Broken bonds update Wednesday 17 May 2023

Broken bonds 17 May 2023: Shubhra says how can you take such a big risk? Anand says I can’t see Vedika sad. I will take her to Sameera. Kuldeep says I understand you. I have seen Roli. She was always with me. You can take her there, but I will also come. We will both protect Vedika.

Broken bonds 16 May 2023

Anand says if she tries to harm Vedika I will kill her and go to jail. You both can take care of her. Shubhra says nothing like that would happen. Be careful. Her days to win are over. Come back soon.

Samaira says Phirki order the food. Vedika comes there. She says mama.. Samaira looks at Kuldeep and Anand. samaira says you were gone all night and now back with these? And Anand why are you here? He says Vedika wanted to stay with you.

Samaira says she can meet me but stay? Kuldeep says she’s a kid. She can ask to stay with her mom. Or you can say no to her? Break her heart. Samaira says okay Vedika can stay here for a week but you two can’t.

Anand says we will stay here as long as she is. You can’t even keep her for a day. Samaira says should I take her to Dubai? Anand says stay in your limits. She says go get angry elsewhere. Samaira says Vedika..

mama wants you to live with her. Vedika hugs her and says I want to stay with you too mama. I miss you. samaira says I miss you too. Vedika shows her drawings. She says this is you, me and papa.

Kuldeep goes isnide. He says Phirki open the door. I am here, nothing will happen. Just say truth to the police. Phirki says she will kill me. I won’t come out. Kuldeep says nothing will happen.

Vedika says let’s play home home. Samaira says what’s that? Anand says how would you know? Samaira says tell me Vedika. Vedika says you both lay, I will lay between you two. When alarm blares, you will get me ready for school.

Anand says do you even know what home is? You can never a mother to her. Samaira says don’t do this drama in front of her. You were so irresponsible. He says you were selfish. You were never a good partner or mother.

Vedika says enough papa. Mama is good. You lie. All that you said about mama was a lie. I love mama. She hugs Samaira. Vedika says a mother like you only creates problems in her life. You can never be a mother. You only do drama. Vedika says not anymore papa.

You always complain about mama. Anand says enough. I will lock you. She says at least I will be locked with my mama. Anand says enough where was mama when you were a kid? Let’s go home. Vedika says no..

mama please stop him. Samaira says are you crazy? Will you lock her up? Is that how you raise kids? He says don’t tell me how should I raise my kids? Samaira says you are a horrible father. You have poisoned her mind against me. You scare her by locking her?

You made me evil in front of her. Is that how a good father is? He says where were you in her growing years? Samaira says what did you do? You have scared her.. Vedika gets a panic attack. Kuldeep says VEdika.. He picks her. Anand says to Samaira I won’t let you be with Vedika

Kuldeep says Anand couldn’t you control? She’s a kid. You both lashed out in front of her. Shubhra says she’s with the kids. She will feel better but she’s upset. Anand says when Vedika used to be stubbron I would lock her and she would be okay. Now Sameera is using her magic on my kids?

Shubhra says you lock her in the room? How can you do that? Kuldeep says now Samaira will use this thing against you. Shubhra says have you ever read her eyes? She looks scared. You can’t scare kids. Anand says I did what I felt was right. I never wanted her to call Sameera her mom.

Shubhra says I also raised my kids alone but I didn’t want them to hate their dad. You can’t scare Vedika away from her mom. Anand says are you taking Sameera’s side? She broke your house. She ruined my life. Shubhra says I remember everything.

But a child needs both their parents. The more you try to distance her from her mom, she will go against you. Anand asys I won’t let samaira’s shadow on her. what will she learn from her mom? To cheat? Have extramarital affairs? When she grows up she will understand why I kept her away from her mom.

If she doesn’t want to talk to me it’s okay. You both can take care of her. I have nothing to worry. Kuldeep says you can’t run away. Be with her. SHubhra says how long can you keep her away from Samaira? Anand says as long as I can.

I will send Samaira away from her life and your life too. Even if i have to live rest of my life in jail. He leaves.The kids play with Vedika to cheer her up. Vedika is upset. She says I wanted to be with mama but papa bought me here. I want to go back to her.

Why are you both looking at me like that? Roli says says she’s ravan aunty. She’s very bad. She locked Rishi in store. We came back and don’t miss her. Vedika throws teddy at her and says don’t call my mom Ravan aunty. Roli says because she is. She’s a witch. Rishi says stop it Roli. Roli

says I am not wrong. She has hurt you a lot. Papa slapped you because of that ravan aunty. She can never be a mom. our mama is a mom. Vedika says shut up. Don’t say a word against my mom. Roli says I will. My mama is 100/100. Vedika says and my mom? Rishi says 10/100. Roli says our mom is a good mom. You mom is evil.

Vedika says my mama is best. Don’t say a word against her. I will never talk to both of you. They fight. Vedika shoves Roli. Kuldeep and Shubha come in to calm them down. Shubhra says Rishi Roli stop it. Rishi says Roli was calling Samaira aunty bad. Shubhra says who asked you to compare? She’s a guest here and you both hurt her? She says sorry Vedika. Kuldeep says you know she’s upset. Shubhra says she was joking. Roli says no she’s evil. Samaira aunty lies and she locked Rishi.

