Broken bonds update Saturday 22 April 2023

Broken bonds 22 April 2023: Kuldeep says here is the appointment letter. Samaira throws it in his face and says look at the pride on your face. Got one chance and forgot your worth? You are getting more salary you started flying? Don’t forget you had no worth. You used to live in this small town in a matchbox-sized house. Your dreams were small too. I gave you bigger dreams. I picked your talent and took you to the sky.

Broken bonds 21 April 2023

You can’t repay my favors for life. What do you think of yourself? Kuldeep says enough. A small news of my success hurt you so much? I could hide it from you. Samaira says you will hide it from me? What’s going on in your mind? Secret planning against me. Kuldeep says I have said it before too, you have a great knowledge of the business. I agree that I was nothing and you saw my talent and groomed me.

But you only gave me a chance, I encashed it with my hard work. A lot of big clients want to work with our company, you aren’t behind the turnover alone. I and many other dedicated employees are behind it. You should thank us, but it’s useless to expect it from you. Kuldeep recalls he said to Rajyadaksh that he would leave her on a positive note so she doesn’t burn him with hate.

Kuldeep says I love you and I know you love me. I want to see you succeed. I want you to get everything. We aren’t separate. We are husband and wife. It doesn’t matter if I work elsewhere. What matters is that we help each other grow and celebrate each other’s achievements. She says you are under a misunderstanding. Do you want to compete with me? Forget about it. She tears the letter and says where will you go now? Kuldeep says it was just the printout. I have the appointment letter. Samaira says where are you going?

He says to Shubhra’s place. For divorce work. You won’t celebrate with me, she would. Samaira says go to hell. I don’t care. Samaira says he was dust when I picked him. I can burn him if I want. Phirki says calm down. Chamatkari baba sent this for you. Add it in his water, he will be in your control. Samaira throws it in her face and says get out. I don’t need any powder or baba to control things in my life. I am Samaira. I can control Kuldeep. Phirki asks what will you do? She says just to see.

Kuldeep comes to Shubhra’s place. Shubhra says what time is this to come? Kids are asleep. You could text me. He says I am sorry. Kuldeep says these small fights of home. I miss them. The kids come out and see Kuldeep. They hug him. Kuldeep says can I stay here tonight? Rishi says we won’t let you go. Shubhra says sure. Shubhra says kids, go sleep. Kids say papa will tell us a story. He will make us sleep. He asks Shubhra can I? She says you are their dad. Shubhra asks Kuldeep is everything okay? He says everything is okay now.

Kids are asleep. Kuldeep comes out. Shubhra gives him tea. He says in heart 12 years old Shubhra is back. He says when you are with me, I get everything. You read my heart, like this green tea. Shubhra asks what happened? Kuldeep says she got very angry. She started her fires and reminded me of my worth, her favors. Then she threatened me and told me the punishment of leaving her. It won’t be easy to leave her. Shubhra says you should have left. He says no I had to listen to it. My ego should have been hurt. How else would I wake up? I am used to it now.

Shubhra says you didn’t have to hear all this. He says you never had such strong tea? Shubhra says I do now. Kuldeep says the way I treated other people, I should go through the same to know what they went through. Shubhra asks what do you mean? He says I did the same with you. I hurt you, insulted you, hurt your self-respect, thinking I was better than you. The list is so long that Samaira’s words are nothing in front of it. What I did to you, Samaira reminds me of it daily by belittling me. I am paying for my sins. Shubhra says Samaira has hurt you a lot right? He says not more than I hurt you.

Samaira recalls what Kuldeep said. She gets a call. She says I have no time. The fraud case that we made to trap Kuldeep, time to activate it. Phirki says you didn’t sleep all night? Samaira laughs. Phirki asks are you okay? She says your magical baba couldn’t do it but I can. Time to pull him back. He left me and went to Shubhra to celebrate right? he has a reason to celebrate, leaving me? I will throw him on the ground. Just wait and watch.

Kuldeep plays with the kids. Biji asks Shubhra to sit and says I will serve. She serves them food. Kuldeep says so much butter, she says don’t diet. Roli sits in Kuldeep’s lap and eats from his hands. They all enjoy breakfast together. Chandrani makes Shubhra eat. Shubhra makes Kuldeep eat too. He is shocked and happy. Roli says mama water? Chandrani says to Kuldeep one more. He says I am full. I have to go now. Roli says papa please stay. Rishi says we will have lunch after class.

Kuldeep says I will come back, promise. Chandrani says he’s your dad. He will come back. Shubhra says be careful. You didn’t go home all night. Samaira must be very angry. Kuldeep says I am ready. I know she must have planned revenge. But our plan is always two steps ahead of her.Phirki says didi you didn’t eat anything all night. Let me get you something. She says I don’t want to eat anything until Kuldeep comes. Kuldeep comes and says good morning. Did you wake up so early? Didn’t sleep all night? Samaira says where were you all night? Kuldeep says I told you was at Shubhra’s place for divorce and alimony matters.

