Can you see me update Sunday 3 April 2022

Can you see me 3 April 2022: Suchi tells Aarav that Mansi tried to kill her and reveals whole story, says Mansi is not mad and is just acting. Babli shouts she is wrongly alleging her daughter to take revenge, Mansi is sleeping in room. Suchi says she is not and cannot reach home so early. Babli warns to stay here silently or leave her home. Suchi says she will leave right now. Aarav stops and says Mansi will not go anywhere. Suchi says she is sure Mansi is not in her room. Babli challenges. Suchi takes them all to Mansi’s room.

Babli sees pillows on blanket and thinking Mansi is sleeping asks Suchi if she will go herself or shall she pack her bags. Pihu removes blanket from pillows. Everyone are shocked. Suchi signals to leave blanket. Pihu does same. Suchi says now they realized she was telling truth. Aarav says Mansi plays hide and seek often. He and Babli search Mansi all around.Mansi acting as mad returns home and calls Aarav. Aarav rushes down. Mansi tying fake bandage around her head says she went out behind ball and met with an accident. Her goons walk in and say she met with an accident and they took him to hospital.

Pihu says these are same Mansi’s goons who tried to bury her alive. Suchi says these are Mansi’s goons who tried to kill her. Goons act. Mansi also acts. Babli slaps Suchi. Suchi angrily walks to her room. Aarav tries to walk behind her, but Mansi stops him and says it is hurting. Aarav pampers her and thinks he knows Suchi does not allege anyone wrongly, but he is also sure Mansi is mentally ill and cannot do any crime.Suchi cries leaning on her bed. Pihu consoles her and says she will not spare bad aunty Mansi.

She walks to store room where Mansi is sitting on rocking chair. Mansi thinks Suchi’s luck is very good that she escapes always, she has to get rid her off Aarav’s life somehow. Pihu walks in and angrily swings rocking chair and throws things to frighten Mansi. Mansi gets afraid. Suchi walks in and challenges that she will expose her truth soon in front of Aarav. Mansi challenges that she cannot do anything and acting as mad again challenges that she will get rid of Suchi out of Aarav’s life before upcoming festival. Drama continues…

Babli sees Suchi in Mansi’s room and yells if one slap was not enough, why did she come in Mansi’s room, get out. Pihu says Suchi let us go fro here. Pihu goes and sits on stairs sadly. Aarav walks in and apologizes for his mom’s behavior and says he did not expect mom would slap her. He says he will hire best detectives in town and will make sure culprits who kidnapped her are caught and even who is impersonating Mansi. Suchi syas Mansi is not mad and she will prove it.

Pihu feels sad for Suchi. Gopal enters and praises Pihu that she proved that she is a good daughter to Suchi. She requests to help Suchi somehow. Gopal says only Pihu can help Suchi and she should keep her eyes and ears open. Pihu thinks she can keep ears open, how can she keep eyes open. She tries to keep her eyebrows open. She even sleeps with her eyes open.

In the morning, Gulgule watches party video. Pihu sees Mansi’s entry in party and shows it to Suchi. Suchi says now she will show this CD to Aarav and prove that Mansi was present during party and even harmed Anandita. Mansi walks in saying she will show this video only if she can get it. She takes CD from player while Suchi tries to stop her. She then runs and Suchi/Pihu run behind her. Pihu throws painting on her face and CD falls. Pihu calls Suchi and asks to take CD away soon. Suchi runs and picks CD and rushes to her room to keep it. Pihu continues troubling Mansi by sprinkling talcum powder on her.

Gulgule enters and thinking her as ghost shouts bhooth. Suman enters holding broom. Babli entes and says it is her daughter and asks what did she do to herself. Suchi walks in from outside and acts as pity on Mansi. Mansi says Suchi harmed her. Babli says Suchi is coming from outside. Pihu laughs.Suchi takes Aarav to her room and shows video saying Mansi was in party and harmed Anandita. They don’t see Mansi in video and Suchi is shocked. Aarav asks where is Mansi and leaves. Gopal tells Pihu that he told her already to keep her eyes and ears open. Mansi reminisces exchanging CD with her new fabricated CD. Drama continues…

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