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Can you see me 12 May 2022: Pihu then signals vikram that Anandita is hidden in doll. He rushes and gets her out. He shakes her and expresses his love for her, apologizes for scolding her. She wakes up. He says he will marry her as Pihu needs them both. Daadi fumes hearing that and scolds Vikram. Vikram says he will marry Anandita at any cost and will not listen to anyone. He leaves lifting Anandita.

Host announces that summer camp ended with a positive note with hero getting herione. Mohini comes out of her hideout and yells. Daadi’s friends suggest her to play last game which all MILs do, change bride during wedding, she can change Anandita with Mohini. Daadi likes her idea. Pihu thinks she will help mamma and chachu’s wedding.

Pihu asks Gopal to blow balloons for her and takes it to Shona. She then blasts glitter on Shona and making her wear eye mask dances with her. Shona pushes her and arrogantly asks why she is disturbing her at midnight. Pihu says it is her mamma’s marriage, Shona is also her mamma’s daughter. Shona pushes her and yells Anandita is her mamma, not mine, I will not celebrate. Pihu complains Gopal that Shona will not change. Gopal repeats Shona’s dialogue. Pihu says she will celebrate her mamma’s wedding at any cost. Gopal asks her to be careful, her mother’s wedding will not be an easy task.

Vikram sees pandit and asks Daadi why she called Pandit. Daadi says she wants him to marry, be it Anandita, her happiness is in his happiness. Vikram gets happy. Mohini fumes. Daadi asks Pandit to find a muhurath. Pandit says after 2 days, there is an auspicious muhurath. Daadi says perfect. Mohini gets more jealous.Pihu speaks to Subodh’s photo and congratulates him for mamma’s wedding and hopes he had attended wedding. She asks why did not they invite her for their wedding, did they forget. Sh drops photo by mistake. Anandita notices it and picks photo, she gets emotional.

Neelam packs Mohini’s bags and says Vikram and Anandita are marrying, so she should leave this house. Daadi walks in and says she will not go anywhere and tells her plan, says wait and watch until her plan is succeeded. Mohini asks to repeat. Daadi says Vikram will marry Mohini and not Anandita, she should do as she says. Mohini (like any other junior artist) does her loud overacting as usual.Shona wakes up and finds herself in dustbin. Mohini shows torch on her and says she was living in dustbin before and now she got her into her home as she will stay here after Vikram and Anandita’s wedding.

Shona asks to be specific. Mohini says if her mamma loved her, she would not have let her in hostel for so many days, Anandita loves Vikram and does not care about Shona. She wants Shona to be back in her house instead. Shona asks why she wants to help Mohini says because she helped her once, she has to do whatever she says. Shona agrees.Gopal meets Pihu and reminds what he told her yesterday. Pihu says she does not remember, then says he told to be careful,, what does that mean, if Shona is fine, what happened to her. She pleads him for help. Pihu then goes to Anandita and says Shona is missing, looks like she is in problem.

Anandita is busy selecting wedding saris. Shona comes and asks why she is crying. Anandita asks Shona/Pihu where was she since morning. Shona says she needs to talk.. Sari vendor asks to finalize sari. Anandita asks her to go to room, she will come in sometime. Shona looks at Mohini. Anandita busy saris and rushes to Shona. Shona asks her not to marry Vikram.

Mohini goes to Daadi and informs that she her plan is working well. Shona/Pihu goes to Anandita and insists to cancel her wedding with Vikram. Anandita says she is marrying Vikram for Pihu’s sake and Vikram is a nice man. Shona continues insisting to cancel wedding, else she will leave home. Vikram walks in and asks if everything is fine. Anandita says yes. He asks her to get ready for mehandi ritual. Mohini and Daadi see that and smirk.Pihu applies mehandi on her hand and asks Gopal to enjoy her mamma’s wedding with her. Gopal reminds her that she has big challenges to complete as her mamma’s wedding is not easy. Pihu asks to let her apply mehandi.

Mehandi ceremony starts. Anandita comes down wearing beautiful party wear with Neelam. Pihu dances with Gopal on a pop song. Gopal thinks she is unaware of anything. Anandita sits for mehandi. Pihu applies mehandi on Anandita. Anandita sees Pihu’s favorite cartoon on her hand and happily asks mehandi artist how does she know her Pihu likes this cartoon. Pihu says she drew it. Drama continues. Pihu continues dancing with others on loud music. Shona switches off music and warns Anandita to stop this and angrily punches her stomach. Anandita keeps her hand down and mehandi spoils. Daadi yells it is abshagun, she is worried about Vikram.

Anandita returns to her room and cries reminiscing Pihu’s warning and Daadi yelling, looking at her spoilt mehandi. Vikram walks in and asks what happened. Anandita says she got emotional. He asks her to rest now as tomorrow is their wedding. Anandita sleep and wakes up in the morning. She sees Pihu missing with a message that she is leaving house as Anandita did not agree to her demand. She gets worried. Pihu also gets worried and pleads Gopal to help her. Gopal says he warned her that her mamma’s wedding is surrounded by conspiracies, she has to be careful.. Daadi and Mohini’s planning continues…

Anandita searches Pihu/Shona and pleads her to come out. Pihu also searches Pihu. Mohini (with typical junior actor’s loud overacting style) stops Anandita and says Pihu does not want her to marry Vikram, but she is busy in her wedding, she should not bother about Pihu and just go and get her makeup, servant will search pihu, don’t know if she will be found or not. Anandita says she will find her Pihu at any cost. Mohini thinks Pihu will not be found and Anandita will refuse to marry Vikram, then Vikram will marry her. Shona is busy stuffing herself with food in store room. Mohini calls her.

Shona as usual arrogantly yells who is it. Mohini speaks. Shona asks what to do next. Mohini asks her to continue stuffing food and be there for 1-2 hours max. Daadi gets Vikram ready. Mohini signals Daadi hiding that plan is going well.Anandita reminisces Mohini taunting that she has 6-year-old daughter, even then she is not bother and wants to marry another man, Pihu/Shona’s warning not to marry Vikram, else she will leave house. She walks to Vikram and says she does not want to marry him. Vikram calls Mohini and asks her to get Anandita ready.

Anandita says she cannot betray Subodh, she will not marry Vikram. Vikram shouts she waited till all the arrangements are done and just before 2 hours of marriage, she does not want to marry him, is it a joke. Anandita says he should marry Mohini instead as she is unmarried and loves him. Daadi acts as stumbling and says she will get her Vikram married today at any cost. Vikram shouts he will marry Mohini as she cares for him more than Anandita.Pihu searches Gopal. Mohini calls her aide and orders to kill Shona as she knows a lot about her. Pihu finds Gopal and pleads to find out where Shona is.

Gopal says since he is her friend, he can give her hearing power. He keeps his flute on her ears. She hears all disciples praying Gopal for their life, family’s life, work, etc. Gopal says she can hear only for 30 minutes an dhas to find out Shoa within that time. Pihu tries to hear Shona’s voice carefully.Shona sees goons and ass who are they. Goons spread smoke around and tie her down. Shona tries to free herself and collapses. Pihu thinks why she cannot hear Shona, if something happened to her.

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