And had to celebrate too. Samaira tries to hit him. He holds her and says what are you doing? Samaira says divorce discussion took the entire night? He says it got late and had to celebrate too. You ruined my happiness. Samaira asks what did you do?Kuldeep says I had to celebrate.. Samaira says what did you do? He says I wanted to drink but there’s no bar in that house. So I took it with me. Shubhra said I can only drink after the kids’ sleep. It took half of the night. So I made use of it? She says what? He says I made Shubhra drink. She was so drunk. She was 12 years ago Shubhra. We repeated everything..

She says what is everything? He says I relived the old memories. He says Shubhra and I couldn’t stop.. Samaira is angry. Kuldeep says we kept flowing. Samaira is about to slap him. She says how dare you.. You married me. How dare you cheat on me. He says it was one moment. I slipped. When I had a moment with you, I was married as well. Samaira says I am not Shubhra. I am Samaira. He says but

I Kuldeep, I am a man. I promise it won’t happen again. I am tired. Had a long night. Good night. He goes to sleep. Samaira slaps Phirki. she falls in the pool. Samaira is angry.Samaira meets Phirki’s pandit ji. She says my husband is getting out of control. He says you have to fast for 16 days. She says he’s having fun and I should fast? He says yes you have to. Tie this thread in his feet. You can pay me 25k. Samaira says what stupidity is this? Get out. Phirki says we are sorry pandit ji.

Phirki gives her a book to control the husband. She says to choose one from it. Samaira says I am not stupid. stop it. Phirki says just choose one. Phirki reads if your husband is getting out of control, don’t add salt in food. Make him eat with love. If he eats it, you will know he’s yours. If he doesn’t eat, you have to eat food without salt for a week. Samaira says shut up. Stop it. Phirki says please we have to do this. Samaira says there is something else that I need to do. She leaves.

Shubhra and Chandrani sit for tea. Shubhra says kids are studying. Chandrani asks how many marks did you give to my son last night? Shubhra says is this parents-teacher meeting? Chandrani says yes. Shubhra says your son is doing better. He wandered away but he’s fixing his mistakes now. Chadnrani says ever since you started teaching him, he is doing better. Keep teaching him, he will pass. Shubhra says the teacher can only show the way and the student has to work hard. If he does, he will succeed.

Samaira meets Rajyadaksh and says we have given you all services perfectly. How can you take account from us like this? He says it’s my company. It’s my choice who I work with. Shubhra says you pretend to be a man of principle. Didn’t you feel any shame in offering my employee a job? He says don’t cross your limit. The agreement with you expired. I can work with whoever I like. Samaira says I am not leaving it so easily. He says what will you do? The deal was given due to Ms. Shubhra and Kuldeep handled this account. Your contribution is zero and so is your right. You can leave now. Samaira is angry. He says don’t play games on the business field. People learn from you and play your game on you. Now you can leave.

Shubhra comes to the house. Phirki says didi isn’t home. You can’t come in. Kuldeep says she can. Go bring her water. Shubhra asks what’s the plan? H says convert all divorce settlement meetings in a date. Shubhra says no way. I dated you once, don’t wanna regret it. He says you won’t regret this time. Shubhra says what will I get? He says you will get to tease and annoy Samaira. Shubhra says that’s interesting. He says why wait then? He holds her hand. Phirki video calls Samaira and says see them Didi. Shubhra says romancing with my husband in my house? I am coming to Shubhra. Kuldeep says how will we plan these dates? You suggest.

Shubhra says this apple is divorce. She cuts it and says this is the first slice. First settlement. Where will Biji live? Second slice, second settlement. Which day, with whom would kids be? Who will pay for the kids’ fees? What will be the maintenance for the ex-wife? I won’t compromise on my lifestyle. He laughs and says you will discuss all that on a date? Shubhra says these are reasons to meet. It isn’t easy. We have to do so many long meetings to finalize these. They laugh. Phirki says didi is coming. Shubhra says today’s excuse is Biji. She’s your mom but she wants to be with me. So there has to be a discussion.

Samaira comes in agner and says there will be no discussion. Get out of my house. Kuldeep says Samaira calm down. We have to discuss this. Samaira says you can’t romance with my husband in my house. Shubhra says your husband? Half husband. Did you forget? You only have one option to legalize your marriage, that’s our divorce. You are still the other woman. I have the right. I can meet my husband openly or on a date. Samaria gets angry. Shubhra says he’s my husband and you are jealous. This house has such a low-class vibe. Looks like an illiterate woman lives here. Come to my house to discuss kids’ fees. See you tomorrow. She hugs Kuldeep and leaves.Kuldeep sneaks in. Samaira says Kuldeep I will make you eat today. He says did you add poison? She says I don’t want to be a widow. She easts and says you can eat now. She makes him eat.

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