Bridal Material update Wednesday 27 April 2022

Bridal Material 27 April 2022: Sumer’s mother enters and stops her and asks who applies mehandi with stick, it is so outdated, even cone is outdated, she wants her bahu to apply fancy designer stencil mehandi, gives designs and asks Dolly to get the stencils printed for Meera and whole baraat. Dolly asks not to worry, her husband’s friend has printing press, she will get stencils printed soon. Meera insists Dolly to apply mehandi. Dolly calms her down and leaves to gets stencils printed.

Laali calls inebriated printing press owner and warns to get her work done soon (Vivan and Silky’s photo stencils), else she will make his life hell. Owner wakes up wobbling. Amar brings printouts and asks to make stensils soon. Owner says he does not have time. Bittoo frightens owner and asks to print them soon. Inebriated owner, prints Vivan’s photo along with stencils designs. At home, Sumer’s mother continues throwing tantrums and asks Daadi when will stencils return and when will mehandi designer come. Biji asks what. Sumer explains what mehandi designer means

Vivan angrily confronts Meera and says he does not have to resort to cheap tactics to get his work done, whatever he does, he does it openly. He pins Meera to a wall and looks into her eyes. Meera warns him not to frighten her by coming closer to her.

He asks why she comes closer then. She says she hates his face. He pins her hand to a wall and asks not to look at her hand for sometime as his face is printed on it. Meera rubs raw mehandi on her hands and says she does not mind spoiling her mehandi not to look at his face, she will find out a way to clear her family’s problems given by him. She walks away challenging him.

Meera sees Bittu and Amar roughing up inebriated printing press owner and asking him to tell truth. Sumer’s mother asks what is happening. Amar says today’s mishap happend because of him. He looks at Laali carefully reminiscing she is the one who asked to print Vivan’s face stensils. Biji asks them to punish him. Vivan drags someone inside and asks why did he make a mistake, because of him, there was so much mishap.

He shows Sumer’s photo on his business brochure and asks why did he do this. Man says it is not his mistake, he gave brochure to print at Glossy Printers. Vivan says because of his mistake, his face was printed on stencils. Inebriated printing press owner says this man did not come to his printing press at all. Vivan scolds him and sends away. Laali relaxes seeing him going. Amar tells Suman’s mother that she saw it was not their mistake. She asks to be careful next time. Dolly says yes. Sumer apologizes Meera, says bye to Silky holding her hand and leaves. Silky sees his note in her hand. Vivan’s brought man says sir asked to print brochure today itself and scolded also. Meera hears him.

Silky meets Sumer outside house and asks why did he call her here. He says she knows the reason, I love you. Silky says he is marrying Meera, she cannot move ahead. Sumer says if she also thinks it is wrong, he will break alliance with Meera. Silky says uncle and aunty are very happy with this marriage and she does not want to upset them. Sumer says if she cannot come near him, he will leave this world, she is his first and last love. Silky emotionally runs and hugs him and says even she loves him a lot.

At night, power goes off. Vivan doing exercise thinks what is the problem with light in Punjabi, then thinks why he is talking like Meera, what is wrong with him. Meera walks in holding candle and falls on him. Their eyes lock. Power comes back. Meera says sorry and gets up. Vivan scolds she enters suddenly and spoilt his workout, why did she come. She apologizes him showing sorry written on her hand. He walks aside picking phone call.

Meera gets angry seeing his carelessness and leaves thinking she apologized, then why he is acting so much. She returns to her room and says sorry and thank you. Her sister asks whom she is talking to. Silky walks in recording and says she is engrasped in her would be husband’s love. Sister says Meera is very lucky to get Sumer. Silky feels bad. Laali’s evil mind plans to spoil Meera’s wedding and takes Silky from there.

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