Chandra Nandini Update Friday 12 February 2021

Chandra Nandini 12 February 2021: begins with bindusara going to charumatis room and makes her comfortable and then Charumati offers him milk which then he forcefully hands it over to Charumati and orders her to drink and after half of the milk is drunk he says it is safe and she had not mixed poison in the milk and then drinks it off.

And in a surprise she asks why would I kill you because we are married now. Bindusara then goes and brings the sword and tells Charumati that this will be with us all the night beside me on the bed to protect myself from you.Again in a surprise she asks why would I do that and then immediately bindusara chokes her. There Nandini goes in her room and starts thinking how maharaj is going to spend a night with me and also thinks that she is married and take a pillow and goes and lie down on the floor when she hears Chandra coming in and locking the door she gets afraid. Chandra moves towards bed and finds her sleeping on the ground and goes and tries to wake her up but finds that she is in deep sleep he picks her up and takes her towards bed she immediately wakes up and tells him to put her down then he immediately puts her on the bed and then she moves away from her.

There Charumati picks up a knife and attacks on bindusara then he stops that blow and tells her this is what I was saying yup did that blow on for your self protection but I cannot believe in anyone so I did this to you and then starts drinking madheera and asks Charumati whether she drinks it too when she refuses he says that you being a rajkumari don’t drink is so shame she then pulls the glass and drinks the madheera and then bindusara lies on her lap.

There Nandini standing in terrace where Chandra tells her the tragic path of their love story but Nandini refuses to have a memory of any of those incidents. On the other hand bindusara tells Charumati that love makes a person weak and due to which my father is suffering from that women and then goes towards gallery and finds that Chandra is talking to Nandini and in anger he goes to dharmas room and when he enters in her room he falls on her dharma gets up and makes him stable and then he goes and locks the door.Nandini asks dharma whether last ni


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