Broken bonds update Saturday 25 March 2023


Broken bond 25 March 2023: Rishi is going with Harsh. Kuldeep says Rishi, let’s go. I brought an extra bed. Rishi says I don’t wanna go. Kuldeep says go before I drag you. Rishi says I don’t want to go. Kuldeep says let’s go or.. Rishi says or what? Will you slap me like you slapped me in front of Sam or like you hit Harsh? I saw how you hit him. He’s so nice, he didn’t tell anyone. You are evil for everyone. Very evil. He leaves. Kuldeep goes after him. Harsh stops him. Harsh says Rishi, you go to the room. I have to talk to papa. Rishi goes to his room. Harsh says you insulted me in front of my colleagues and then Rishi’s mother. And third time today. I hope you better understand that your son is in depression and he needs me. I can do anything for my patient.

He needs my help. I know how to hit back because you’re my patient’s father and his mother’s husband. Not hitting back isn’t my weakness, it’s my wisdom. It will stay as long as you don’t cross your limits. Shubhra hears all of this. They are both shocked to see her.Shubhra says Kuldeep.. Rishi is coming there. Harsh says Shubhra Rishi is coming. Rishi says aai, I can’t open the door. Can you open, please? Or are you also here to take me back like papa? Shubhra says no, never. Why will I force you? Aai just came to say good night. She kisses him. Shubhra says he hits with legs all night, all the best Harsh. Harsh says oh God. I am the same. We will play football. Rishi says good night aai. Kuldeep leaves in anger.

Shubhra sees Kuldeep at the door and ignores him. Kuldeep says you can see that I am standing here. Shubhra says I don’t care about what you do. He says I came here to spend time with my kids and for my wife. I am not as irresponsible a father as you portray me to me. What kind of a mother are you? You let your kid sleep with a stranger at night? Is he more important than the father? What do you want? You don’t want to mend the relationship between me and Rishi. Is he a doctor or father? Or have you given that place to him as well? Shubhra looks at him. Shubhra says you should ask these questions yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and ask. He says wow, so I have all the problems. Shubhra says I didn’t say that.

Whatever happened between you and Rishi, who was responsible for it? You or that stranger? Who hit Rishi? Who hit his friend in front of him? Why don’t you question yourself? I don’t have any answers.

Scene 2
Shubhra says to Roli, enough of playing. Time to sleep. Good night. Roli says won’t you say good night to papa? Shubhra says good night Kuldeep. She sleeps before he can say good night back. Roli says mama sing me a lullaby. Shubhra sings her a lullaby.

Scene 3
Narain sings for Madhura aye meri zohra jabeen. Madhura says are you singing for me or found someone else? He says Harsh? Madhura says singing for Harsh? Harsh and Rishi are playing there. Rishi says I won. Aaju baa you tell who won? Narain says Rishi. Rishi says yayyy. Narain says always stay happy and win. Come let me take you to your aai’s room. Rishi says I am staying in Harsh’s room tonight. Madhura asks why? Rishi says Roli is in bed. She was forcing she wants papa in the same room. So where would I sleep? I took permission from aai, she said yes. Narain says you can sleep in my room as well. Madhura says I will tell you a good story. Why annoy him? Rishi says sorry Harsh, do I annoy you? Harsh says I am a kid.

The conference feels like a school class. If Rishi stays with me I will feel normal. Narain says sure. Rishi says yayy. Rishi goes with Harsh.Chandrani comes there and says why has Shubhra given such a loose end to this doctor? He is a doctor, not a father. Narain says you’re right. Harsh is a doctor, not the father. But is the father deserving of being called a father? even animals can reproduce. If he deserved to be called a father, Rishi won’t have gone away from him. Madhura says what are you saying? He says I am right. Narain says she has blindfolded herself with the love of her son. He leaves.

Scene 4
Shubhra works on her designs. Kuldeep sits on the bed. Shubhra says turn off the lights. Kuldeep says just tell me.. Shubhra says Roli is sleeping. She will wake up. Kuldeep says just answer me why did you let Rishi go with Harsh? He holds her hand and the pearls drop. Kuldeep picks it. Shubhra says I don’t need your help. Shubhra says you have shattered a lot in life. I have been collecting it all always. Kuldeep says what have I done? Shubhra says can you ever see what you do? You hit Harsh. A man who’s helping your son. You talk to your son in a way that he’s going farther away from you. Kuldeep says how many times will you be mad at me for Harsh? What wrong did I do? Why is it bothering you so much? What wrong did I do? Any husband would do the same.

Shubhra says don’t you get tired of using this word husband? I never thought I would say this but it’s important. All the threads shattered yet this thread is left. So I will break it. I have regrets. I have a regret that I married you and loved you. It was a mistake. It’s my biggest regret. Done? She goes back to her work. Kuldeep leaves the room.

Scene 5
Shubhra comes to Harsh’s room. She says good morning. He says come in. Shubhra says Rishi didn’t let you sleep? He says we were playing games till 4. He asks how is Roli? Shubhra says much better. He says tea? Shubhra says no thank you. Shubhra says Rishi.. Harsh says looks like you couldn’t sleep. Shubhra says I don’t know how to thank you. You’re doing so much for us and in return.. I am sorry for what Kuldeep did. I am really sorry. Harsh says why would you say sorry for his mistakes? Some people are like that? Rishi said he won’t sleep with his father. I knew it’s a deep wound and his dad doesn’t realize his mistake. Shubhra says I had to say something but I don’t know how.. Harsh says you can say it.

