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Chasing my heart 12 May 2020: starts with Raghav saying she is not answering Dadi. Dadi says day was stressful, she will come back. Raghav asks what about our stress. Door bell rings. He says she has come, I will see her. He opens the door and asks Naina does she get happiness by making him worry, where did she go.

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She says I went to take something imp. Dadi looks on. He says you should have told me. She says actually, you left it behind. He asks what. She gets Seema and asks him till when will he hide this, you left this relation behind, I got it back.

Harjeet gets Naina’s note in guest room. Naina writes Raghav wanted to call Seema home, I did not wish to disturb you, I m taking Seema along, sorry. Raghav asks why did you do this, some relations have complications. Naina says Seema told me everything,
every relation has complications, life is giving you a second chance, to start life afresh, you got separated because of situation, you both wanted to save each other, you took Veer’s blame on your head to save Seema, the one who loved you so much, call her Didi once, she is alone, she needs you, she has sent you away for protecting you, today she needs your protection, accept her, money has made you blind, can’t you see, you are staying in big house, still you are alone, you can buy world by money, what will you get by sending her, see her, she wants your love and support, not money, she lost her daughter, don’t snatch her brother, agree to me please. Raghav cries and hugs Seema. Dadi hugs Naina. Raghav apologizes to Seema and says you don’t know how I lived without you, sorry. Seema says no, you don’t need to apologize. Sudha and Pam look on and get shocked.
Sudha asks is she your sister, you said…. Dadi asks what, everything can’t be publicized, Seema is Raghav’s elder sister, Seema has given Raghav to me years ago, today I m giving Raghav back to her, Seema will stay with us in our house. They all go. Pam says what will happen now. Sudha says we have to do something.

Its morning, Seema makes food and feeds Raghav. She says I m not able to forget Renu, I have much pain inside me, I feel the pain will come out some day. He says please you promised me you won’t let this pain come out, everyone can know truth. I can’t see your pain ruining you, I got my sister back after years, I don’t want to lose you. She says yes, we lost a lot. Raghav asks what was she saying about someone dying. She says don’t know, I heard someone saying Naina and her child won’t get saved, I was sure Naina’s life is in danger, so I came there. He says who will wish so in that house. She says no, maybe I thought so, I was unwell. He says you did not know Naina at that time, its not any thought, its not first time, someone is attacking Naina, someone is trying again and again, maybe child’s father is from Khurana family. He asks her about Khurana. She says don’t know. He says I will know truth when I go there.
He gets Khurana’s call and says you will live 100 years, I was going to call you. Khurana says I called to ask about Seema, come home, we will have a talk. Raghav agrees. Raghav sees Naina ready and asks is she going in fashion show by becoming a balloon. Seema says don’t tease her. Naina says he is so funny. She holds Raghav’s face. Seema smiles. Naina checks his hair and says even your mind is falling along with hairfall. He asks what do you mean. She says you told me to be ready, we have to go in cricket match sponsored by your organization. He says I know everything, I taunt you as I like it, there is no match, go and change. She asks why. He says I have imp work. She says I did not see live match, we would have VIP seats. Seema asks him to tae her. Naina says someone should learn from him to make false promises, he does not worry for me and baby. Raghav says I have imp work, so yo go and enjoy. She asks will I go alone. He says no, I called two bodyguards for you. She says but… He says they will always be with you to protect you, did you think I will let you and baby go without protection. She recalls old moment. He compliments her. She smiles. Naina goes.

Sudha looks on and calls Harjeet. Harjeet says I know Raghav is coming here, you think its coincidence that he got a call from my house. Sudha says Naina went with bodyguards. Harjeet says tapasya fruit is always got, Naina will come back from stadium alive, her good luck won’t support her. Naina comes to stadium. The bodyguards check the bouquet and gives her. She says we will go to stadium, match would have started. The man says VIP box is reserved for you. Bodyguard says let us check the place, then you can come. She says sorry, my husband has sent them.
Khurana attends some meeting. Raghav thinks how to talk to Khurana, I can’t blame him. Khurana asks him what’s the matter. Raghav says much happened in our house, sorry to say, I feel since Ira and Armaan’s marriage is fixed, this is happening, it can be coincidence too, but… Khurana asks what are you saying. Raghav says we are understanding each other, we are good friends, I don’t doubt on you, but I feel Armaan…. Naina has sent him to jail, then she is getting attacked, our families had misunderstanding, sorry but are you understanding me. Khurana asks what do you want to say, be clear. Armaan comes and says yes say it, let me hear it.

