Curse of the sand update Monday 18 October 2021


Curse of the sand 18 Oct 2021: Kamal and Ananya cheering over their first victory in their room. They hear Shiv from outside, who was looking for Ananya. Ananya tells Kamal to leave, while she would go to her room as Ananya, before Shiv can spoil their plan.Ananya walks out of the room and cautiously goes towards her room. Shiv was saying that he will tell her truth to everyone today. Downstairs, Shiv holds Ananya’s hand. Ananya stops a scream by placing a hand on her face. She tries to get away but Shiv held her and called Amar.

Kamal hits Shiv’s head with a vase. He feels dizzy but clutches Ananya’s hand once again. Ananya cuts on his hand and runs upstairs, placing hurdles in Shiv’s way. She doesn’t go to her room. Shiv looks around the room, then leaves the corridor. Sunanda stops Shiv in the corridor and asks why he is running. Sunanda tells Shiv to go and get Amar, while she will take care of Ananya. Baba jumps in her way but his moustache comes out and has to bend. Ananya finds the chance to go to her bed. Sunanda guards outside her room.

In the room, Shiv tells Amar that Ananya isn’t in her room. Amar was frustrated and warns Shiv that he will regret this day, if proven wrong today. Sunanda stood outside the room when they break in. Shiv was shocked to see Ananya in her bed. Baba watches this from the door. Shiv tells Amar that Ananya must have come just now. He looks towards Sunanda, but Sunanda says she only waited outside the room. Amar says he has already told Shiv to stay away from Ananya, and slaps him hard on face. Ananya was hurt. Amar uses his powers to push Shiv out of the room. Shiv falls down on the floor of hall. Amar vanishes from the room and goes to Shiv. He holds a whip to teach Shiv a good lesson and beats him badly.

Ketki was moved and cries for Shiv. Rahul stops her in the room. Amma ji also convinces Ketki that Shiv must stay away from the matter, Ananya is unconscious for days. Ananya was curt that this is enough now.Sunanda comes to her room. Mishra ji follows him. She was hurt by the sound of constant beating. She says she has a single rule from today, she won’t interrupt in any matter. Amar’s hand was stopped as Gauri holds the whip from behind. She shouts that it’s enough, what he thinks of her husband-to-be. What if she now beats him? Amar was beaten by Gauri. Amar questions who she is, to beat him.

He uses his power but before he could throw it towards Gauri, Baba stops him. He tells Amar that right now, she is Shiv’s lover. He will have to get beaten by her, as a second step of his Tapasia. Every bruise he will get from her lasso, will be a step forward towards his love. Shiv flinches as Amar was being beaten by Shiv. He comes in the middle, as Amar’s protector. Amar pushes Shiv aside, and allows Gauri to continue till she is fulfilled. Baba tells Gauri to beat Amar, enough to fulfil his wishes. Gauri cries that Amar had beaten Shiv, still he came as his savior. The family had gathered in the hall to witness Amar’s pain.

Sunanda gets a chair to view the scene. Shiv finally stops Gauri, and tells Baba that this is enough. Gauri says she only wanted a revenge for him, but Shiv can only be on his brother’s side. Baba and the family disperse.In the room, Sunanda thinks about Amar. She discusses with Mishra ji that its only Ananya who can love Shiv and dare to mingle with Amar for him. Mishra ji agrees.Chaya applied ice pack over Amar’s bruises. He was ready to do anything for Ananya. Sunanda comes to the room and tells Chaya to leave, she has to speak to Amar. She tells Amar that he has forgotten he can treat his own bruises.

Amar replies, he forgot because of pain. Sunanda says he is being a fool. He got the powers that may trigger war in the world, he must never forget this no matter what. Amar treats his body using his powers. Sunanda tells Amar that Baba is only convincing him for false acts. Amar says it is his meditation. Last time, Ananya herself came to meet him. Sunanda says that today he was beaten for her, she must be cured altogether. He should go and question his Baba nowAmar tells Sunanda that last time, Ananya had come to him on her own feet. Sunanda says that now, he was beaten for her; Ananya must recover completely now. He should go and ask his Baba if she recovered or not.

In the room, Amma ji and Rekha won’t let Mishra ji leave. They inquire about Sunanda’s wish. Mishra ji tells the ladies that Sunanda believes Ananya and Gauri are same person; and she has to prove this in front of Amar so that he treats Sunanda well now. Rekha and Amma cheer that if they prove this before Sunanda, Amar will give them privilege. Mishra ji wonders if he was fooled.Shiv tries to apply ointment on his bruised body. Gauri comes to his room, she tells him to take a side. She insists on watching his bruise. Shiv was reluctant but Gauri herself removes his shirt.

She asks Shiv why he got his biceps, Amar is his younger brother yet he gets beaten by him. Shiv says he is older brother, and has maintained himself well. Gauri feels shocked. Gauri now moves closer to apply the ointment at his arm. Shiv looks closely. Gauri now tries to pull his shirt from his back. Shiv flinches. She asks if he didn’t feel any shame the other day. Shiv apologizes, but she cries loudly that he only considers her a mistake. Shiv explains that he meant to say, she is a friend. Gauri feels shy.

Amar walks to Baba, who was meditating. Baba asks if he came to ask about Ananya. Amar was shocked and asks how he came to know. Baba says that witch must have provoked him. He was annoyed with Amar that he still listens to the witch. No fruits are reaped if a person doesn’t have the belief. Amar agrees to listen to Baba. Baba whispers in his ear that the witch is still spying on them. Amar looks around. He finds Sunanda behind a wall and clutches her neck. He deters not to spare Sunanda. Baba clarifies that patience is the key to success, when its matter of life and death. Amar throws Sunanda on the floor and warns her to stay away from his Baba and his matter. Amar leaves.

