Can you see me update Wednesday 6 April 2022

Can you see me 6 April 2022: Adhiraj throws Devi’s bags and shouts at her to get out of his house. Dev confronts him and says she did not give anyone right to play with her self-respect, not even him. He again shouts that she did a mistake and should get out of his house. She says he married her by performing pheras, though with force, and cannot kick her out He drags her to lawn and shouts she is boasting about pheras, he will end thse pheras right here. He pulls havan kund from home temple, burns wood in it and starts reverse pheras. Maasa smirks while Dev’s mother cries.

Kesar asks her husband to stop Adhiraj. Husband says Adhiraj must have got some proof, so he is reacting. Adhiraj does reverse pheras breaking each promise he made and each mistake Devi did. Devi pleads not to, but Adhiraj continues.Aarav reaches police station and requests to search Dr. Shukla. Constable asks him to go away as they are busy Aarav hopes to find Dr.Shukla soon to prove Suchi wrong and Mansi right. Gopal reachesthere and does leela, playing flute. Heavy gush of air starts and Aarav sees Dr. Shukla’s photo with pamphlet about Sujangarh mela where doctor will be found. He thinks of reaching there.

Adhiraj finishes reverse pheras and throws divorce papers on Devi shouting good he already asked lawyer to prepare divorce papers. Devi cries holding papers. Maas asks everyone to leave Devi alone. Urmi praises Maasa that whatever Devi may try, she cannot defeat Maasa.Aarav reaches Sujangarh mela and searches Dr.Shukla. Dev meets him there and asks what is he doing here. He tells he is searching Dr. Shukla here to prove that Mansi is really mad. Devi asks if he wants to prove Suchi wrong and Mansi right. He says he wants to punish Subodh for his sins. She asks him to trust his love and not lose hope so easily.

She then calls Suchi and informs about Aarav searching Dr. Shukla as someone has kidnapped Dr. Sukhla and kept him in Sujangarh. Suchi says Dr. Shukla is the sole evidence to prove Mansi wrong, senses Devi in distress and asks reason. Devi says god is testing her relationship and love. Suchi says even her love is test, Devi should be courageous.Suchi then gets ready to go to Sujangarh. Pihu comes and asks where is she going. Suchi says to help Aarav. Pihu insists to accompany her and she agrees.

Adhiraj raj sadly expresses his concern that he wanted a heir in this house, but Devi broke his dream. Maasi asks not to worry Kesar and Manan will give him heir. Manan drops juice glass hearing that. Maasa says it is a good sign. Devi enters and says she is back and will give their legal heir. Maasi warns her to not enter house. Devi walks in. Adhiraj shouts if she has gone mad. Devi says she has right to stay in this house for 1 month and give them legal heir.Goons catch someone and try to kill him. Pihu stops goons and beats them. Goons are shocked seing an invisible person beating them.

Aarav and Suchi also reach there. Suchi asks Arav if he found Dr. Shukla. Aarav says he did not find yet. Pihu says only her mamma can find Dr. Shukla, now even Gopal is not helping her.Adhiraj asks Devi will she stay. Devi says where her heart stays, where she lived a lot, where she finds peace, kaal kothri. Adhiraj continues shouting at her. Devi then reaches mela where Pihu asks if she came to help find doctor. Devi agrees to help her.Pihu insists Suchi to sit in a ride. Suchi tries to convince her, but she gets adamant. Suchi asks operator if she can sit. Operator says it is for kids. Suchi then buys a doll and asks operator to let it sit, she will give double money. Opeator agrees.

Suchi signals Pihu to run and sit with doll. Pihu happily does. Dv reaches Suchi and asks her to tell truth to Aarav that she has someone in life, Pihu, and tell everything about Pihu. Suchi agrees.Maasa fumes in front of Urmi’s mother that she does not like Devi, but she returns back repeatedly even after so much planning. Urmi’s mother tells about Sadhu baba in town who can help her. Sadhu comes home. He washes his hair in water and asks to sprinkle water all over house. Devi comes and touches his feet. He blesses her. Maasa says Devi is a guest here and signals Kesar to touch feet. Kesar touches Baba’s feet. Baba suggests to do maha shiv pooja if they want baby in this house.Devi hears that and does pooja..

