Chandra Nandini Update Thursday 18 March 2021

Chandra Nandini 18 March 2021: Dasi smokes Chandini room with that herb. Nandini finds the fragnance good but faints. Doctor informs she is pregnent. Chandra is so happy. Helena says she will stay to look after her as once she has faced abortion already. Chandra asks Helena to stay back at Mehal and goes to inform others about the happy news. Helena says to Nandhni that she has kept her word and there is even time for the sun set. She reveals that Nandini’s pregnancy symptoms were the fake effects of that herb’s fragnance. Nandini shocked and asks Chandra is too happy and what will go through him when he comes to know the truth. Helena says she doesn’t care and warns her if she has to win then she should think and act like Helena.

Nandini informs this to Chanakya. He says one should not underestimate one’s enemy. He asks her to think like a Maharani.Helina walks to Bindusara with sweets and says there’s good news,Bindusara says does anything good happen here,Helina says yes we are going to have new prince as Nandini is pregnant,Bindusara says that’s not possible I’m the real to be king,I won’t let this happen,I will stand against it,Helina says against Chandra,no ways,instead finish up Nandini and all bad will be gone,she did injustice to be an snot with you anymore and I have shown you a way,it’s your take now,Dhrama sees them and says thank god ma told me to keep an eye on Helina, and Bindusara is such a fool,she is using him and he ha son idea about it,I have to tell ma and leaves,Helina looks at Dhrama leave.

Chandra says Nandini don’t lift heavy things,Nandini says but I like to keep your room neat,because I know how you like it,Chandra says but a syour husband it’s my duty to not let you do these things in such state,Nandini thinks god how will I tell Chandra that I’m not pregnant,I will have to tell maharaj,Chandra says I want a daughter like you,promise me,Nandini thinks stop it,he is so happy,don’t tell him this now,and says how can I promise this and will you not love your son,Chandra says I didn’t mean that and says if we have a baby boy, he will be a Great king,Nandini says promise me if we have a son he will never be a king,Bindusara will be king,he is elder and I don’t want brothers to fight for throne,Chandra says now I know why I love you so much,Nandini says thank you and hugs him.

Bindusara walks to Nandini room and stabs,Nandini walks from behind and says how long will you fool yourself,Bindusara is shocked,Nandini says why don’t you understand Helina is using you,Bindusara says dare you say such things about my mother she isn’t like you,Nandini says you are living a false life,Helina lied to you,to use you,and tells him the truth,Bindusara says this is false,Nandini says I know you won’t trust me because you are drugged,you can hear this from care taker and calls her and she says Nandini is saying the truth,Bindusara says I don’t believe you,Nandini says okay,do as I say and Helina will reveal her true self,Bindusara stabs and leaves.

Bindusara walks to Helina with sword full of blood,Helina asks what is this,Bindusara says ma I killed Nandini,Helina says why but,if Chandra learns this he will kill you,Bindusara says ma you told me too,Helina says why will I tell this,you did this and you blaming me for this,and now if Chandra learns this he will kill you,so leave Magad and run away. ( Nandini says bindusara go to Helina and tell her you killed me,and as much I know her she will ask you to run away and say she didn’t say she didn’t ask you to kill me)
Bindusara says you kept fooling me,why did you use me,I want to hear the truth,Helina starts laughing and says yes I used you,for my benefits,it was my plan to get you here,but Nandini,and pulls his sword and kills herself,Chandra runs in,Helina says Chandra I was trying to tell him not to misbehave with Nandini but he was so drunk that he stabbed me,Bindusara says no I didn’t,Chandra says hsutup throw him behind bars,for attempt to murder Helina and go call doctor.

Nandini to Chandra,why did you out Bindusara behind bars,it is a plot,he is innocent,Chandra says I saw him do it,Nandini says ask your Heart will he ever do it and let me tell you what all happened and tells him,and says Helina trapped him,Chandra says do you have proofs,and this is a Sabha and we need proofs for such big blames,Nandini says right now I don’t, give me some time and I will get you proofs. Helina to Elis and adornus,says what you think am I fool to injure myself for a plot.adornus says ma you are genius but Bindusara,Helina says forget him we need to focus on next step. Charumati says Bindusara I trust you,Bindusara says all have taken me guilty,Nandini walks to Bindusara and says I’m guilty I’m sorry,Bindusara says ma please don’t Cry,Nandini says ma,Bindusara says I have no Right to call you this,I tried to kill you,insulted you,Nandini says it’s it your fault,Helina made you do this,before that you were,y little son and till I’m alive no one can harm my son,Helina will have to face consequences of all this,I promise you son.

Adornus says Elis,ma fooled choti ma so easily,a man comes and abducts adornus,Elis tells Helina and says let’s go to pitahshree and inform him,Helina says no use to ask for Chandra I know who did it. Helina asks Nandini where is my son,Nandini says you put Bindusara behind bars,Helina says I’m talking about adornus.
Nandini says as you trapped my son,I did same with your son,Helina says remember one thing,I won’t spare you,Nandini says before you leave have a look at your son,Nandini puts a curtain down which have adornus reflection on it,Nandini says he is actually in that cave far away tied,Helina says I will do anything you want,Nandini says go reveal all the wrong doings of yours,Helina says I won’t,Nandini says then forget your son,he is alive for now,but he is slow poisoned and only I have it’s antidote,Helina says okay I will do as you say and leaves.

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