Chasing My Heart Update Thursday 4 February 2021

Chasing My Heart 4 February 2021: They take Harjeet inside. Khurana says trust me Biji, I can’t believe I m seeing you. Biji asks him to drink. He asks what are you doing, I heard you did not wish to stay with us as you wanted to take Sanyas. She says don’t be silly, Sanyas is not my cup of tea, I want to live luxurious life. He asks why did mum say this. She asks him to ask Harjeet.

Harjeet wakes up. He asks her is she fine. She says yes. Biji says I thought you will hug me, you fainted. Harjeet says I m glad seeing you. Biji says Rehaan wants to ask something. Naina says Biji said she never took Sanyas, why did you lie. Dadi asks her to say truth. Biji says what will she say, she could not come out of pleasant shock, I did not take Sanyas, I will say where I was, Harjeet has sent me to old age home. Khurana gets shocked. Dadi says my bad children did not do this with me. Khurana asks Harjeet is this true. Harjeet says I want to talk to you in private. Naina says maybe you did not like surprise. Harjeet says no, just you can give me such pleasant surprise.

Biji asks her to hug. She hugs Harjeet and says now I will fulfill my heart wishes. Harjeet asks what would I do Rehaan, I had to hide this truth. Khurana says you did not do right to end ties with Biji, not fair. She thinks to cry and melt his heart. She cries and says I had no way, Biji hates me, I came in her first bahu’s place, your mum was great, Biji never accepted me, I felt everything will get fine, this did not happen, I have always seen my mum in her, she did not regard me daughter, her anger is too much, I respect her, she attacked me one day. He gets shocked. She says yes, I had responsibility of two children. Biji never supported me, she filled poison in your heart about me, your dad had one dream, he wanted to see you successful, so I loved you more than Armaan, I wanted to see your dad’s dream fulfilling, she wanted to take you away and ruin our house, I had to make my children away from her. He holds her.

She says trust me, I m your mum, I would have never cheated, I did not torture her, I did not let her respect spoil, she lives the same way, I have sent her money every month from my money. He says I know. He gets a call and goes. She thinks tears always work. She sees shadow and opens door. She sees Naina. Naina says I got lemon water for you. Harjeet says you take care of me. Naina says come and cut the cake, all guests are waiting. Khurana asks Naina to manage everything. She says I will manage. He leaves. Sudha asks Harjeet is she fine. Naina comes with a knife. She gives it to Harjeet and asks her to cut cake. She asks her to make a wish. Harjeet cuts the cake. Naina takes the cake to feed Harjeet. Ahana’s spirit enters Naina. Naina smears cake on her face. She wishes her happy birthday. Harjeet gets angry.

She asks are you mad. Naina asks what did you think, I will celebrate your birthday. She argues. She reminds what Harjeet did on her birthday. She says you blamed me for stealing diamond necklace, you made me and Rehaan fight. Harjeet says it was nothing like that. Biji says great, Rehaan chose a great bahu, you made me happy. Naina asks Harjeet to do as she says, else she will expose her.Naina singing Sasu ji tune meri….. She dances with Harjeet. Biji and Dadi smile. She feeds the wine to Harjeet. Khurana comes and gets shocked. He shouts Naina. He asks what’s happening, what are you doing. Harjeet asks him to see what Naina did, you wanted my birthday to become special, thanks your wife made it special, I can’t forget this day ever. He says how dare you Naina, how dare you insult my mum. Naina says she deserves this. He raises hand.

She holds his hand and says how dare you raise hand on me, you think I will silently bear your tortures. He says you felt I will silently sit when you insult my mum. She says you were always mumma’s boy, if you wanted to be with her, why did you marry me.Harjeet says please do anything with me, I beg you leave my son. Naina says this family has old habit to do drama. Biji asks Naina did anyone not teach her how to talk to husband, leave his hand. Naina twists his hand. She asks him what was he doing. He says I don’t raise hand on women. She says you were going to slap me. She leaves his hand and smiles. He says you made me helpless, this is not over, I will not forgive you for this insult. She laughs and says all the best. She goes. Pam, Sudha and Dadi look on.