She is very bad. She doesn’t love anyone. Shubhra says enough. Go to your room. Roli says yes or no? Is she good or bad? If she is good, I will be like her. Shubhra says Roli..Roli says if she’s good I will be like her. Shubhra asys go to your room.

Roli says then say she’s bad. Kuldeep takes them inside and says this was so wrong. Bell rings, Kuldeep opens the door. It is Samaira. Vedika hugs her and cries. She says mama you are the best. they called you evil. Roli made me cry. She’s really bad. Samaira says you couldn’t make me cry so made my daughter cry?

You won’t stay here Vedika. They made you cry right? Let’s go to my place. Shubhra says you can’t take her. Aanand left her with me. Samaira says who are you to stop me? Vedika says I will stay with my mama.

Samaira says tell him her mom took her. Who are you? A random aunt. Shubhra says Vediak you won’t go. Samaira says you’re making my daughter hate me? Samaira says she called you evil. Samaira says now see how I avenge my daughter’s tears.

Samaira makes Vedika breakfast. She says mama you put an alarm for my classes? Thank you. But my laptop is there. Samaira says I got you a new one. I set your desk too. Kuldeep is also there. Samaira says don’t do this drama. Samaira says this isn’t a drama. Kuldeep says so you are not pretending to be mom?

This role doesn’t suit you. What is your plan? Samaira says there’s no plan. Kuldeep says you can fool her not me. Samaira says she’s my blood. Only she understands me none of you. Kuldeep says don’t do this drama. This can’t be you.

You’re going to Dubai. Where’s Vedika in that plan? She will stay here with Anand. Don’t give her false hopes. she will never forgive you. What’s your plan? With Vedika and all this? Forget Dubai or your daughter. She woke up the mother in you.

Don’t let it go. Go to Mumbai with Vedika and Anand. Can’t you do that much for your daughter? She is silent. Kuldeep says the mother inside you can’t win against the selfish woman inside you. Leave Vedika.

Samaira says neither mother would lose nor me. I will take her to Dubai with you. You can help me. Kuldeep says she will never accept me. She will always miss her dad and Anand has her legal custody. You will get arrested.

You have only two options, jail here or in Dubai. Leave vedika. Samaira says I will take her with me. Only she actually loves me.Shubhra says I am sorry Anand. Vedika didn’t stop. I didn’t know kids would start saying these things.

Rishi and Roli said Samaira’s a bad mom. I am sorry. Anand says don’t say sorry. You are a good mother and Samaira isn’t. What’s wrong with that. Sameera is manipulating Vedika. Shubhra says Roli was also attracted to Samaira but I made her realize Samaira isn’t right.

She saw for herself and came out of it. Our kids have seen a lot of things they shouldn’t have. Nothing will change in her innocence. Anand says I shouldn’t have scolded her. I hope she doesn’t go away from me forever.

Rishi says it’s our fault. Roli says I am sorry. We will bring her back. Anand says to Shubhra you should also come. Roli says I want to say sorry to Vedika. Shubhra says let’s go.Samaira opens the door. She says Kuldeep see Anand and his advocate are here.

Shubhra says move aside, he is here to meet her daughter. Samaira says none of you can come here. Shubhra says no one wants to come to this hell. we have to save a kid from here. they look around for Vedika. Samaira says don’t even try. Roli says we have to say sorry to her.

Please for once. It will make her smile. She was very upset. Please. Then we will leave. Samaira says wait outside.Samaira brings Vedika outside. Roli says Sorry Vedika. Forgive me please. Rishi says I am sorry too. Shubhra says Roli hug her and give her the gifts you go.

The kids hug her. Roli says it has your kitchen set. Cook what you want. They give her a doll too. Rishi says here is a bat. You will always win. Please accept our sorry. Vedika walks away. Roli says we will do what you say. Please forgive us.

She says say sorry to my mom first, then me. Everyone is shocked. Roli looks at Shubhra. Rishi says aai you said never bow down to bad people. How can we say sorry to her. Roli says she should be sorry. Anand says Vedika what is wrong with you?

These are your people. Because of sameera you are.. Vedika says she’s my mom. Anand says are you crazy? Vedika says you and all of them have called my mom really bad things. If they all say sorry to my mom I will forgive them.Otherwise I will stay mad at you and all of them.

Samaira says to Anand get out you all. My daughter will stay with me. Go before I call the police. You won’t even be able to see your daughter’s face. Vedika will stay with me. She takes her inside.Samaira comes to Harsh and says should I send that Anand to Shubhra’s dad?

He was abusing me in front of my daughter. I don’t know how much has he poisoned her might against me. Harsh smiles. She says you are smiling? He says I am thinking what Anand must have told Vedika. He must have said her mom doesn’t like or love her. She never missed her daughter. He must have asked Vedika to never trust you.

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