Shubhra says you might not like it but I can’t continue with Rishi’s therapy. If you can recommend any other doctor.. Kuldeep would keep looking for excuses to insult you. Rishi won’t like it. He has gotten too attached to you. In fact, even I don’t want you to get insulted like this all the time. He says if you ask as a doctor I would say okay whatever you think is good for you. But when I think of Rishi, for him to befriend a new doctor it won’t be easy for him. Why should he pay for his papa’s mistake? Shubhra says why are you being punished for all this? Why would you tolerate all of this for us? Harsh says as a child I didn’t have a good phase in life. It was very difficult to forget that trauma.


When I came into this profession I met so many kids who are going through worse trauma and abuse. And their parents don’t even realize. I was lucky that I had supportive parents at least. So I promised myself whenever a kid in trouble comes to me, I will hold his hand and bring him out of his trauma. Rishi isn’t just Rishi for me. I see all kids in him who are going through a bad time. I see an 8-year-old Harsh in him.Harsh says Rishi isn’t just Rishi for me. In him, I see all kids who are suffering. I see 8-year-old Harsh in him. Shubhra wakes up Rishi. She tickles him. Shubhra and Rishi play she takes him to the room. Harsh looks at them smiling.

Samaira is talking to Roli on phone with Kuldeep. Roli says we played so many games. The best was the magic carpet race. Samaira says you are so happy theer. Papa said you got injured. Show me. Roli shows her. Samaira says how did you get it? Roli says Rishi shoved me. Samaira says what? How dare he? If I were there I would pull his ear. How dare he touch my princess. Shubhra and Roli come in. Samaira says don’t worry when I come there we will make the girls team and defeat the boys team. Shubhra takes the phone. Samaira

says hi Shubra. How are you? Shubhra says how am I? Shubhra says you have no relation with us. With us, I mean Rishi, Roli and me. Don’t try to fill her mind with your evil ideas. Don’t give her your colors. I have made my kids best friends with each other. Don’t try to come between them. Otherwise, I will cross any limit to protect my kids. Samaira says I as just.. Shubhra hangs up and gives the phone to Kuldeep. Shubhra says you can talk if you want, but not in front of my kids.

Scene 2
Cahndrani says Kuldeep’s life is in Roli. He must not have slept. Narain says if he really cared he wouldn’t leave his kids. Shubhra comes and touches their feet. Chandrani says always stay married. Shubhra says Roli is okay. She slpet. It isn’t a fracture. Chandrani says thank God. Madhura says I want to come to help you but I can’t leave them alone, they keep fighting. Shubhra giggles.Samaira says how dare she talk to me like that in frot of you? why did you stay quiet? Why didn’t you break her face? Will you teach her a lesson. Kuldeep says Roli.. Samaira says tell me right now. When you punish her make a video and show me. I want to see her cry. Kuldeep hangs up. Samaira says how dare he hang up on me.

Shubhra takes breakfast to the kids. Samaira keeps calling Kuldeep. She keeps shouting. A few ladders are falling on Kuldeep. Shubhra sees it and runs towards him to save him. She shoves him and the ladders fall on her. Everyone runs to her. Kuldeep picks her. Narain says are you okay? Why did you risk your life for him? Kuldeep says Biji to get a first aid kid. Narain shoves him and says you go Mr. Chadha will you be happy after taking my daughter’s life? When you’re around her life becomes difficult. Go from here. They take her inside. Chandrani says to Kuldeep now you understand why wives are called devis in this society?

Scene 3
Kuldeep rethinks about everything he has done. He feels bad. He recalls Shubhra injuring herself to save him. Kuldeep says I have never given her anything except for insults and pain. Yet she risked her life to save me. I never understood you Shubhra. Please give me one chance God. So I can apologize to Shubhra. Samaira calls him again. He picks. Samaira says if you didn’t pick, I don’t know what would I do. If there’s anyone most important for you in this world, call me back right away. He says I am sorry I was.. Samaira says you realized your mistake. You know I love and miss you so much. You sorry made me happy. Kuldeep says I know. Samaira asks where is Roli? Why aren’t you guys back? She likes me more than Shubhra. What is she doing there and you? Both of you please come back.

Kuldeep says Roli is with her mom. Samaira says what? And where are you? What’s happening there? Are you also with her mom? Why isn’t she with you? Or have you moved to mama’s room as well mama’s boy? Where is your mama? Where is Biji? Have you guys decided to stay there forever? My heart is suspicious now. I don’t want to trust anyone now. If you are with Shubhra.. Kuldeep says enough. There’s a limit to everything. I am not with Shubhra, I only came here to meet my kids. If you want to doubt all your life you can. If I go to meet the kids Shubhra would be there. This with a cool mind. I am here, kids are here. Shuhra is here. I can’t avoid her and I don’t want to. Samaira gets angry. Kuldeep says you can think whatever you want. He hangs up. Samaira says I am the most important person in your life and you hung up on me? You said I can think whatever I want. I don’t like living in misunderstandings. Time to find out the truth.

Scene 4
Roli says if I were there I would save both you and papa. Harsh gives Shubhra pain killers. Madhura says talk to her. She will start running again. Rishi says will aai be okay? Harsh says she will be fine. Chandrani says she hit her head on the ladder, will she lose her memroy? I have seen it in the movies. Madhura says he’s not a neuro doctor. Chandrani says but he treats brains. Harsh says Harsh gives medicines with heart. Aai will be fine. Harsh gives ointment to Shubhra.

Kuldeep comes outside Shubhra’s room. He is about to knock but he stops. Kuldeep plucks some flowers. Kuldeep says there was a time when Shubhra had two favorites, me and the flowers. I am not no. 1 but you’re still there. Please convince her. With your help won her heart. Shubhra drops the medicine. Harsh picks it before Chandrani. He says open your mouth independent woman. There’s nothing wrong with taking help sometimes. Ha makes her eat the medicine, Chandrani doesn’t like it.

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