Broken Bonds update Sunday 22 January 2023


Broken Bonds 22 January 2023: Kuldeep calls Samaira and says I convinced Shubra. She says wow, I love you baby. He says I love you too.

Rishi and Shubra pack Kuldeep’s bag. Roli says papa I will never steal again. Please don’t go. He says I am not mad at you, I am going for a better job. He says to Rishi you’re the man in the house now. Shubra keeps Kumkum in his wallet. He says my bus will leave. Shubra says my faith is in this kumkum. I am sending you so far on my trust. Never break my trust. He says never. I can’t even imagine. He says are you okay? She says you have spoiled me so much. Never left me alone. So I am scared if I would be able to manage. He says you will do the best. My bus will leave. Let’s go now. Shubra hugs him. Shubra says take care. He says don’t be upset, you’re not alone. These two are with you. Kuldeep leaves. They all say goodbye to him. Shubra says call when you reach. The kids are upset. Shubra says let’s eat ice-cream.

The taxi driver says to Kuldeep you’re so lucky. Your family loves you so much. No one cares about you these days and children don’t care about parents at all. Kuldeep says stop the car. He meets Samaira. She says what did you tell Shubra? How are you going? He says by bus. She says such a liar.

Scene 2
Shubra prepares kids for school. Shubra says Roli return everything and say sorry. She says but people will make fun of me. Shubra says no you’re doing good. Mama loves you. They leave for school. Shubra says Kuldeep is starting his new life for us. Please give him everything he needs.

Kuldeep and Samaira sit in the car. She says I am so happy. Some neighbors see Kuldeep and Samaira. She says Varsha did you see? That’s Kuldeep. We should tell Shubra. She’s our friend.

Roli and Rishi come to school. Roli returns the whistle and says uncle you lost it. He says thank you. Rishi says to Roli mama also asked to apologize. Roli says he got the whistle. That’s all.

Scene 3
Shubra comes to pay the bill. She hears ChandRani fighting there. She fights for her husband’s pension. She says you can’t keep my dead husband’s money. He says go from here it can cause you trouble. ChandRani leaves. Shubra comes and says you’re here to serve people.

Not to misbehave with them. How can you shove a widowed woman when she comes here asking for her husband’s pension. Did you even think how did she come here? Does she have food to eat? Shubra says you only listen to people who come with a source. He says don’t mess with me. It will take another month. Shubra records it and says I have recorded everything. I will give it to your seniors. His boss comes and says we heard everything. Thank you madam. Her pension should be clear today. Otherwise you can leave this office.


The guy is Shubra’s cousin. He says ChandRani is your MIL. She never forgave you. And you still did this for her. Shubra says she’s like my mother anyway.

Roli returns things to people like she found them. Amul says Rishi why didn’t you come on grandparents day What happened to your dance? Roli says don’t mess with my brother. Rishi says why didn’t Aaji come to our place since so long.

Aaji comes to Chandrani’s place. She checks her BP. Aaji gives her some money. Chandrani says I can’t keep it. That pension money is my right. The officer comes. ChandRani says Tripathi, I will kill you. He says don’t hit me. I came here with your cheque. A woman came and told everything to my boss. Please sign this receiving. My boss will fire me otherwise. Aaji says congrats. She says God keep that girl happy who fought for me.

Varsha and Radhika come to Shubra. Varsha says Sanjana is also here. Varsha says your husband left you and is roaming around with another woman. Radhika says your husband was on Mumbai motorway with a woman. They were so happy together. Shubra is shocked. They say sorry we didn’t know. Shubra says they are good friends. If he’s in car with his friend that doesn’t mean they have an affair. People can’t have any friends? Varsha says but they didn’t look like friends. Shubra says people like you can never digest a man and woman can be friends. Start writing stories. Varsha says we had to tell you, you can stay blind if you want. Shubra says I trust Kuldeep. He’s a good husband and father. They say we will never come here. They leave. Shubra says you can come, but never bring your disgusting mentality here.

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