Complicated Love Update Tuesday 16 March 2021

Complicated Love 16 March 2021: Mishti makes up that when she and Rohan were talking to each other, Neil called. Pari asks Mishti to relax, it’s weird that she knows about Rohan’s friends in a single day. She had been together with Veer for a year, still she didn’t know Rohan was his friend. After Pari has left, Mishti thinks Pari showed her a huge truth. She came to know Rohan more than Veer. She decides to tell Pari about Rohan. She has been her side in Veer’s case as well and a good friend of Rohan. Mishti tries to tell Pari, but Rohan comes there. Pari was worried about what it is. Veer was in the office and confirms a party in the evening. Arnav comes to the room. Veer confirms they will party like previous times, but will get time for friends this time. Arnav was offered a seat by Veer.

He shows him the presentation, and the background. Veer appreciates Arnav’s job.
Rohan stares at Pari and Mishti, then asks if they have seen some ghost. Pari replies its nothing. Rohan’s phone bell rings again, he was excited to hear the call and confirms a meeting at 8am tomorrow. He hugs Pari and congratulates that their fashion shoot got best model and best photographer award. They must collect it tomorrow. He hugs Pari, while punching Mishti’s hand in celebration. Mishti also congratulate Pari while holding Rohan’s hand at her back. Pari gets a call then. Mishti walks close to Rohan, she says not bad; she seems to be lucky for him. Rohan asks if she would congratulate him so dryly, then kiss her cheek. He claims his thank you was extremely sweet. After the call, Pari asks Rohan if he is leaving. Rohan says he is leaving for Bandra. Pari requests him to drop her to Bandra. Rohan agrees.

He was about to send a flying kiss to Mishti, but Pari hurries him to leave. Mishti thinks she was unable to tell Pari, but she must share it with Pari. Veer apologizes Arnav for his behavior in the morning. Arnav says he understands he was angry, and the reaction was justified. He gets a call. Veer allows him to take it. He had to fix a match date of Real Madrid. Veer gives a high five for being Real Madrid. Veer asks about his favorite, Arnav replies its Messi. Veer cheerfully says his is Ronaldo. He says Mishti always disagree to him regarding cricket or football. He at once realizes, then apologizes Arnav as it will take him some time to leave the habit. Arnav replies it’s alright, then leaves.
Radhika was collecting laundry. Radhika felt back ache. Mishti pays the money to the laundry man, and says he had joined five more clothes in last month’s bill. She writes everything in her diary. After the laundry man had left, Radhika asks Mishti if she is happy now. She tells Mishti that whenever she has to speak to anyone about anything, she is there to stand alongside Mishti. Her bones are weak, but the strength to stand at their back is still there. Mishti says she knows this, this makes her take every decision so easily.

She is sure her family is on her side. She knew she would be angry but won’t leave her side. In the car, Pari thinks if she must tell Rohan how much she loves him. If it is the right time, or should she wait for some time. She wish Rohan says so. Rohan speaks to Pari and asks where she was lost. Rohan was about to say something, Pari replies whatever it is; she would say a yes. He offers a dinner after award function tomorrow. Pari agrees, their Pune plan was also cancelled. Rohan asks for Mishti as well. Mishti tells Radhika she has seen her parent’s relationship break. She didn’t want so, but it happened to her as well. When she was in forest, she never thought about Veer for a single second.

She could have died, but she never envisioned Veer. And when Veer finally arrived, she wasn’t happy to see him. A dying person only craves a single look of love. She couldn’t have lived in such a relationship. Radhika says she was right then, it wasn’t love then. She goes into her room. Rohan stops the car. Pari asks why he stopped the car. Rohan says they have reached Hill Road. He tells Pari to cancel all her meetings and plans for tomorrow, it’s their day. She turns to leave. Her stroller was stuck in the car’s door. Pari asks Rohan why he is teasing her. Rohan laughs that it’s his car, he never troubles her. Pari thinks she would surely speak her heart out to him tomorrow. Mishti brings Rohan’s laundry to his room. She thinks for a while, then hugs his shirt. In the office, Rohan meets Arnav and asks what he is doing here. Arnav says he works here. Rohan says its great news, no one told him about it. Rohan hugs Arnav, congratulates him.

Arnav tells Rohan that Veer has planned an outing with friends in IC club. Rohan feels bad that Veer didn’t invite him where they always met, may be Naina had said something to Veer. He wonders if Veer knows about him and Mishti.Mishti purchases a watch as gift for Rohan. She was spotted by Veer, while she talked on phone with open laughter. Veer feels broken how Mishti could be so happy, while he has lost his smile al together. He just doesn’t get it why she didn’t feel the compatibility between them, and now is so happy after breakup. Mishti hires a cab. Veer follows Mishti but loses track of her car amidst heavy traffic. He thinks why he is troubled watching Mishti happy, who was she speaking to on phone.

Mishti was on call with Arnav, and apologizes to be able to join them. Arnav convinces that they would only play for some time. Mishti asks Arnav to inform Pari and Rohan as well. Arnav says it is difficult Rohan would come. Upon Mishti’s inquiry, Arnav says Rohan came to meet Veer but he wasn’t in office. He told Rohan Veer was meeting his friends in IC Club, they are old friends and Rohan may go there. After the call, Mishti asks the driver to take a route to club. She thinks she knows why Rohan wants to meet Veer. She broke up with Veer. She can’t let Rohan face Veer all alone and bear his hatred, they must do it together. Veer was in the club and drinks. Rohan tries his number but Veer ignores. Mishti stops Rohan outside. Rohan asks Mishti who told her he was here. Mishti smiles her spy are spread across. Rohan says Mishti shouldn’t have come here, he wonders how would Veer react or misbehave. Mishti says she broke Veer’s heart, and they must face this situation together. They go inside hand in hand.

Veer was badly drunk and gathered by girls around him. Rohan and Mishti stop at the door. Veer goes to dance with the girls.
Arnav hurries Sukhmani to go. Sukhmani asks Arnav to let her have her coffee. She offers Tani as well, but Tani was tired. Arnav says Tani is always busy with television and mobile. Sukhmani asks Arnav not to continue taunting. She asks Arnav to go, she and Tani would be there in a while. There was a door bell, it was Pari. Arnav says he was about to come to her. Pari offers her to come home but Arnav invites her inside. He pulls Pari closer.

Pari requests Sukhmani to bring her a glass of Lassi and some meal in Arnav’s room. Tani asks if Pari didn’t eat at her place. Pari asks if she must not take permission from Tani to eat here. Sukhmani tells Pari to ignore her completely. Tani murmurs that here Pari has grabbed her brother, and there she loves Rohan. Sukhmani asks what she just said. Tani says Pari and Mishti are allowed to go anywhere anytime, only she is prohibited. Sukhmani leaves without replying. Mishti and Rohan drove back from the club. Mishti cries thinking about Veer. Rohan stops the car. Mishti gets off. Rohan was concerned. Mishti hugs Rohan, as she finds peace only in his arms. He brings her a bottle of water from the car, then holds her hand.

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