Baba sits besides Sunanda and says it seems she has hurt someone badly, and it’s the karma.Shiv enjoys that Gauri was excited at their friendship. She asks Shiv what if she speaks something insensible and he breaks the friendship. With a smile, Shiv replies that he has a rule in friendship. He befriends with an open heart, and speaks vehemently to any of his friend. He never minds anything in friendship, and expects the same. What’s the purpose of friendship if he can’t even share a secret with the friend? Gauri was excited to know a secret then. Shiv discusses with her that he is concerned for Ananya. He saw her awake, but wonders how to tell Amar.

Gauri was angry at Shiv for thinking about Ananya, while befriending her. Shiv requests her to stay calm.Sunanda walks across the hall. She thinks she must bring the real face of that Baba before she loses Amar. She goes to speak to Shiv.Gauri turns her face away from Shiv. He knocks on her shoulder and apologizes, promising he won’t take her name again. Gauri boasts that she doesn’t agree so easily. Whenever she is furious, she needs a hug from a friend. Shiv was shy but she hugs him tightly. The veil pulls off her face and she cheers.

Sunanda had reached Shiv’s room. She watches Ananya and Shiv in a hug and was shocked. Ananya realizes her face had been uncovered. Sunanda tells her to cover her face a little more. No matter what she does, she won’t be saved. She has seen enough already. Shiv looks towards Gauri, then turns to Sunanda. Gauri asks if she is insane, she had turned her face away the other day. Sunanda promises she won’t turn her face today, because she knows it is Ananya under the veil. She tells Shiv to ask her pull off her veil. She will do anything if this isn’t Ananya.

Ananya wonders where has she been trapped, how to save herself now. Shiv turns to Ananya. Ananya prays to Mahadev for protection. Shiv place a hand over her shoulder, then tells Sunanda that she won’t remove her veil. He knows well that she is Gauri. Sunanda boasts that he doesn’t. Ananya is naughty. Shiv says Ananya is cunning, but Gauri is simple; she is insulted every time they ask her to remove her veil. He threatens to call Amar otherwise. Sunanda walks out of the room. Shiv inquires Gauri if she is fine, he is there with her and no one can even touch her, till he is on her side. His biceps aren’t in vain. Gauri laughs, and hugs Shiv again. Gauri now leaves the room to get some fresh air. Shiv smiles feeling refreshed.

Sunanda cries in the corridor thinking about Amar and his insults. She thinks that now she will bring Amar. He will now himself see that Ananya isn’t in her room. Ananya had jumped in her room through the window. Sunanda hears the footsteps and goes back. She peeks through the window. Ananya was there in her bed. Sunanda stands there and decides to end this game now.Shiv takes the medicine in her room. Ketki enters the room blindfolded and looks around for Shiv. He was disinterested. Ketki hits the sofa, and wonders why everything comes as a hurdle.

She came to apply medicine on his bruises. Shiv tells her to have a seat beside him. He inquires why she has tied this black cloth on her eyes. Ketki says she wish to marry him, and that Baba said she must blindfold herself; he will marry her. Shiv didn’t believe that Baba. Ketki asks about his injuries. He says it’s there on his arm and shoulder. She roughly applies the medicine as she couldn’t see much. Shiv tells Ketki that it’s enough, as Gauri applied the rest of it. He has taken a pain killer as well. He leaves for some errands and tells Ketki to go and sleep. Ketki was furious over Gauri who had come as a hurdle on her way.

Baba and Amar were in the room. Baba says they will start his third testimony. Amar was ready and stands on a single foot with his hands tied. Baba roles black marble sand stones beneath his feet. He slips over the marble balls. Baba says the more he falls, more are his chances to get his love. Amar falls the second time, and says he will surely break his bones today. On his third fall, Baba appreciates Amar.

Sunanda comes to take Amar along. He didn’t want to go with her, and tells her to leave. Sunanda convince Amar that this Baba is fooling him and torturing him at will. He won’t need do this. Baba wonders what she has seen now. Amar tells Sunanda that all her guarantees are always expired. She pulls Amar along.Amma ji calls Rekha to bring food for her. Rekha brings the tray. Ketki hits Rekha who falls over the tray and bed. It spills over the bed. Rekha grabs Ketki and beats her badly.

Sunanda brings Amar to the room and says here Ananya is. She tells Amar to call Gauri now. Amar asks why he must call that girl now. He murmurs that it seems he must call a psychiatrist. He calls Gauri to the room. Ananya silently thinks that today, Amar will surely know that he is Amar. Shiv comes to Amar and asks if he has something to do, as Gauri is in her room. Amar sends Shiv to go and call her. Sunanda accompanies Shiv, while telling Amar to stay here. Shiv knocks at the door and wonders why she won’t open the door. Sunanda says Gauri is Ananya, she isn’t there in the room. Shiv thinks this isn’t possible. Amar stood in Ananya’s room, silently watching her.

Sunanda and Shiv return to the room. Sunanda smirks that Ananya’s game is over now. She just returned from Gauri’s room who didn’t open the door. This proves Ananya is Gauri. Sunanda asks Ananya to wake up. They know her well enough already. Today, she will do anything to wake her up. Amar watches silently. Sunanda says now Ananya will be responsible for whatever happens now. She takes a knife from a drawer, and place its knob piercing her arm. Shiv convinces Amar to stop her, Ananya might die. Amar tells Shiv to stay silent and let the drama prevail. Blood now ooze out of Ananya’s arm and drips on the bed sheet. Amar feels the pain.



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