Broken Bonds update Saturday 4 January 2023


Broken Bonds 4 January 2023: Rishi is upset. Roli says you’re thinikng mama is upset because you lied? Mama is happy because yous saved her. See I got you gifts. She gives him a rubber arrow. He says you fixed it? It was your fav. She says you’re my fav brother.

Shubhra comes to Kuldeep’s room. Sam gets ready for date night and says you got the cake? Place it here. Sorry Phirki is out to get wine. Shubhra says I am sorry about what Rishi did. Sam says I am sure you knew all of this would happen. Kuldeep comes. He says Shubhra what are you doing here? She says I got the cake. Sam says Kuldeep was upset, so I thought we can have a date night here. She gives him the ring and says make me wear it. Shubhra says let me see the kids. Sam says can you capture this special moment

for us? Shubhra says of course. She takes their photo while Kuldeep makes Sam wear the ring. Shubhra is teary. They cut the cake. Shubhra makes a video. Sam says thank you. Shubhra leaves. Sam says why do you feel so uncomfortable? You’re nothing to her anymore. You are only mine. Kuldeep says of course. He hugs her.

Scene 2
Shubhra calls Chaandrani. Chaandrani says Rishi lied but to save you. Shubhra says you’re right but kids would start lying. I can’t let their innocence go away from them. This is my wrong upbringing. Chandrani says he’s stand for you like Kuldeep never did for me. Shubhra says Kuldeep is gone. Chaandrani says you can’t give up Shubhra says I will make them pay for hurting my kids. Chaandrani says this Sam is clever. Have to get her background.

Scene 2
Sam says in office our company is having another board of directors today. Rajeev says it would be me. Sam says it’s Mr Kuldeep. Sam says congrats Chadha. He says it all happened because of you. Thank you. Sam says you deserve it. He says if I didn’t meet you I would still be in Pune doing nothing. She says now you know what can I do for you. She says let’s go to Mr. Toshi. Kuldeep says I forgot the file home. Sam says he can reverse this decision. He says it must be at home. She says we can’t lose this meeting. Get the file.

Shubhra calls ChandRani. She asks Shubhra to look inside the room. Kuldeep calls Shubhra. Shubhra is in Sam’s room. Shubhra takes out the files. Phirki comes to the kids and sings bach ke tu rehna. Kuldeep calls Phirki and says give phone to Shubhra. Phirki looks for Shubhra. Shubhra says to Chandrani I looked in the entire room can’t find it. Shubhra comes out of the room. Phirki says you were in my didi’s room again? What were you stealing now? Shubhra says you can’t question me. She says let me call Kuldeep.. She calls Kuldeep and says here’s Shubhra.

Kuldeep says where were you Shubhra? There’s a purple file in my room in the right drawer. Please bring that to office. Shubhra says in heart might find Sam’s Pune address. Shubhra goes to the room and finds the file. Kuldeep says come to the room. Phirki says let me search you first. She searches Shubhra. Rishi is looking for Shubhra. He comes upstairs. Shubhra says to Phirki get done with this. Rishi comes upstairs.


Rishi comes upstairs. Shubhra says hurry up Phirki,. Rishi says what is she doing? Shubhra says helping me fix the button. Rishi comes to Shubhra’s room.

Chandrani and Madhura meet Sanajna. They ask about Sam. She says she had a tattoo and a small car. Madhura says she must have fooled on a lot of people. Madhura says find out of her address. She says I will ask my friends.

RIshi says aai is upset. Phirki must have said something. Roli says you see what I do. to that Phirki. Roli says mama says people who are truthful never lie. Rishi sees Phirki coming and says Kaju says he knows who stole the ring. Roli says will he take revenge? Rishi says yes he will. And soon. Phirki is scared. She sees doors moving. Phirki says I didn’t do anything.. She

falls. Kids laughs. They move furniture from beneath the bed. Rishi and Roli look at her and laugh.
Scene 2
Kuldeep says to Rajeev you must be jealous right? Rajiv says no one is happy here. There are so many seniors here and you got the promotion. Kuldeep says I am talented. Rajiv says my foot, You’re dating the boss that’s why you got the promotion.

Rishi and Roli make noises and say Phirki I am here I won’t leave you. Phirki says I know it’s you Rishi Roli. I will tell didi.

Rajiv says you must be keeping Sam very happy right Kuldeep slaps him. He says why do you live in Sam’s house? You are shameless. We can’t be like and cheat on our wife and kids to get promotion. Kuldeep says enough. Stay in line. I am warning you. Shubhra comes in with the file. She sees Kuldeep.

Kuldeep says do you want to insult me more? She says your file. He takes the file and leaves.

Phirki says enough Roli Rishi. I will call didi. A ghost comes with floating hair. Phirki screams. It was Roli. They go back to the room.

Shubhra comes to office and looks for address.
Rishi says Phirki didi are you okay? Roli says you fainted. Phirki says what does Kaju look like? Rishi says he has hair on his face and he’s small. Phirki says it was him.. I don’t wanna die. Roli says why would he kill you? Did you do anything wrong? She says no. He wrote I am gone.

Sam says Kuldeep why do you look upset? Toshi was impressed as well. Shubhra sneaks in the office. Sam says why is everyone looking at you like this? Shubhra finds Sam’s passport. It has her Pune address. She takes a picture. Sam comes in and says what are you doing here?

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