Blood and wine telemundo: Read what happens in the season finale here


As the plot thickens and conflict rages on between Juanjo, Aurora and Roberto, find out how the telemundo series blood and wine ends here…

Episode 59 – Season finale

Sara is amused at Roberto’s efforts at hiding the video that incriminates him not knowing that she has already seen the video and sent it to every concerned individual. She had gotten their contacts from his phone and had also overheard him speaking with Reyes. In the conversation, they were both planing to kill her, blame her for the kidnap and then make everyone believe she had committed suicide. Classic Roberto right?

In another scene, Meche calls Crisanto to know if he had indeed seen the video and can finally agree that Juanjo didn’t kill his son Emilio. As they were speaking, Dolores and Dimas walk in with Emilito. Finally!

Back at Roberto’s house, he’s already aware of what Sara did. They go into a heated argument. Roberto accuses her of having a mental disorder (the nerves of him!) while she threatens to end his misearable life and put him out of his mystery, allowing an unrequited love drive him insane. There’s a tussle and Sara gets shot.

Back in the bedroom, Aurora hears the gun shot and is terrified, soon Roberto comes in and take Aurora hostage. He drags her outside and later steals a car and they set off on a journey.

Back in the police quarters, Susan and Ernesto watch the video and then move to go arrest Roberto. But when they arrive at his house he’s not there instead they find a wounded Sara and discover she is not dead. They help her her to the hospital.

Juanjo calls the Castañedas house and hears that Emilito has returned, he is overjoyed and thinks Aurora is also at the house, but later when he arrives there he discovers that neither Roberto or Aurora is there. He becomes devasted.

Back in the stolen car, Roberto keeps on driving with no destination in mind. When Aurora asks him where they were headed, he gabble about knowing she loves him though she’s messing around with Juanjo, that she truly loves him and not Juanjo etc. But as luck would have it, the car starts to run out of gas. Roberto is therefore forced to stop over for gas.

Back at the Castañedas house, Susan calls Juanjo and tells him that Aurora and Roberto were spotted, she therefore implored him to stay put and not try to intercede in the issue giving the history between him. Juanjo tells her yes but soon after he and Crisanto dashes out to save Aurora.

Aurora tries to evade Roberto at a gas station after they’ve stopped, but he refuses to let her go inside alone and unattended. But finally he leaves her alone long enough for her to use the bathroom. Inside the convenience, Aurora begs another customer for her cell phone and immediately calls Juanjo. But Roberto suspects and catches up to her. He toss the cell phone into the toilet and drags her out to continue their journey.

Meanwhile, Juanjo and Crisanto are already on their way to the gas station. Juanjo calls Susan to notify her of their whereabout and reaffirms his promise to not get involved. He just failed to mention that he’s actually in the passenger seat of a truck Crisanto’s driving in pursuit of his lover.

A while later, Juanjo and Crisanto find the Roberto and Aurora’s car crashed into the side of a train. They both start shouting for Aurora but  she had somehow manage to escape Roberto.

Roberto’s babbling about being able to smell her, knowing she’s close by. Crisanto and Juanjo are near Aurora’s hiding place as they call and search for her.

When Crisanto comes around a corner, Roberto shoots him, but then he is horrified, probably because he was hoping to hit Juanjo. But Juanjo attacks him from around the corner and they go into an intense fight.

Crisanto pulls himself into a sitting position to watch the end of the fight. Juanjo has the gun and Roberto has a big stick. They hear Susan approaching and Aurora–the only one facing Roberto’s direction–picks up the gun and shoots him.

A time leap, Some weeks later…..

Paloma has now moved to New York. She mets up with Aurora’s classmate from France but is still angry at her dad for the way he treats her brother Leo.

Paco’s on his part is packing up his stuff for a trip back to Spain. He finds some bottles of wine he and Natalia had been saving for a special occasion and insist that they toast to the good times. He and Natalia enjoy the wine, and in the romantic mood they reflect on their goods days together. Natalia has mixed feelings concerning her husband’s departure and actually wishes they could patch things up because she still loves him. Paco tells her he had never stopped loving her too but she finds it hard to believe.

Poor Serena’s moves to Miami to become Horacio’s secretary.

Dimas Goes to Doris’ house and gives her new football shoes for Rafa and some other things. He apologizes  too.

Susan brings Sara to the hospital to see Roberto. The gun shots had put him in a vegetative state and he is presently in coma, dead to his environment.

Sara gets up to his face and asks him if he knows who she is and hope he can hear her. She remembers some of their high and low momenta. She laughs bitterly and says he looks like a doll now, a broken one and that She can’t think of a better revenge for him. Susan had to drag her away from Roberto’s hospital room.

Crisanto goes over to the Montiel warehouse. He apologizes to Juanjo for his false accusation and how he treated him. He says he’s not making excuses, but when Emilio died he was so full of pain, he took it out on all of them. Juanjo forgives him.

He apologizes to Natalia too and gives her back the Viña del Río. He also seeks to talk to Paco.

Dimas carries supplies in for Natalia. She wants them to make food for the harvest like they always did before.

Joaquin helps Meche set up the table. Juanjo and Aurora sample some grapes. Natalia and Paco tease them. Juanjo and Aurora argue about whose turn it is to propose.

Crisanto apologizes to Leo and asks for more time to process what’s happening to him (Leo). He also apologizes to Mercedes and she forgives him.

Anita apologizes to Aurora for taking Roberto’s side. Aurora forgives her and says he had them all fooled.

The family sets for a group photo.

Aurora puts Emilito to sleep in her room at the Castañeda house. Juanjo comes in, he teases her, tells her they could go back to being 18 and carefree again. He’s happy that they are finally together and that nothing will ever separate them again. Aurora agrees that nothing will ever separate them again because the worst is over.

Cut to the hospital room, Roberto opens his eyes.

The end

Wow! Since Roberto isn’t really out of the picture, they might be a season two. guys what do you think?



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