Chandra Nandini Update Monday 1 February 2021

Chandra Nandini 1 February 2021: Chandra thinking about Nandini and is happy and running in forest and shouts Nandini, he reaches the cliff of mountain and remembers the first time he saw her after 10 years and each moment after that,and shouts Nandini in happiness, he is very happy. The man who forecasted future says it looks like there will be storm and says today I could see the king in you,you have everything, Chandra says I had everything but no happiness and peace and now my Nandini is back and everything is back with me, I’m so happy today I can’t explain you, some love stories never end,the trust in me and Nandini and our love never let us separate.

Love has lot of powers look after 10 years is back with me.Bindusara and others enjoying entertainment and having drinks, elis looking at kartikeya, bindusara asks dharma to fill his glass,Charumati looks at her in anger, dharma asks a waiter to do so, bindusara has dharmas words to take away his position ringing in his mind,dharma gets him his drink, and asks why did you call me here, bindusara asks I want all details of your work on wedding day, Charumati asks will she be able to handle all of us girls.bindusara says she has to that is why she is got here.dharma says you called me here late night for all this, I know my work and will do it properly.

Adornus says how dare you dharma, dharma pushes him, bindusara says how dare you push him,dharma says don’t think I will apologise, he misbehaved with a women and don’t you know how it’s to behave with a women but I see here no one knows manners and you badly need it, Charumati says dharma you can’t talk to him in this tone, bindusara stops her and holds dharmas hand and asks what will you do Now, Kartikeya looks at him in anger , dharma pushes his hand near fire and bindusara feels the burn and leaves her hand.

Kartikeya stops them and calms the situation, Charumati says for now we forgive you because of Kartikeya but bindusara is angry now and so massage bindusaras head and calm him down and as I know you never step back from your duties, dharma says sure I will, dasi gets oil, dharma says prince bindusara you will have to bow down so that I can massage you,oh looks like you won’t and dharma leaves. Nandini in her room looks at herself and imagines as queen Nandini and how Chandra hugged her,and what dharma said,Nandini says was dharma right am I nandini, no I’m not, or may be I am, it’s true I feel wired here what all is this.

Chandra very happy and is strolling around the forest, Nandini Looks at moon and says tell me am I that Nandini who has destroyed magad who killed durdhara am I that women tell me tell me and starts crying. Chandra says today the whole world this moon is here to see us back together. Nandini breaks down and says what is the truth and why can’t I make my mind to the fact that I am Nandini.
Nandini performing tulsi Pooja and Chandra looking at her,remembers a past episode: Chandra wanted to speak to Nandini but she says first pooja and says why do you forget I don’t talk when I’m praying, Chandra starts tickling her.

Chandra walks to Nandini and says I need to tell you something important, Nandini says sorry I don’t speak when I perform pooja, Chandra thinks it’s all as Nandini but she still denies and says its important please come to my room and leaves, Nandini thinks will he show everyone my face.Nandini wake to chandras room and Chandra asks guards to leave and close the door and no one to allow in, Nandini finds it odd, Chandra says you can remove your face cover, Nandini does so, she sees her sketch and says I look so similar to her , Chandra thinks I want to see how long you play with me and says I miss my wife and love her and now when I know it’s not you please take a seat,and so who all are in your family.Nandini says me dharma and her grandfather, Chandra says so your father,Nandini says no he is not, actually dharma isn’t my daughter I just raised her.

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