Chandra Nandini Update Thursday 28 January 2021


Chandra Nandini 28 January 2021: Chandra sees Payal and picks it up,Nandini looks at herself in mirror and Chandras words go around in her mind and she says why is it that Maharajs pain can be felt by me,what is it,his touch everything is so weird, Chandra calls dasi,Nandini says this is wrong I’m married I can’t think about any other man,dasi walks in,Chandra says nothing please leave.

Charumati asks adornus why is bindusara angry,adornus says pitahshree,Charumati says god I had to fall for this angry guy,adornus says I think today you shouldn’t talk to him,Charumati says you don’t know me I shall talk to him and calm him down ,Chitra says don’t go he is very angry,Bhadra walks to them and says let her go,she should have an idea before marrying him how high he is when it comes to anger.Chitra says Bhadra don’t you get angry on this,Bhadra says no,because I know mamashree is alright,he is just not over his love yet,Charumati walks to bindusara,he is exercising,Bindusara says I told you not to come,I don’t want to talk,don’t you understand my words,Charumati says look you should calm down,Bindusara says don’t you understand just leave me alone,Charumati says look we are marrying and I think we should,Bindusara says why don’t you understand I don’t want you,and not need to talk to anyone not marry anyone,get out don’t you understand,Charumati says you are so selfish and gets upset,dharma sees this and says he is so rude,hard to believe he is son of king Chandragupta.

Kartikeya asks dharma why are you here,dharma says I was here to give these glasses and keeps it and walks away,Kartikeya says why go wait,Dharma says I didn’t like the way he behaved with Charumati,he is marrying her doesn’t mean he can ill treat her, look at his father,he is so calm and this bindusara completely opposite,Kartikeya says this is because he was angry and starts laughing and says so you want a husband like Chandragupta king,dharma says yes I mean why not look at you too,you are a future king too but you don’t behave as he does.

Kartikeya says because I’m scared of you,dharma says but I’m a normal girl who stays in your town,Kartikeya says I heard all about your stories and tells every single details,and asks why did you leave Champa,dharma tells him,Kartikeya says you always think about others,dharma says it gives me happiness,Kartikeya says the one who shall marry you will be very lucky.

Nandini says what is this fate, I don’t know who my husband,what is my past,when will he be back Chandra walks to Nandini,Nandini feels someone is behind,Chandra says Prabha,Nandini covers her face and asks you here ,Chandra says shouldn’t I have come here,Nandini says no no,Chandra says actually the dasi who was in my room last night left her Payal in my room,Nandini thinks may be he found something fishy and takes it from him and says I shall hand it to respective person and says you are king you shouldn’t have down such small things and if someone sees you with me so late what will they think,Chandra says that the king has lost it.

Chandra says can I ask you something,Nandini says sure,Chandra says have you fallen in love,Nandini says yes but he isn’t with me,Chandra says then you know my feeling,everyone thinks I have lost my mind but this is my hope,my Nandini will return,she is the reason behind my success,she taught me love,Nandini says there’s love in parental too,and when one love harms other it’s not good,Chandra says if Nandini would be here,bindusara wouldn’t be this way,he would be disciplined and the mahal won’t be in this state, I shall take a leave now,Chandra stumbles,Nandini bends down and says is your leg fine maharaj.

Chandra places his hand on her head and says I shall take your leave and leaves,Nandini looks at the Payal,and keeps it in the box,and says good I had taken off the other one,or else it would be a big mess. Apma says Helina once we conquer champs,Greeks economy will be helped and Durg production will be great too,Helina says but Champa ma how,Apma says adornus told us remember Elis loves Kartikeya and he is future king,Helina says but we are Greeks will that be fine with them,Apma says don’t forget, her father is Magad king and on other hand,we shall ask for Chitras hand for bindusara,Helina says but Charumati,Apma says he is future king,he can marry twice,adornus walks in,Helina asks Whats wrong,adornus says today I calmed a lion,Helina asks what,adornus says I meant bindusara bhaiya and tells about why bindusara was angry,and he helped him calm down,Helina says go away adornus,adornus says why don’t you praise me,Helina says get out.
Helina says ma did you here,Nandini,Apma says relax,it’s just Chandras imagination,Helina says I can’t take risks and asks dasi to call bindusara.

Bindusara with Charumati,he is very close to her,she has her eyes closed,bindusara leaves,and sits on bed in anger,Charumati opens her eyes and takes baby steps to him,and sits beside him and rests her head on his lap,bindusara says Charumati we are childhood friends,so I have an advice don’t marry me. Nandini thinks about Chandras words and says I have to go,I can’t stay in Magad dharma asks what are you doing,Nandini says I can’t stay I have to go,dharma says ma go no worries but I can’t bindusara won’t let me,Nandini says I shall talk to him,dharma says even you won’t be allowed then,I shall make a excuse that baba is unwell and then all will be fine.Dharma sees a shadow, and says I shall go check you stay here.

