Curse of the sands update Sunday 15 August 2021


Curse the sands update 15 August 2021: Gopika/Mohini does Devimaa’s aarti on Mallika’s insistence. Siya joins her and sings aarti. Ram asks Jhumi to be with Mann and walks to home temple. Siya lights camphor on her palm.

Ram asks what is she doing. Siya says she will not stop until her son is back to life. She continues performing aarti when Mann walks and holds them. Gopika hugs Mann and calling her son asks if he is fine now. Guruji and Mallika are amazed to see that. Siya asks Gopika what is she doing. Gopika says she is happy to see Mann alive. Siya hugs Mann next and thanks devimaa to returning her son back. Doctor tells Ram that Mann is fine now and he had collapsed due to gas from excessive milkshake consumption. Gopika holds Mann again. Siya stops her and takes Mann with her.

Gopika fumes that Siya is stopping her from meeting her son. Guruji walks towards door when Mallika stops her and says he cannot go without defeating chudail Gopika. Guruji says Gopika is not chudail as she performed aarti, he was just worried about evil child, but even evil child’s half moon sign on his foot vanished and he is no more evil child now. Gopika hears their conversation and frightens Mallika to keep her mouth shut, else she will kill her. Mallika pleads not to kill her.

Ram walks to Siya and after a bit of discussion says he is sending Mann to school from tomorrow. Siya says let us not send him away as she is worried for his safety. Ram says Mann has to attend school for his growth and he will protect Mann. Siya agrees. Gopika hears their conversation and thinks she will not let them send her son away from her.

Mann gets ready for school in the morning. Siya says he is looking like a prince. Mann asks where are they going. She says school. He asks what is that. Siya says it is a place where they learn and make friends to become good human beings. Mann says like baba/Ram. Ram enters and says better than him. Siya says Ram is right. Mann asks if she will kiss him like she does Ram. Siya nervously says yes. Ram and Siya both kiss him. Mann questions again, and Siya runs away nervously asking Jhumri to get ready Mann’s school bag and lunch box.

She enters kitchen to prepare lunch box when Gopika enters and asks how can she risk Mann’s safety by sending him away. Siya says Mann will be safe under protection. Gopika continues arguing and says she is so careless as she is Mann’s foster mother. Siya warns to dare speak to her like this. Gopika says she is just worried about Mann’s safety. Siya says she knows her concern, but Mann needs to attend school and will be safe under protection. Gopika thinks she will see how will she send Mann away.

Mallika rushes to Siya to inform her that Gopika is chudail Mohini, but stops reminiscing Gopika warning her to keep her mouth shut if she wants to be alive. Siya asks what was she telling about Gopika. Mallika says Gopika told Mann is going to school today. Siya excitedly says yes and asks her to bless Mann. Mallika hesitantly blesses Mann. Gopika calls Mallika and praises her for not opening up her mouth, else he would have died soon.

Siya takes Mann out giving him lunch box. Mann says he had breakfast just now. Siya says it is for his lunch. Mann says he is hungry now. Ram joins her and says let us drop him to school. Gopika walks to them wearing school uniform and says even she wants to attend school. Ram and Siya are amazed to hear that and say she cannot attend school.

Gopika says even she wants to stand on her feet and cannot be a servant here for long, anyways Siya always talks about woman empowerment and there is no age bar for education. Siya says they will get her admitted in night school. Ram says children’s school may not accept her. Gopika acts as agreeing and hugging Mann murmurs in his ears that if he convinces Ram and Siya to let her attend school with him, he can call her maa in school. Mann agrees and insists Siya and Ram to let Gopika accompany him. They finally agree and take Gopika along. Mallika prays god to protect her Ram and Siya as chudail Gopika is more powerful now and can even perform god’s aarti.

Ram and Siya meet school principal who says their school is honored that Behramgarh’s prince will study in their school, but she cannot accept a grown up woman Gopika’s admission. Ram requests to try at least. Man walks in with Gopika and greets principal. Principal takes them towards a class where all students follow them laughing looking at old Gopika. Gopika thinks this school is the best place for her to turn back Mann to evil child. Ram takes Siya towards car while Siya feels sad. Ram assures her that Mann will be safe and Gopika has mentally weak and has not gained her memory back, so they have to bear her for some time. Gopika watches them from a distance and thinks she will see how Siya will turn Mann into a good human.




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