Harjeet does aid to Khurana’s hand. He says I m really sorry, I can’t imagine what you went through, Naina insulted you. She says I m not selfish to cry for myself, Lord give me strength to fight with such storms, I m crying thinking what will Naina do to harm our family, you are my son, I felt Naina accepted our family, you both became friends. He says I was wrong about Naina, I can clearly see what you were trying to explain me. She says truth is Ahaan is not safe with Naina, she saved his life, you think she is caring for Ahaan, I think you and baby should be away from Naina, she is mentally ill, if she does anything with Ahaan. He says no, this won’t happen, don’t think so. She says you have to do everything. He says yes, I have to do something.

Biji comes to Naina. Naina acts to be sleeping. Dadi says how are you behaving these days Naina. She cries. Biji says I felt you and Naina have strong relation. Dadi says she is close to me, my heart is sinking seeing her. Biji says we have many things in common, I also worry for Rehaan this way, I love him a lot, when Naina taught a lesson to Harjeet, I felt proud of her, then what she did with Rehaan, it was not right, do you think Rehaan deserves this insult, did Naina get such values.

Dadi says her values is her strength, I won’t hear against her, I think it was Rehaan’s mistake, he tried to slap Naina, she has become such because of Khurana family. Biji says she has to bear tension by coming in big family, I m very disappointed with you, you are supporting Naina. Naina names baby. Dadi says I will get your son.

Dadi gets Ahaan. Naina sleeps. Dadi says she worries for her son a lot, Naina is not such to hurt anyone, her behavior changed, it looks its someone else, not Naina, just her motherly love controlled her, give a chance to my Naina. Harjeet hears them. Khurana sees baby. Naina asks did you come, what happened to your hand, you went for meeting. Khurana says now you will say you don’t remember anything. She says this did not happen in front of me. He says exactly, you were not there. She asks him to have medicines. She takes baby and goes. He says she is going out of hand. Biji looks on. Khurana asks her not to start now. She says I have seen many weathers and have experience of life, some spirit have controlled Naina. Harjeet says he does not believe all this, I m tired explaining him, he feels Naina has mental illness. Biji says you don’t need to add ghee in fire when I m talking. She says Rehaan I m more modern than Harjeet, what Dadi told me, I feel its above our understanding, Naina does not remember what she did, there is something wrong. Harjeet smiles and thinks mummy ji will do my work unknowingly. Khurana says this happened many times, Naina reacts like she does not remember anything, doctor said this happens when person takes stress.

Biji says we have to get her treated, there is an ashram outside city, Swami ji treats all mental illnesses or spirits, I think we should take Naina there. Khurana asks Harjeet what does she think. Harjeet says Biji is saying right. She thinks old woman has helped me.Naina gets shocked seeing two men. She asks who are they. They catch her. She shouts Dadi. Dadi says you can’t do this, Naina is your wife, this marriage is namesake, I will not send Naina to ashram. Biji says relax, I went to ashram and saw troubled people getting treated, Naina will be good there. Dadi asks Harjeet to say something. Dadi says Rehaan you are doing big mistake, baby and Naina can’t stay away. Naina asks Dadi to tell them to leave her. Biji says no Naina, we can’t stop them, its happening for your good, they are taking you to ashram for your treatment. Naina asks who are you to decide this, leave me, else I will kill everyone. Khurana says see what she is saying, she has lost it completely, I will not let her go near Ahaan, she can be dangerous for him, Dadi if you want her to get fine, we have to send her.

Dadi says I will take you to court. Khurana asks what will you tell there, Naina attacked me and my mum, she is my wife, legally its my right to take this decision for her good, the woman who can be threat for family, she has to be treated. Naina says knowing you killed my husband and tortured me here, they will agree to Dadi, not you, who uses money to torture people. He shouts enough, this is happening for your good. Khurana asks Harjeet to come. Biji stares at Harjeet and goes. Harjeet stops the men. She asks Naina why did she old woman home, did she think she will help her, I did not do this, Biji has become reason for your leaving, she has decided to send you to ashram, I heard that ashram is a hell, I will have fun seeing what happens with you there.

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