starts with Naina asking why is it delaying. The man says its all clear, you can go, till Mr. Sinha comes, you can relax, I will show the place to your bodyguards. She says sure. The bodyguards go to check the place. The man calls goons. The bodyguards get attacked.
Naina asks was it Mr. Sinha’s call. The man says yes, he is coming here. She gets excited hearing the crowd and says I wish Raghav was here, I will message Raghav. The man shoots her bodyguard. She gets shocked. The man points gun at her. She tries to run. The man gets the bomb. She asks who are you, what do you want, what’s this. He says I made this belt by hardwork, you have to wear it. She asks what did I do, let me go. He hurts her. She says please let me go, what did my child harm you. They ask her not to move.
Armaan asks how many times shall I explain. Khurana calms him. Harjeet comes and asks what’s this noise, you disturbed me in my puja. Armaan asks what shall I do, I apologized and wanted to start afresh, they just hate me for no reason. Harjeet asks Raghav what’s your problem. Raghav says nothing, Khurana and I were talking. Armaan heard us and misunderstood. Harjeet says Armaan respects Khurana a lot, he will feel bad if he hears so, why did you come. Raghav says I was saying problems are occurring in my home since Ira and Armaan’s marriage got fixed. Armaan says what’s the motive, why will I do anything. She says he is not blaming you.

Armaan says he meant to say this, my brother is silently listening this, as I m step brother. Raghav asks step brother.
The man ties the bomb belt to Naina. She asks the man what did I do, talk to my husband and take money from him. The man asks her to shut up, is money more imp than revenge motives, this is bomb remote. He goes to tie her. She asks are you mad to blast this entire place, police will never leave you, you think the person hired you will come to save you, you will die along. They tie her. She pushes the men and says I have remote in hand, you will also die along with me, move back. She runs. Harjeet asks did you not know this, that Armaan and Khurana are step brothers. She cries. Khurana asks her not to cry. He asks Armaan to take her. They go.
Khurana says you did not do this right Raghav, you have hurt my mum’s heart, Armaan is not a bad guy, you have no valid reason to doubt on him, you did not do right, I think I should be with my mum now, I will see you later. Raghav looks on. The men look for Naina. She hides. She thinks there is no one here, if I shout, they will catch me, I may get police outside stadium. Raghav gets Naina’s message and says atleast she is enjoying. Mr. Sinha calls him and asks him where is he and his wife. Raghav says sorry, I could not come, but my wife is there. Mr. Sinha says no, she is not here. Raghav says how can this happen, she messaged me she is there at stadium. He worries. Naina hides from the men. She goes out hearing the sound and sees some building. She says it means no cricket match is happening here, it was a lie. She sees the speaker. The goon says yes, we fooled you Naina. She says please let me go. The man asks her to give remote. She falls down. A goon records her video. She screams in pain.

Harjeet and Sudha see Naina live and get glad. Harjeet says now we can get our work done. Sudha says no, let her die for her child, so that she can realize what’s the pain to lose child, Naina beg for your child. Harjeet says we have less time, we can celebrate her death, we have to give order to kill Naina. Harjeet smiles and calls goons, asking them to kill Naina.
Raghav talks to inspector and says I m saying truth, she did not reach stadium, where did she go, take my words seriously, find her, send someone right now. He worries and cries. He thinks to track her phone and know her location. He checks her location and leaves. The man asks for remote. Naina hits the man with a stick. She runs.

The goons look for her. She cries and sits. She says who are they, why are they after me. She gets shocked seeing a dead body in sack. She gets pain and cries. She shouts for help. The remote falls in the well from her hand. She says this can’t happen. The bomb gets activated. She gets shocked.

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