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Broken Bonds 9 March 2023: Rishi looks outside the window and recalls his moments with Roli. He’s upset. Shubhra says let’s go.. He says where? Shubhra says I have important work. Then there’s a surprise for you. He says let’s go. Shubhra and Rishi are in the market. Rishi says where are we going? If your guess is right I will take you there every weekend. Rishi says park? Shubhra says no. He says pizza? She says no. Rishi says aaji and aaju ba’s place. Shubhra says yes. Shubhra says yes. The newspaper guy gives her a jewelry magazine. she says thank you for giving it every week. Shubhra says I am going to get jewelry. Can you take care of Rishi till then? He says sure. Sit here, son. Shubhra says I am coming in 5 minutes. He says all the best aai.

broken Bonds 8 March 2023

Everyone will love your designs. Rishi prays for Shubhra. He says please do something for my aai. I hope they like her designs. You know aai doesn’t take help from anyone. She does everything on her own. If you help her she won’t say no. Keep my aai always happy. A man hears him and smiles. Bell rings. Samaira opens the door. Kuldeep is shocked to see her. He says are you going to a fancy dress competition? What happened to you? Samaira says, love. She says Roli, welcome. I missed you so much. Samaira says Roli and I are now friends. Samaira hugs her and says I missed you. Roli says that decoration.. Something is hidden. Samaira says that’s a surprise. You’re the life of this house. You will uncover it. Come on.

Roli uncovers it. It’s a photo of Kuldeep, Samaira, Roli, and Chandrani. Samaira says Biji do you like it? Family photo, a family of four. The man keeps an idol in Rishi’s lap while he prays with his eyes closed. Shubhra walks toward the shop and collides with the man. she leaves without seeing him. Shubhra is happy. Rishi is shocked to see the idol. He says is this your idol? The shopkeeper says Ganesh ji is everyones. You were asking him to send someone for help and he did. Rishi smiles.

Shubhra comes back. Rishi says aai? Did you get the work? Shubhra says I got an order for 10 pieces. Rishi is happy. Shubhra says will you help me? He says me and Ganno baba both will help you. His blessings got you the order. Shubhra says where did you get the idol? He says I was praying him to help you. He sent someone and helped you. You will always be happy now. Shubhra says thank you. She thanks the shopkeeper and leaves.

Roli says it doesn’t have mama and Rishi. How can it be a family photo? Samaira says but they don’t live with us. Roli says they live in my heart. Samaira says yes, you’re right. This picture is incomplete and wrong. Samaira aunty made a mistake but I will fix it. Come with me. Someone is waiting for you. Roli says who? Dadi?? Are you present. Roli says I am. Roli says papa are you present? He says present. Roli asks Phirki and Samaira. Roli says everyone is here then who’s waiting inside. Samaira says come you will see.

Samaira takes her inside and says see a princess. Roli says who is she? Samaira says the only princess here is princess Roli. Roli says then who is that? Roli goes to it. It’s a big doll. Samaira says in heart Roli is the key to Kuldeep’s heart. I will give her so many gifts that she won’t go to Pune. I will cut her connection with Shubhra and then Kuldeep won’t think about her either. Roli says is it for me? Samaira says yes.

Shubhra and Rishi enter the house. Rishi says Ganpati bappa, aai misses Aaju baa a lot. Please make her happy. Rishi runs to Madhura in the kitchen. Shubhra asks where is aaju ba? Vitthal says he’s your father too. See. He shows her and says see since you left he massages his own head. Doesn’t let me or tai do it. He massages his own head. Shubhra picks the oil.. He’s shocked. He says give me the bottle. Shubhra shakes her head. Shubhra massages his head. He says are you happy now? Shubhra says very happy. He smiles. He says the mangalsutra you’re wearing doesn’t live with you. Then why are you wearing this thread? Shubhra says for 12 years I wore it and you never liked him.

And you were proved right, I was wrong. I paid for my mistake. It was my mistake but why my kids should be punished? If I take off this mangalsutra our relationship would end. But the kids still have their relationship with their father. Rishi still misses his father and Roli can’t live without him. He has lost the right to be a father but how can I take the right of being a father from him. Our relationship is complicated but what was the mistake of my kids? Madhura, Rishi, and Vitthal look at them in shock. Shubhra says I am not here to apologize or ask for any right. I only came here to say baba, your daughter has started a new life.

