Curse of the sands update Wednesday 7 July 2021


Curse of the sands 7 July 2021: Ram asking Sia where is her helmet. Sia makes stories to mislead him. Vanraj hears her on call. Ram goes. Sia tells Vanraj that Mohini has caged Jhumri in the palace. He asks what. She tells everything. She says I can’t save Jhumri alone, I need your help.

Vanraj smiles and says I was waiting for this moment. Jhumri gets scared of the Chudails. She shouts for help. Sia comes there. Jhumri says help me, take me out of here, why do I feel that I know you. Mohini comes there and jokes on Kali.

Sia goes out and calls Vanraj. She tells her plans. Vanraj says I will come to meet you, not to save Jhumri. Tumhe kaise bataun…plays… He sees Sia coming. Sia gets shocked seeing Ram. Ram gets drunk. Vanraj gets angry seeing him. Ram asks what’s this drama. Vanraj recalls Ram and gets a knife. Sia stops Vanraj. Ram says I don’t like this man, don’t call him next time. She says sure. Vanraj says you look unwell, go and rest. Sia holds Ram to support. Vanraj gets angry and bleeds his hand by the knife. Ram goes. Sia says I m ready to fight anyone for my Ram, he is drunken today, he supported many people before, I will make him fine again.

She says I don’t need your advice. Vanraj gets angry. She asks him to save Jhumri. She goes. Devki cages Jhumri. Sia comes there to save Jhumri. She hits on Jhumri’s head. She gets helpless and puts Jhumri in the sack. Sia thinks I felt like I heard Daima’s voice. Daima thinks I think this girl. Sia gets Vanraj’s call. She rushes out with the sack. Devki asks what’s this. Sia lies to her. Devki checks the sack and doesn’t see Jhumri inside. Sia takes the sack out to Vanraj. Devki stops them.

Devki stopping Sia again and checking the sack. She thinks I had seen someone’s hand, maybe I was wrong. She goes. Sia says if anything happened to Jhumri today, I would have not been alive. Vanraj thinks you care for everyone, understand my love. He hugs Sia and leaves with the sack. Sia comes back to haveli and takes care of drunk Ram. She removes his shoes. She sits near him and talks to him like Mohini. Ram sees Mohini in her. She feeds him food. Ram Siya….plays… Mohini comes there and shouts Kali. Sia gets shocked. Mohini asks how dare you feed him food, that too wearing my clothes. She raises hand to slap. Sia gets down. She starts making a story and says I was just fulfilling your duties so that he loves you. She fools Mohini by her talk.

She says its my responsibility to make Rana yours. Mohini says well done, I m hungry, I have special dinner today, Jhumri. She goes. Sia says Mohini will be hungry tonight. Jhumri gets conscious. Vanraj frees her from the sack. She says I have saved you, you are alive. She gets glad and says I knew this, you love me. Vanraj slaps her and scolds for her mistake. She thinks who is that girl he is taking about. He says I went to Chudail’s Lanka to save you, if this happens again, no one will come to save you, come.

She gets angry and thinks now I m sure that my Sautan is in palace, she did a big mistake of saving me. Mohini slaps her aides. Devki looks on. Mohini asks her to say the truth. Sia comes when she gets blamed. She says now I can’t work here, fire me from the work. Devki thinks this girl is clever. Sia says I was going to sell junk paper. She gives money to her and cries.

Mohini scolds her team and asks how can Kali make Jhumri escape, she was with me in Rana’s room. She asks Devki to think something. Sia asks Mohini whom is she talking to by looking that side. Mohini says no one. Sia gets scolded by Devki. She thinks to find out, maybe Mohini was talking to Daima or Dadimaa, why am I not able to see them, I have to make Ram leave alcohol. Jhumri thinks I will kill that girl, she is not a Chudail but a human. Vanraj thinks of Sia. Sia gets up and goes to get all the wine bottles. She feels sorry to dumb the wine to save Ram. She says I know it will be tough for Ram, but she can’t reform him until he is in senses. She promises that he won’t get any alcohol now.

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