that their baby is their top priority and asks her not to take tension. Surbhi says I am not doing right with Pooja. Rahul says we have to be selfish. Surbhi asks if he will leave her. He says no.

Pooja enters there. Ward boy says Maa’m is coming and she hates dust. Pooja comes indisguise and says she is Preeti hunter and says she will monitor N aina 24/7 and says your freedom is gone. Naina tells Naren that she don’t want to get test done. Naren asks her to relax and says she is not from FBI. Rahul stares pooja. Pooja says she is an expert to take off eyes.

Naina tells Pooja that she don’t to get test done. Naren asks her to get the test done for baby. Rahul decorates the room with balloons. Surbhi gets happy. Rahul gives her Krishna ji’s photo frame. Surbhi gets happy. Neelima comes and takes Rahul with her.

Pooja checks Naina and says both mother and baby are fine. Naina is shocked. Harsha comes and says my Mayank is returning. Pooja says from today she shall not have oily and masala food. Danish tells Naren that Supriya is calling him. He says he will come in sometime. Naina is worried and thinks her one night with Mayank will prove to be costly. Pooja brings boiled food and gives to Naina. Harsha tries to feed Naina. Pooja thinks now Naina will faint and will get vomiting also.

Naren asks Pooja to stay in Vyas Mansion. She refuses, but Naren insists. Later Naren brings juice for Pooja and s ays now they are partners. Pooja says if you have done good partnership then this day will not come. Supriya comes there and sees love in Naren’s eyes. Nurse takes her. Pooja asks why you are looking at me again and again and smiling, asks if she fat then. Naren says it doesn’t matter, and says she is beautiful for him. Pooja goes.

In the morning, Pooja and Naren come to naina’s room and give her bittergourd juice. Pooja says now she will make her do yoga. Supriya gets doubtful about Doctor. Supriya calls someone and asks to get car ready. She comes to Chandrika’s house and asks her to call Pooja. Chandrika goes her room, but she is not there. She calls pooja and asks where is she? Pooja says she is in the hospital. Supriya takes the call and asks Pooja to come and says she won’t go until she meets her. Pooja is shocked.

Chandrika telling Supriya that new drama happens in your house every day and every time you holds my daughter responsible, why she will enter your house in disguise. Supriya says she can’t be wrong to read her son’s eyes, let your daughter come. Pooja comes there and tells Chandrika that she got hurt when she went to market. Supriya says you can’t fool me and asks her to open her bandage.

Chandrika says Supriya ji. Supriya says her wound must not be deep and says it is her punishment.Chandrika says she shall be punished for loving you people, sacrificing for your family, loving your son, and regarding you more than her own mother. Pooja tells Supriya that she will show her wound.

Chandrika stops her and says this is our house, and you are my daughter now. Supriya says it seems mother and daughter are together in this conspiracy. Pooja asks Supriya not to tell anything to her mother. She asks Chandrika to let her open the bandage. She shows her cut. She recalls Naren coming to her and asks why did she changed her get up. She tells him about Supriya going to her house.

Naren says how you will go? pooja says you will think. She cuts her hand fast. Naren runs to her and asks her if she can forget everything. Pooja says this will be our last efforts together. Chandrika asks Danish to take Supriya. Supriya tells that she wants to end this for once and all and says she wants Pooja to divorce Naren and break this relation.

Chandrika says you have fallen today in my eyes, and says it is waste to be in such a relation. Naren calls Pooja. Pooja asks Supriya if Naren signed on the papers. Chandrika asks Pooja to sign on the papers and get pen from room. Pooja cries. She looks at Naren’s photo frames. Jo bheji thi dua song plays…..

Pooja searches for the pen. Chandrika comes and picks pen, says this is not easy for you, but sometimes patient needs bitter medicine. Rahul and Neelima talk about Surbhi’s baby. Neelima says his baby will be heir of Vyas family. Rahul says what about Naina, she is also pregnant with Mayank’s baby. Neelima says she might be feigning pregnancy and tells that his son will be only heir.

Rahul says he wants to know something from Surbhi. Naina thinks to go and get herself checked. Naren stops her and says Preeti hunterwala is best. Pooja signs on divorce papers with heavy heart and cries. Chandrika gives papers to Supriya and asks her not to come, and send papers with someone after Naren signs on it. Supriya says we know that their relation is beyond these papers and says Pooja has to throw Naren out of her heart, imagination, dreams, memories etc. Pooja is shocked and says she can’t forget Naren.

Naren asks Naina to have laddoos and says preeti asked her to have it. Naina thinks no doctor says this. Pooja says Supriya that Naren is in her soul, how to remove him and says she can’t promise her. Surbhi thinks about Pooja and thinks she has truth strength which won’t let her defeat. She tries to get water. Rahul gives water to her and says you should not move even a leaf. He asks who had kidnapped andkept you captive for 6 months. Surbhi recalls Naina’s threat and tells Rahul they are dangerous and will kill their baby. She asks him to stay far from them. Rahul hugs her.

Supriya says I will free you from his memories and this will start with pics. She asks Danish to take her to Pooja’s room. Neelima says who might be Surbhi’s enmity. Rahul says who is two step ahead of me. Neelima says may be Naina. Naina says you are taking good care of your wife. Naren says you are not my wife. Supriya continues to torture Pooja and asks Danish to paint on Naren’s pic else she will get him fired from job. Danish sadly paints white to Naren’s pic. Pooja cries.

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