She’s taking baby steps. When I used to stumble in childhood, I knew your finger was near to hold. I want the same hand with me. That if I stumble, you’re near. You can’t take that daughter’s right from me. Your Shubhra is trying to be that old Shubhra. Will you support me? He hugs her. Shubhra gets teary. Rishi says I don’t know who you sent Ganpati bappa, but you did the magic. Aai and Aaju baa are friends now.
Roli comes out in the dress. She says papa.. dadi.. See my new dress. I am so happy. Take my photo so I can send to mama and Rishi. Chandrani says this Samaira is trying to trap Roli. Samaira takes pictures with Roli.

Samaira gives a file to Chandrani. She says what is it? Samaira says you rented this house, I purchased it and named it after your son and Roli. This house is ours now Biji. She says these keys are yours. Like you gave me bangles, you will give me the keys of this house. You will give my hand in your son’s hand one day and happily. Samaira says to Roli come, let me show you more dresses. She takes Roli inside.

Madhura calls Chandrani. She says there’s a guest at our place. Talk to her. It’s Shubhra.. Chandrani says
you.. What are you doing in that Hitler’s house? Aaju baa plays Carrum with Rishi. Chandrani says what magic did you do on that Hitler? Shubhra says things around you change when your perception changes. Chandrani says you have changed so much in one day. Where is Rishi? Shubhra says he’s playing Carrum with his aaju baa. Chandrani laughs. Shubhra says Rishi.. it’s dadi. Rishi says dadi say all the best to me. Chandrani says you’re like your father in games, always a winner. Aaju baa says don’t be proud of your son. Shubhra told Carrum to her son and I taught her. Rishi isn’t like her father and I am very happy. What can a kid learn from a father like that..

Rishi doesn’t like him talk to Chandrani like that. He throws a dice and it hits Aaju baa’s eye. Shubhra says baba.. Are you okay? Baba? Rishi runs. He says I am fine. Shubhra says where did Rishi go? Shubhra sees him on the floor having a panic attack. Shubhra says Rishi.. Come out. He’s under the tabel. He’s scared. Shubhra hugs him. Shubhra says nothing happened. Rishi says I didn’t do it intentionally. I got angry. I tried a lot not to get angry. It is bad. He can’t breathe. Rishi says I am bad. Shubhra says it was an accident. Aaju ba is okay. Rishi cries. Rishi says please take me home. I have hurt everyone. Aaju baa says you haven’t hurt me. The striker only bounced and hit me. Madhura says he’s fine. Madhura says you shouldn’t have said all that in front of him. He’s a kid.

Kuldeep asks Chandrani to close her eyes. She says got me a gift? He leaves her bangles in her hands. Chadnrani says ho did you take them back from her? Kuldeep says I didn’t. I was so happy to see your bangles in Samaira’s wrists but I didn’t like your wrists empty so I ordered the same for you. I am happy that you accepted her. I am very happy. Chandrani says in her heart she scared me and took me. Chandrani says did you enjoy Pune with Rishi and Shubhra? Kuldeep says why didn’t you tell me you gifted that house to Shubhra? Rishi and Shubhra are happy. The house that you gave to her doesn’t have space for me. That house is of Shubhra, Rishi, and Roli. He says show me the bangles. Chandrani wears them.

Kuldeep says Samaira looks sharp but she has a pure heart. You will start liking her as well. I have to go now, Roli is waiting. Chandrani says how can this witch change. She’s dangerous. I have to save Roli and Kuldeep from her. I have to send them to Pune. I can’t let them be used to this distance. Chandrani brings breakfast to Roli. She does coloring. Roli runs out. She says Phirki come help me. Roli takes a piggyback ride on her back. She places Shubhra and Rishi’s picture on it. Samaira comes. Chandrani says that’s the family. Roli says this is our family photo. Samaira says yes now it’s complete. She doesn’t like it. Samaira says I have to agree to everything she says.

Madhura comes to Shubhra’s place. She says how is Rishi? Shubhra says he has been in his room. Don’t know what’s going on in his heart. Madhura says he will be okay. He feels bad for Aaju ba. Is going back to school, he will get better. Drop him at the school and then go for your meeting with the jewelry shop. Shubhra says Rishi was the first one to see my talent. Madhura says go wake up him. Shubhra goes to the room. He’s hidden under the bed. Rishi says I don’t want to meet anyone. I want to stay here.

Madhura turns on the TV. Dr. Harsh is on TV as a child psychiatrist. The host says he wants to serve his people now. It’s the same guy Rishi met. Shubhra says see what I got you new uniform, new bag, new lunchbox. Get ready. Say something. Aaji is here. Rishi says I don’t want to go to school. Shubhra says why? You loved going to school. Don’t you wanna meet friends? He says what if I get angry when people tease me there? I won’t ever go to school.

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