Bindusara says dont Marry me,Charumati says I love you,Bindusara says because I have no love but just anger for my father because he cant realise he is in love with Nandini,who killed my mother,also he cant see her true face,he cant differentiate what’s good and bad,he has lost his senses in love ,look you are my friend and I don’t want you to face these things in love,Charumati says we are friends and then lovers,dasi says Yuvraj mukhya rani is waiting for you.


Helina says Bindusara did Chandra checked for Nandini again,Bindusara says yes some dasi but I checked it wasn’t Nandini,Helina asks did you see her face,Bindusara says no I didn’t ,Helina says I order you go check every women in mahal,Bindusara says but why ma,Nandini why will she hide if she was in mahal and she is dead ma it’s been years,Helina says I cant tolerate this name,she destroyed your life,my life,I cant bare the Pain and see you being destroyed again,Bindusara says don’t worry ma I shall check again.

Dadi goes to see Chandra,Chandra says you awake,dadi says when you are awake how will I sleep, when will this pain in your eyes end,when did you smiled last,Chandra says when Nandini was here,dadi says I know Nandini isn’t alive,but love has all powers, relax she will be back,love is very powerful. Dharma follows the shadow carrying a stick in her hand and attacks Kartikeya,Kartikeya says people are right,look at you,why are you attacking me,dharma says this is ladies room,Kartikeya says I’m going Champa soon,see if you can solve this issue on your own or I shall talk about you to pithashree,dharma says Champa is small town,and Magad helps us gain our economy, I cant let it affect it because of me.

Kartikeya asks is the situation so tensed look at your face.Dharma says no I’m just worried for Champa,and for that all should fall in right place and I shall work for it, Kartikeya says I shall wait for you and leaves. Dharma walks to Nandini,Nandini asks who was it,dharma says no one lets go,dharma says this bindusara is so wired but his father,Nandini says no Bindusara is alright his father is mad,dasi informs all to gather down,dharma says ma you leave I shall distract them.Nandini enters a room,sees a sketch of Chandra Nandini,and says we look so similar and I feel a connection and also that I can take her place so easily.

Nandini sees a sketch of padmanand,and remembers seeing him in memory flashes and they get stronger. Bindusara checking all women,adornus says let’s go relax,ma is tensed so all this,we will work tomorrow,Bindusara says no I shall work.,adornus says to Bhadra and Kartikeya let’s go hunt he won’t come,Bhadra says no it wouldn’t be fun without him. Nandini is taken away by guards ,dharma thinks what will happen now,and says to Bindusara does this suit you to check every women,Bindusara shouts on her and says this is my order given by my ma,dharma smiles,Bindusara yells at her why are you smiling.dhrama says all are dais here and you are on higher authority so no one shall interrupt but you cant you show some respect.

Bindusara says this my kingdom and all will work my way,who are you to order me,dharma says on one hand there’s your father who is in love with his wife and is still in his memories and on other hand you,no women will like to be with you ,you misbehaved with your fiancé as well ,Bindusara says enough or else,and raises his hand on her,Kartikeya says enough Bindusara,Bindusara says how dare this dasi speak to me this way,Kartikeya says she is brahman daughter,you need to respect her and she will never give up, let her go before this argument takes a bad turn. Bindusara stops all women and says I still shall check everyone,he reaches Nandini,dharma is scared,Nandini face is half burnt,Nandini says my face is half burnt I’m sorry,Bindusara asks was it you who dashed me,Nandini says yes,Bindusara says dharma today I let you go because Kartikeya is your Yuvraj next time I won’t and leaves, Kartikeya asks dharma are you fine,dharma says yes but why,Kartikeya says are you scared,dharma says no,Kartikeya says I just keep admire you,dharma leaves.

Dharma asks ma what is this,why did you burn yourself,Nandini says this is fake,and I did this to save you as well,and now no one shall ask me to remove my dupatta,if they would see me they would take me as Nandini,i didn’t give you birth but you are my daughter,dharma asks ma did you ever dreamt of love,Nandini says I don’t remember but I feel connected here,dharma says is there anything as love ,Nandini says I don’t remember but this,moon I feel like it signs me something about my past.Nandini leaves to get water,Chandra pulls her,Nandini says my face is half burnt don’t,Chandra takes it off.

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