Chandar Nandini Update Wednesday 20 January 2021


Chandra Nandini 20 January 2021:Chanakya says maharaj,bindusara should have always kept this in mind that without people there’s no king,Chandra says very true acharya and so his position is taken back,and he has to apologise to madhumita,bindusara angry leaves the Sabha,dharma says thank you maharaj I should leave now,Chandra says stop please stay here tonight leave tomorrow,Helina says yes they are our guests I shall inform dasi and make necessary arrangements.

Bindusara makes himself a drink,and adds drugs,and is very angry,Helina walks to him,and says you are his son and for just a stupid girl he insulted you in front of whole Sabha and why did you do this,I know it is adornus and not you,he should be punished,bindusara says for you ma,you are my love,only you understand me, I just have you in my life and adornus
is my brother I cant loose him and you and hugs her,helina says yes son you are mine,and thinks now I know you are under my control,my plot worked very well.
Ma says charumati it’s important,she says no ma I’m lost in my husbands thoughts,ma says his nature isn’t good,you are blind in his thoughts,we cant let you marry him,you are most beautiful and get any groom,Charumati says yes ma,but I’m happy only with bindusara, I love him,you have to understand,I don’t care if he loves anyone else or do anything,it’s my dream to marry him.

Nandini at mahal enters thinking if how to enter and is worried for madhumita and dharma,Nandini explains guards about it,guards says maharaj Chandragupta gave your daughter justice,Nandini remembers hearing the name while she was hiding,and thinks this king is so kind and says may I go in,guards let her in,Nandini has past memory flashes,Nandini inside mahal,bindusara name starts ringing again in her head,Nandini tries to find her way,she hears a man saying I found that woman resembling to maharani Nandini and all are behind her,Nandini remembers it was her and thinks am I really similar to Nandini and hears queen Helina will kill Nandini if she is found,and Nandini thinks oh god it sounds that Nandini is criminal I have to hide my face.

Chandra talking to moon says I found nandinis resemblance in dharma,like it was Nandini there fighting for her justice fearless. Chandra sees a woman walk with face covered and says stop,who are you,Nandini rushes,Chandra chases her and holds her hand,Nandini has memory flashes,Chandra sees her eyes,Nandini remembers Helina will kill Nandini and runs away,Chandra says her eyes who was that lady.


Dharma says madhumita ,Chandragupta Maurya is so kind king but his son,and Nandini enters,Nandini hugs dharma,dharma asks why are you so scared,Nandini says I heard you were been abducted,dharma says calm down everything is fine we are given justice, take a seat,nothing happened,maharaj punished his son and apologised us and also made us stay,Nandini says everyone out there are looking for some Nandini and I don’t feel good here and it’s uneasy here,dharma says why but and who is Nandini,Nandini says no idea but she resembles me and she seems to be a criminal and they will kill me thinking it’s Nandini,dharma says maharaj is very kind so stay calm we will leave tomorrow early morning.

Mora says Chandra enough of this search,Chandra says I saw Nandini today,I saw her in this mahal,mora says it’s ten years she is dead,now we need to perform pooja in her memory and not search for her,Chandra says she isn’t dead,mora says how long will you leave in this false world,your son is going away from you,what is this,Chandra says ma he has done a crime,mora says I agree but he is lead to all this because you didn’t give him time,believe it or not all this is because of Nandini.

Nandini wakes up scared,dharma calm her with glass of water,dharma says again nightmare,Nandini says yes but this time,some queen was grooming herself,dharma says ma you are scared of being arrested so all this,Nandini says I don’t know why I feel like I belong here,dharma says ma remember doctor said not to force on your Memory,Nandini says the noises and I feel like I belong here,dharma says ma I told you calm down and rest,Nandini thinks am I really related to this place.

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