Pihu enjoys a roller ride while Suchi cheers her up. Aarav reaches there. Fire catches roller ride. Aarav and Suchi try to set off fire and get children out. Pihu gets stuck. Suchi tries to run towards roller coaster to help Pihu. Aarav says there is no one there. Suchi says her Bhootu, Anadita’s daughter. Aarav says she is dead. Suchi says she is dead and became bhooth and stays with her, she is the biggest secret of her life which she wanted to tell him. He asks to stop acting mad. Suchi runs towards roller coaster. Gopal smiles and blesses. Suchi lifts Pihu out of ride and saves her. Aarav scolds her what if something had happened to her. Suchi consoles Pihu and asks her to stop right here till she returns, and leaves with Aarav.

Adhiraj passes by store room and seeing rat on floor walks into store room afraid. Devi taunts him how did he come in, he is not accustomed to be with rats. He angrily twists her hand. She confronts and says someone tried to kill him with poison. He says Maasa was given poison instead. Discussoin continues. Devi consumes poison and says she will see if he will save her or not. He shouts if she has gone mad. She asks him not to worry, she did not consume poison and was testing him.

Aarav walks on road and clashes with a man, scolds him, then apologizes. Man asks if he is fine. Aarav says he is searching a doctor and searches photo in his pocket, but does not find it. Mansi’s goon catch doctor who is disguised as joker and try to kill him. Doctor over phone pleads Mansi not to kill him, he will not tell anything to anyone. Goons see police in mela and inform Mansi that they cannot kill doctor now.

Suchi clases with Adhiraj in mela and identifies him as her friend Devi’s husband. She suggests him that when he loves his wife so much, he should also express his love for her and stand by her side. At Adhiraj’s house, Manan and Kesar are locked in their room. Manan thinks he will not touch her and gulps alcohol. Kesar tries to seduce him and hugs him from behind with Ang agade re…song..playing in the background..

Adhiraj walks speaking to someone over phone that it is a huge amount, but he is okay with it. He clashes with Devi and reminisces Suchi telling that he loves Devi a lot and should express it. Their phone get exchanged. Devi hears 45 lakhs on her mobile. Their eyes strike again.

Aarav feels sad reminiscing Dr. Shukla telling that Mansi is mentally sound and is acting. Pihu sees him crying and informs Suchi. Aarav apologizes Suchi for not trusting her. He says he will get Mansi arrested for her heinous acts. They all 3 leave in a car.

Devi sees Kesar sad and says she will take her to Manan. In a restaurant, Mukund tries convince his gay boyfriend Kiran. Kiran shouts how could he betray him and be with a woman. Their argument intensifies. Kiran slaps Manan. Devi and Kesar walk in and are shocked to see this. Kesar slaps Kiran. Manan slaps her back and shouts how dare she is to slap his Kiran. Kesar is shocked more seeing her husband is a gay and runs out. Devi runs behind her.

Aarav while driving car calls Mansi. Mansi nervously picks call and in her usual mad acting asks where is he. He apologizes her for doubting her and says Maa was right that Suchi will create a rift between them. He asks her to give phone to mamma. Mansi walks down acting and sees a note in Suman’s hand who is on wheelchair, snatching note asks where is mamma. Suman gets afraid. Mansi then walks into kitchen, gives Babli her mobile, and hides near door. Aarav asks if Mansi is there or not. She says no, what happened. Aarav informs that Mansi is acting and is mentally sound. Babli says Suchi is brainwashing her again. Aarav Dr. Shukla confirmed that Mansi frightened him to make false reports, he is going to hospital with real reports and then will get Mansi arrested. Mansi hears that, silently sits on stairs and acts as mad again. Babli pampers her and thinks what happened Aarav, she will not get Mansi arrested so easily.

Devi walks to Kesar and says she does not have to feel helpless, she has to fight for her rights. She walks in and drags Manan out and scolds him that who gave him right to play with someone’s life. She then takes them both to home and rings home temple bell, gathering whole family. She asks Manan to tell his truth in front of his dear ones. Manan nervously asks what truth. Devi says the one he is hiding. Kiran walks in and says Manan is lying, they love each other. Adhiraj reminisces Kiran getting Devi to hospital. Kiran continues expressing his love for Manan. Maasa warns him to back off if he is planning to extract money. Kiran says she will not understand his love and will kill her. He shoots her, but Devi comes in front and bears bullet. Manan runs away with Kiran. Adhiraj runs towards Devi.

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